Choosing Wedding Flowers - 6 Easy Tips

Choosing a wedding florist can be one of the more tricky aspects of your wedding planning. Why? Because there is a lot to consider.

Choosing Wedding Flowers

Once you have chosen your florist, it’s time to select the flowers.

Choosing wedding flowers can be one of the more tricky aspects of your wedding planning. Why? Because there is a lot to consider. Bouquets, buttonholes, ceremony flowers, venue flowers, table flowers…..the list could go on (depending on how extravagant you want to be with your flower budget). But don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of our top 6 tips to aid you in making those choices quickly and making sure you are happy with the results.

1. Colour choices

This should largely be determined by your theme. If you don’t have a theme, we suggest deciding on one now as this will help you in making style choices. Try using colours that are suited to your theme. e.g. deep reds, blues and purples would be well suited to a formal wedding theme.

2. Flower types

Remember that certain flowers are seasonal which will affect your available choices depending on when you are getting married. Your florist will be able to advise you of which varieties are in season that they think would be well suited to your wedding theme.

3. Trust your Florist

Think of your florist as your flower consultant. A good florist is highly knowledgeable and has a creative eye, making them the perfect person to advise you on your flower choices. Use our Pinterest method to brainstorm, then share this board with them. You can bounce ideas around until you end up with something you love.

4. It’s not all rosy anymore

Think outside the box with your flower choices. It’s not all brightly coloured bouquets anymore. Wild flowers have taken off in a big way and are a good choice for any boho wedding. Other alternative options are foliage, trees, plants, fruit and yes….even vegetables(Kale, cabbage and artichokes are just some of the options) which can all be incorporated into various aspects of your wedding. Here are some alternative flower ideas from The Knot.

5. Ceremony and Reception – can you re-use

If possible, you may be able to re-use some flowers from your ceremony for your meal and reception. E.g. aisle flowers could be re-used as centre pieces. The ceremony flowers are only seen for about 30 mins, so this is an easy cost-saver.

6. Keep everything consistent

This is pretty obvious. Try to keep your flower colours consistent throughout the day. This means matching your bouquet with the buttonholes etc. You may want to change the flower style for the meal to signify the transition from daytime celebrations into evening entertainment.

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