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Wahooo you’re speeding through the planning! Your wedding is starting to magically appear in front of you and you’ve got the hottest line up of girls to party with throughout. But what do they wear? With all their different shapes and sizes, as well as all the styles, colours and lengths of dresses out there, it can be a fashion overload. Have no fear! With our carefully written guide, you will have a super time shopping (and drinking bubbly) and come W-day they will look awesome – obviously not as beautiful as you though!

You can also find the perfect fit for you with our super handy comparison list! wedding and bridesmaid dresses hanging on customised hangers
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1. Compliment your wedding dress

Make sure the bridesmaids compliment the overall look of your wedding dress. No, no, no, of course they don’t have to be identical! But say if you’re wearing a beautiful Gatsby-inspired dress, think flappers for the bridesmaids! bride bridesmaids and flower girl posing with props
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2. Styles and cuts

It’s unlikely that all of your closest chums will be the same height and shape. What looks stunning on one, may look horrible on another. Sneaky tip: A-line skirts and empire waistlines will look good on most people. Or why not have slightly different dresses for each person – so one friend can wear long sleeves, while another sports a strapless number. Go for the same colour and material but alter them slightly to suit each person.

Don’t forget about their comfort! Don’t whack them all in backless mini dresses without asking! Check with them first, because if they are uncomfortable it will be obvious in the photographs – and more importantly they may not hit the dance floor! bride and bridesmaids in sequenced dresses laughing
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3. Colours

Just as all body shapes are different, so are skin tones and hair colours. Again, you will want to pick something that will make all of your girls happy and luckily, you can! Pick one colour palette and allow them to pick different shades. That way, your girls can range from deeper hues to pastel shades and all feel fabulous. bride and bridesmaids in mismatched dresses
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4. Decisions, decisions

Why not let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses (approach with caution!) Stick to a colour and a length, occasionally, a material can work well too. Patterns can look fantastic, but try not to clash. This is a great option for the girls, as they may want to wear the dresses again, but you might want to keep an eye on what they choose. bride bridesmaids and flower girl in gold dresses
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5. Measurements

Make sure all of your gals get measured properly! Whichever dress you choose, alterations are a must. For that, the girls will need their bust, waist and hip measurements taken, at least.

Similarly, if one of your bridesmaids becomes or is pregnant, you don’t need to worry. Bridesmaids dress shops and the vast majority of seamstresses will be able to adjust the dress for her needs – with the new addition! navy bridesmaid dresses on customised hangers
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6. Budgets

Listen up! Not being apparent about budgets can cause tensions between friends and no one wants that – it’s meant to be all bubbles and celebrations! Traditionally, bridesmaids buy their own dresses, but you will need to be aware of their finances before you set a budget! If you fall in love with a dress but it’s a bit pricey, why not cover the difference in the cost for the bridesmaids? Smiles all round! bride and bridesmaids holding big white baloons
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7. Shopping – the fun bit!

When you’re selecting the best dresses (with champagne in hand!) We recommend you hit the shops with your nearest and dearest – make a day out of it! Best to go with a couple of the girls to make a decision for everyone, as too many opinions can become confusing. Then you can send everyone in at different points to check they are happy and to have their fittings. mismatched bridesmaids dresses hanging up
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8. Accessories

Go crazy with hair accessories, flowers, brooches and anything else that comes to mind. Never underestimate a pretty bolero or a tactically wrapped shawl. These accessories can make a bridesmaid feel great, especially if she doesn’t want to bear her shoulders or her back, or needs to cover up in the church. bridesmaids in matching dresses and faux fur covers
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9. Shoes

Don’t forget about your bridesmaids’ shoes. While high heeled pumps may look great, they may not be comfortable for everyone. We suggest you give your girls guidelines on style and colour and they can pick shoes that they are comfortable in. One less thing for you to think about – done! blue wedding shoes thrown into the air
By Ross Harvey

Happy Planning!

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