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Hello Chief Bridesmaid. This is something we’ve written just for YOU. You have the honour of supporting your closest friend in the run up to her wedding day. Aside from time spent chin-wagging over colour palettes and wedding gowns you get to organise one very important thing…. THE HEN PARTY. Oh yes. Hen Parties have evolved in the last couple of decades, with loads of different shenanigans taking place.  At Bridebook, we think it is essential to give you a helping hand with the planning. bride and bridesmaids silhouetted against the sun holding up their bouquets
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Always Listen to the Bride

What does the bride want? A night of dancing and boozing surrounded by her mates? Or something small and quiet? See what she thinks and then get planning – you know her better than anyone! Note to self: make sure she gets home on the night, AT ALL COSTS. wooden sign pointing to the bachelorette party
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The bride will chose the list of people to invite. Who and how many people are coming will set the tone a lot so highlight this to her. If mums are coming, something more relaxed may be on the cards. If she wants 20 people to come, get yourself ready for a lot of admin and herding! hen do lipstick kisses keepsake


Let’s just breeze over the boring but essential bit… budget. Choose a budget, make sure your guests are happy with it and then stick to it. People like to know if there will be extras – will they pay an amount to include all or will they pay for their own drinks on the night. People like to know what they are in for so just be open from the start. Remember not everyone will be earning the same amounts; so consider this before you book an extravagant weekend abroad. champagne glasses with paper engagement rings
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Don’t bombard the girls with emails – three emails can be enough and always BCC the invited guests so that people don’t start sending hundreds back and forth.

– The first email should give some date options.

– The next one should confirm people are happy with the amount owed – and for you to set up when these instalments need to be paid by.

– Finally there should be an email closer to the time to finalise what people need to bring and where they need to be.

Stick to three and people won’t hate you by the time the party starts! plastic engagement ring favours
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This is the fun bit. You know the bride best, so work out a plan that is very her – don’t take her shopping if she hates clothes and prefers to be in the countryside. You get the gist. So work out a game plan that involves an activity she will love and the food and drink around that.

A few little tips from us:

-Keep it simple, running around multiple locations will guarantee someone gets lost. A big group of girls also needs some downtime so avoid over planning.

-Do not book venues/events late, as availability may be limited. Be sure to double-check your bookings, to minimise your stress levels.

-If you are having fancy dress, check it’s allowed at the venue you’re partying at!

-Bring some flats! With all the walking and dancing that you will be doing, it’s a great idea to give your feet a rest. bride at hen do life drawing lesson
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Fun extras

There are so many things out there to make the hen party even more special. Pull together the Mr and Mrs Smith game (DETAILS HERE), get everyone to bring a pair of underwear and the bride has to guess who gave which, or put together a scrap book and everyone has a page to fill. On top of that there are badges, hats, balloons and tiny details you can go crazy with – there is a world of inspiration so get googling – but remember to keep an eye on your budget. i am with the bachelorette party temporary tattoo
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Last tips

Please, please, please make sure you leave time BEFORE the actual wedding to have the Hen Party. Best to avoid re-enacting ‘The Hangover’ – no one wants a hungover bridal party, mum or bride! Obviously your party should be equally mind-blowing, just make sure it’s a while before the big day. bridesmaids after hen do mug shots
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Happy Hen Partying!

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