How To Finalise Your Wedding Guest List With Your Venue

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Last updated: 12th Feb 2024

Once you’ve finalised your Guest List – and we mean finalised, not nearly finalised – it’s time to send it to your venue and your caterers so they can prepare accordingly. We’d tend to advise against sending your Guest List before it’s fully finalised as you’ll end up sending revised version after revised version, and that risks leaving you (as well as your suppliers!) confused.

What Does A Finalised Guest List Look Like?

When your Guest List is finalised, you’ll have:

  • Final number of guests attending your ceremony
  • Final number of guests attending your reception (and/or in the evening only)
  • Final number of guests having a meal
  • All of your guests’ dietary requirements
  • Any access needs your guests might have
  • Final number of children attending (including those who will require a children’s meal)
  • Final number of babies attending (so the venue knows how many highchairs will be required)

If your catering will be handled by an external caterer, your venue won’t need information relating to meal options (but your caterer still will).

Psst! There’s an easy way to keep track of all this information – it’s in your Bridebook’s handy Guest List Tool. Check it out here!

How Can You Make Sure You Have All This Information?

Well, there’s one easy way to keep track of all this information – it’s your Bridebook’s handy Guest List Tool! You can use it to keep track of your RSVPs, +1s and any extra information like dietary requirements and access needs too.

If you haven’t sent out your invitations yet, make sure to include a clear RSVP deadline. As a rule, set your RSVP deadline at least six weeks before your big day. We also recommend that couples always check with their venue, caterer and other suppliers if they will need confirmation of numbers earlier than this and adjust accordingly.

If you’ve already sent out your invitations and your RSVP deadline is fast approaching (or has even already gone by), don’t be shy! Reach out to any guests who haven’t yet RSVP’d to confirm whether or not they’ll be attending.

With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have your Guest List finalised in no time – and then it’s back to the fun stuff! Did someone say cake tasting…?

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