How To Choose A Wedding Florist

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Last updated: 24th May 2022

So it’s time to find your wedding florist. Now, we don’t know about you – but outside of wedding planning, we’d say most people’s experience with flowers is limited to buying the odd bouquet from the supermarket or flower shop. So with everything posies to pergolas to consider, how should you choose your wedding florist?

1. Find Out What You Like

It’s the first step to choosing any element of your wedding: create a Pinterest board or a Collection on Instagram and start saving images. Don’t think about it too much – just scroll and save.

2. Take Some Time To Reflect

Okay, so how’s it looking? Are there any common themes you can pick out? You might be gravitating towards pastels and delicate posies. On the other hand, you might realise you love big, bold blooms and extravagant floral installations.

3. Search Suppliers

Now we know what we’re looking for. Head to Bridebook’s Supplier Search, pick “Florists” from the drop-down menu, pop in your wedding location and hit “search”! Here are all the fab florists in your area. Click through to check out any that catch your eye then tap the heart in the corner to save them to your Favourites if you like what you see.

4. Contact Your Favourites

Don’t worry – no spreadsheets or emails necessary! All you need to do is hit the “request a brochure” button on your potential florist’s profile. If you’ve filled out your wedding details, we’ll send all this information straight to them automatically – so there’s no need to waste time writing out your wedding date, location and so on again and again.

5. Wait For Responses

Cross your fingers and wait for them to get back to you! In the meantime, why not start shopping around for other suppliers…

6. Have A Chat

Whatever element of your wedding your choosing, we always say to wait for “the feeling” – and you’ll know when it happens! Take some time to chat with your potential florists, reflect on how they communicate with you and the ideas they’ve come up with. You’ll almost certainly have a standout – and then it’s time to book them in!

And there you have it: six steps to finding your perfect wedding florist. That was easy!

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