The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Seating Layout

Trying to assign your wedding seating is riddled with complexities. The truth may be impossible to keep everybody happy.

Wedding Seating

Trying to assign your wedding seating is riddled with complexities. Attempting to get the correct mix of people at each table without offending any of your guests is a challenge worthy of any Rubik’s cube master. The truth is… may be impossible to keep everybody happy.

Let’s start with the top table as this is the easiest part. Normally, the top table is a long table facing the rest of the guests(feel free to change this). have provided a very useful diagram for the traditional seating arrangement for the top table in both the UK and the US(they differ slightly).

Whether you are using traditional round tables, long banquet tables or anything in between, the following structure of guest seating is fairly popular. Ordered from “nearest the top-table” to “furthest from the top table”, this layout is hard to beat.

1. Immediate family

The table nearest your top table, would consist of immediate family where possible(not including parents who would normally be at the top table).

2. Wedding party

The wedding party should also be close to the top table. If you cared enough to put them in your wedding party, it would be strange to put them near the back. This will usually consist of your bridesmaids and ushers.

3. Extended family

Next in line would be extended family, consisting of grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins. If they have travelled a long way to be there, it’s nice to give them a priority seat.

4. Close friends

Around the same place as extended family would be close friends who didn’t make it into your wedding party. This would be if you are the type of person with lots of close friends.

5. Other friends

Behind the “close friends” are the “regular friends”. These are acquaintances or possibly people that you felt obliged to invite. Friends of your parents could also be included in this category.

6. Colleagues

If you have invited your colleagues, it’s a good idea to put them all at the same table so they don’t feel out of place. If you are really close with your colleagues, you may wish to bump them up to a higher position. For the rest of us, colleagues come in at last place.

Add your guests to the wedding planning spreadsheet which has a sheet specifically for assigning your wedding seating.