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Why A Weekday Wedding Could Be The Best Decision You Make

When are you going to get married? “Obviously on a weekend,” might be your first thought. And it makes sense! Saturday has traditionally been the most popular day to get married – and there’s plenty of reasons for that. But there is a growing trend for couples to get married on a weekday. Here’s all the perks you can expect if you opt for a weekday wedding.

1. Get Married Sooner

Like we said, Saturday is a popular day to get married. That means the most popular venues are booked up for weekend dates months or even years in advance! It might also mean that you or your guests have already committed to attending someone else’s wedding on almost every Saturday this summer. So if you want to get married in your dream venue *and* you want your best friend to be able to make it, you might be looking at waiting years until the dates (and the stars!) align for you to have a weekend wedding.

But if you book your wedding on a weekday? No need for this to turn into the five-year engagement. Being more flexible with your date opens up a much wider variety of options, meaning you’re more likely to get your dream venue and avoid clashes with other weddings.

2. Get the Best Suppliers

Not only do venues get booked up early on weekends, so do all your other suppliers. You’re much more likely to get your dream team for a weekday wedding. Some suppliers will also lower their prices during the week so you might even be able to push the boat out and get a truly top-notch caterer, photographer or florist that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. This is your big day, so why compromise if you don’t have to? With a weekday wedding, you’re much more likely to get exactly what you want.

Couple just married being celebrated outdoors by wedding guests

3. Have Your Loved Ones There

Despite all the perks that can come with a weekday wedding, one concern that many couples have is that their loved ones won’t be able to make it. While this is a possibility, we’d always expect those most important to you to do everything they can to be there for your big day. After all, it’s only one day of holiday! That said, you should think about your guest list when making this decision. If you’re planning a weekday wedding and your parents are teachers, for example, you’ll want to prioritise school holidays to make sure they can make it. But at the end of the day, your nearest and dearest will want to show up for you – and a weekday wedding won’t stop them!

4. Keep Things Intimate

If you don’t want a blow-out bash, a weekday wedding can be a great opportunity for a more relaxed and intimate affair. Without the fuss that can come with a weekend do, you’ll be able to have just your nearest and dearest around you and get to spend more time talking to the people you care about the most. If you know there are people you’ll have to invite but don’t really want to come, a weekday wedding is also a sneaky way of making it less likely they’ll show up…

Wedding party outdoors at night

5. Save Your Guests Some Money

While you might think a weekday wedding would make it harder for guests to attend, it can actually solve a lot of problems for them! By holding your wedding on a weekday, it means better availability for travel and accommodation for your guests – not to mention discounted prices. 

6. Keep The Party Going

Another benefit of weekday wedding is being able to spread the celebration out and extend the fun, particularly if you host your wedding on a Monday, a Friday or around a bank holiday. After all, you only get married once – make the most of it! Organise a cocktail party the night before or a brunch the day after.

You might even go old school and decide to jet off on your honeymoon straight after the wedding. Travelling midweek can mean huge savings on flights and accommodation, leaving you with more cash to splash elsewhere!

Have we convinced you to consider a weekday wedding? Whatever you’re thinking, we’d always recommend being at least a little flexible with your wedding date. Now, why not start looking for your dream venue? It’s out there waiting for you!

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