Why You Need A Wedding Theme

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Last updated: 24th May 2022

Do you need a wedding theme? In our opinion, the answer is absolutely, “Yes, you do!” So here’s why we recommend couples choose a wedding theme – and how to get started picking yours.

1. A Wedding Theme Gives Your Planning Clarity

Look, we get it! Wedding planning is a stressful business. After all, it can feel like there are a million different things to sort: venues, flowers, table decorations, clothes, catering… Taking a little bit of time at the very start to pick a wedding theme will instantly streamline your planning by giving you a clear vision of what you want your big day to be like. Plus, when you search for venues and suppliers on Bridebook, you can filter by theme, reducing the number of suppliers you need to contact.

2. A Wedding Theme Will (Probably!) Make Your Wedding Look Better

If you don’t have at least some sort of theme, it’s incredibly difficult to make everything cohesive and you’ll probably end up with a complete mishmash of styles. Now, if “mishmash” is what you’re going for, go ahead… But isn’t that a theme? Remember, your theme can be as simple as choosing two or three wedding colours to help guide your choices. Sure, you might decide on an underwater pirate theme (and if you do, we’d love to see the photos!) – but you might also go for a sage-green wedding theme, adding pops of colour throughout your soft furnishings, stationery and floristry.

3. A Wedding Theme Helps Create Atmosphere

Your wedding theme is about more than just what your wedding looks like – it’s about how it feels, the sort of atmosphere you create. So think about the mood you want your guests to be in. Do you want them to feel a sense of glamour and luxury? Then maybe a black tie theme is for you. Or are you hoping for a more relaxed celebration where everyone can let loose? In that case, you might want to consider a more casual theme – say, something boho or rustic. Whatever you decide, it’s a huge part of what will make your wedding unique in your guests’ memories – so choose wisely!

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