Groomzilla In The Building groom blow drying his hair in the mirror
By Chris Giles Photography

Met Bridezilla? Crazed eyes, wiry hair, face a scary red colour? Well watch out! There’s another monster in town and it’s a hell of a lot bigger. Say hello to Groomzilla. A rare species, that has been growing rapidly in numbers since the birth of David Beckham, has been spotted in various hotspots around the globe. Hairy feet and roaring noises are not the only signs – here’s a list of things that might suggest you’re dealing with one, or you are one! bride and groom standing in a bathtub
By Stanbury Photography
  • ‘Woah, woah, woah where’s my man-gagement ring?’ Grab your bags and RUN.
  • Is the phrase “groom’s day, groom’s way” being thrown around the house? Be advised to grab a bucket of water and throw it all over their head.
  • Is he getting worked up about EVERYTHING – budget? Or the guest list? Or flowers? Or parking? Or just every single second of the entire day?! This one has obviously reached the next level of Groomzillaness and needs to be locked in a dark room… for a very long time.
  • Is the beast suddenly fussing over the wedding photography and shouting, “BUT THEY WILL APPEAR ON WEDDING BLOGS… THE WORLD IS WAITING TO SEE THEM”? Ok. It’s time to call in the professionals. There is nothing else you can do to help him.

Any of those sound familiar? A Groomzilla has been spotted and needs to be contained! You have been warned. groom standing under umbrella in the rain
By Ross Harvey

‘Zillas, leave the building!

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