How To: Choose Your Wedding Videographer bride and groom letting go of lantern
By Ross Harvey

Your wedding day is set to be the best day of your life and you’re going to want to remember every detail! Having an epic wedding videographer allows you to do just that. He will capture every moment of the big day and you will be able to watch it over and over again for years to come. So let’s make sure you hire a videographer who’s the perfect match for you – here are our top tips! groom lifting up bride in a field
By Richard Skins Photography

1) Start with as many references as you possibly can. Recently married friends will be more than happy to share their wisdom (and show off their wedding film!) Similarly, if you’ve already booked your wedding photographer they will have great recommendations for videographers they have previously worked with. Once you have collected your references, get out the popcorn and start looking through all the portfolios! bride and groom hugging in a forest
By Miki Photography

2) We strongly recommend you watch three complete wedding films that your videographer has created (not just their “best” bits cropped from films). Watch through each wedding and think about how they make you feel: if you feel excited, nervous and emotional, it means the videographer has really captivated you and forged an emotional connection. The mark of a good videographer is transporting you (the viewer) to the wedding day through their film! Most importantly it makes you wish you’d been invited! groom jumping in the air as bride watches
By Luis Holden

3) While you have a mini-marathon of watching wedding films, don’t forget to pay attention to the videographer’s website. You will be amazed by how much you can learn from their online presence and web design! The more developed and well presented their website is, the more in touch with technology they should be, which is a good thing in the world of videography and editing. wedding band playing as bride and groom watch on
By Jamie Bott Wedding Photography

4) Make sure you know which style of filming you like! Some videographers will take a documentary stance, where the finished film will show your wedding day as it happens, with interviews from your loved ones dispersed throughout the film. Some prefer the story-telling style, where they weave the different moments from your wedding day into a structured narrative. Others will take a “fly-on-the-wall” attitude and will just film the day as it unfolds and edit it accordingly. Don’t forget to speak up if you have a song you want included – that one that gives you goose bumps or the one you heard when you first met! flower girls carrying brides train
By Guy Hearn

5) Meet with your potential videographer and make sure you get along with them! A meeting in person is incredibly important, as this person (and potentially their assistant) will be an integral part of your wedding day and will be following you very closely from morning to evening. With the right videographer you will not feel camera-shy, in fact, you won’t even know that the camera is there! bride and groom during first dance

6) Final tip from us: clarify the type of filming you want while the wedding ceremony takes place. One of the biggest complaints about videographers is how much they move around and therefore distract during the ceremony (especially in a church). If you are happy for them to be moving around then great! If not, let them know that the ceremony should be filmed statically. bride and groom hold hands during ceremony
By Guy Hearn

At the end of the day this video will remind you of every moment of your wedding – so work out what you like, find the perfect person to do it and watch it over and over again for the rest of your loved up lives!

Happy planning!

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