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Wedding Prices: Groom and Ushers’ Attire

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By Luis Holden

Bridebook’s Ballpark Figure:



If you are thinking of buying a suit for your wedding day and you have a sizeable budget, then we strongly recommend you go for a bespoke suit. You will be able to choose the materials and the exact design, and the suit will fit you to perfection! If you want to go to one of the Savile Row tailors, prepare to spend around £2,000, or £1,000 for a less luxurious tailor.

Made to Measure:

A made to measure suit is a more budget-friendly alternative to a bespoke suit. You won’t be able to dictate the cut and design of the suit, but a ready-made suit chosen by you will be altered to your measurements. For this option you would need £400-£600.

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The next (and very popular) option is to buy a suit in a store like Debenhams or Moss Bros, or other high street retailers. This will require trying on a number of suits before you find one that fits you perfectly and you might have to take it for alterations at a local tailor’s, but the cost would be in the region of £200.


The final option, which is very popular for tuxedos and morning suits is to rent your attire and can cost you £50-£100. We strongly advise you make sure the suit/tails you hire, fit you perfectly and are of the highest quality, as well as making sure you know the exact return policy.


While you should always choose a suit that is made from natural materials for maximum comfort, sometimes the material you choose can affect the overall price of buying or hiring. For example, if you are going for a wool suit which tend to be made with ‘worsted’ thread, the higher the thickness of the thread, the higher the overall price of the material will be.

To find out how to save a few pennies on your wedding attire read our Saving Tips: Groom and Ushers’ Attire.

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By Guy Hearn

Happy Planning!

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