House of Ollichon on How To Be A Dress-Less Bride

Here at Bridebook we love all things new and exciting; whether it’s our incredible budgeting tool (if we do say so ourselves), the naked cake trend taking the world by storm, or #welfies – the more it pushes the envelope the better! So when we heard about House of Ollichon, we knew we wanted to hear more. House of Ollichon is redefining how we think about bridal fashion by offering the modern bride a fashionable and more practical alternative to the traditional wedding dress. Read on to learn more about how to own being a “dress-less bride”: model wearing jumpsuit lying down
Courtesy of House of Ollichon

House of Ollichon was launched just six months ago (yes, we’re still babies!) to bridge the gap for fashion forward brides between the big dress and the high street offerings. The collection includes luxury bridal jumpsuits and pretty but trendy two pieces. As far as we know, we are the only bridal collection to exist without a dress in sight! After my struggle to find something for my own wedding at Islington Town Hall (I didn’t want a dress but something that pushed my bridal boundaries); House of Ollichon was born. Wedding trends are changing rapidly, there are so many weddings now that are more of a party than a big ceremony and like mine, some end up in the pub! Imagine a huge dress down the local! house of ollichon founder working in her studio
Founder Hannah Ollichon

The Jumpsuit Bride

Does a dress simply seem too much fuss? Many women out there desperately want to don the trousers for their wedding day and so they jolly well should! Women’s tastes have evolved beyond the traditional ‘meringue’ stereotype and now we have the confidence and individuality to ‘dress’ in trousers. Until now, we just haven’t had that many options! house of ollichon white jumpsuit
Courtesy of House of Ollichon

Our beloved English weather!

Imagine if it rains, imagine if you have to drag your dress through puddles or hitch it up round your ankles to avoid them; kind of ruins the look right? Jumpsuits have this magical power to hover above puddles and delete this concern from your otherwise graceful arrival. white culottes and crop top
Courtesy of House of Ollichon

Love your shoes?

Then don’t hide them under a million skirt layers, you can finally have your wedding shoes on show! house of ollichon blush skirt and crop top
Courtesy of House of Ollichon

In the mood for dancing…

The biggest annoyance from my wedding was the fact that once the party started, my dress was no longer my new BFF. It hindered my moves so much (maybe this was a good thing), I was carrying the train around all night, I still have photos of it draped over my brother’s shoulders as it was even in his way! Once I’d adopted that s*d it moment, I knew there was no more cash back for me… the bottom was greyer than a winter’s morning, the beading dangling off and beautiful lace totally shredded. Embrace trousers and avoid the dress- heartache! three girls throwing flowers
Courtesy of House of Ollichon

That toilet moment.

For anyone who thinks weeing in a jumpsuit is a pain, try it in a wedding dress; jumpsuits win every time. And, you don’t need an assistant! white jumpsuit on model
Courtesy of House of Ollichon

Post wedding hang ups…

The day is done and now you need a metre wide space in the cupboard for a dress you’ll never wear again. Jumpsuits (even white ones!) can be re-worn, re-loved, and ensure you keep your day alive without ever offending another bride! House of Ollichon white jumpsuit with black belt
Courtesy of House of Ollichon

 A four day wedding? Why not!

With wedding celebrations overseas spanning across long weekends, there are so many more outfit opportunities for the cocktail, brunch, and registry office ceremony before the big bash. Do you really want to wear a dress every time? blush jumpuit model with parasol
Courtesy of House of Ollichon

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