How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses - in 3 Easy Steps

Choosing your bridesmaid dresses is no easy task. We’ve simplified this down to 3 easy questions you need to ask.

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing your bridesmaid dresses is no easy task. We’ve simplified this down to 3 easy questions you need to ask:

1. Does the colour suit the theme?

If you have decided on your wedding theme, it will be much easier to choose the bridesmaid dresses. Look at the colours that will suit your theme and try to match it to the dresses. A simple example is the difference between a summer and winter wedding. A winter wedding would suit deep, rich and dark colours whereas a summer wedding would be more suited to bright tones or pastels. Think about the theme, do some Pinterest research. See what colours come up and use that as inspiration in your search for the perfect dresses.

2. Does the dress suit all my bridesmaid’s body shapes?

Secondly, think about the body shapes of your bridesmaids. A dress that looks great on one person, may not suit another. Brideside have done a great little guide on this.  Try to find a dress style that will suit all of your bridesmaids. Depending on the difference in body shapes, this could be quite difficult and you may not be able to get the perfect dress for everybody. If this is the case, there is normally a “compromise-dress” you can choose which looks “decent” on everybody… may not look “spectacular”…….but “decent” will just have to do. A “compromise-dress” is normally a better option than having 1 bridesmaid outshine all the others(or the other way round) as you don’t want anybody feeling uncomfortable. Which leads me to question 3……

3. Do the bridesmaids like it?

It’s your wedding so the ultimate choice comes down to you. It is important however that your bridesmaids are happy wearing the dress(both in terms of comfort and the way it looks). At the very least, send them a link to the dress online to make sure they like the look of it. Ideally, take all your bridesmaids to the dress shop to try it on and make sure they are all happy with it before making the purchase.

Alternatively, you could completely break the mould and have all your bridesmaids wearing completely different dresses! Who said they all need to match?