4 tips for Picking Your Wedding Date

Picking your wedding date is amongst the first of your responsibilities as a newly engaged couple. Follow these 4 tips to make it as easy as possible.

Picking Your Wedding Date

Picking your wedding date is among the first of your responsibilities as a newly engaged couple. It carries a certain level of pressure as it signifies the start of your wedding planning and puts in place(for the very first time) your ultimate deadline……..the wedding day. Once that decision is made and set in stone….that’s it…..there’s no going back, the wedding planning has started and you are now employed into full-time wedding planning until the wedding day. But don’t start panicking about all the tasks that are about to hit your to-do list. Stay calm and enjoy the moment. For every bit of stress that you may feel in the coming months, there will be a greater moment of joy for each one.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We still need to pick the wedding date! So here are the key considerations you need to make to choose that perfect date that you will never forget.

1. Seasonal

Firstly, do you already have a theme in mind? If so, then try to choose a time of year that will suit the theme. For example, if you are planning a formal wedding, this could really be done at any time of year(unlike, say….a garden wedding…..or a winter wedding!) but you may want to consider having the wedding in summer months if you would like your guests to enjoy an outdoor drinks reception with lawn games. Or you may wish your guests to enjoy an indoor drinks reception beside a log fireplace, in which case a winter wedding may be more appropriate. What is the picture of your wedding that you have in your head? Choose a month that suits that picture.

Speaking of pictures…….

2. Photography

The month of your wedding will affect your wedding photos if you are having outdoor photography. Obviously a winter wedding has a lower chance of sunshine and less daylight but there are other seasonal changes which you may not be considering. E.g. spring or summer flowers? If you are having pictures in a field, will the harvest be in? Autumn leave colours or summer leave colours? Leaves on ground?

These are all relatively small things to consider but  if you have a vision of the photography in your head that you are set on achieving, these minor elements are worth thinking about before you pick your date.

3. Compulsory guests

A key consideration when picking your date is making sure that the most important people in your life are able to attend. This is pretty obvious but important to keep in mind at this stage. Do you have guests travelling from abroad? It’s probably best to contact them now and check if they have any dates that they would not be able to attend? If you are planning a summer wedding, check with your most important guests if they have any holidays booked. It would be extremely disappointing to finalise your date, only to find out that some of your closest family or friends will not be able to attend.

4. Saturday or not?

Once you are set on the time of year you are going for, it’s time to pick a wedding date. The most common day of the week is Saturday so that your guests have the day after your wedding to relax. Saturday is not the only option however and many venues will allow you to book any day of the week. Sometimes there is a lower cost for weekday weddings so this can be a good option to lower your costs if you have your heart set on the venue but the price is a bit too steep.

These are the guidelines to picking your perfect wedding date. Although these points are all accurate, there is no magic formula and the choice will ultimately come down to what feels right to you and your fiancé.

Once you have decided on a date, start looking at venues(or do it the other way round).