Why having a weekday wedding can be the best decision you make

Traditionally, Saturdays have always been the most popular day for weddings and there are plenty of reasons for that. However, there’s a growing trend of couples getting married on a weekday and enjoying all the extra perks that come with it. Below, we have outlined six of the best reasons for having a weekday wedding.

1) Get married sooner

The most popular venues fill their weekend dates months or even years in advance. Similarly, you may well already have received invites from other friends and family for prime summer Saturdays in the coming years.

Booking your wedding on a weekday instead means that you won’t need to wait through a long engagement but can get married to your loved one much sooner. You’ll find it far easier to book your dream venue and you won’t have to worry about clashing with anyone else! By being more flexible on the wedding date, you’ll find you have a much wider variety of options available to you.

Your partner is the love of your life: why wait to declare that to the world?

2) Get pick of the best suppliers

Just as venues book up early for weekend dates, so do other suppliers. Putting together your dream team of caterers, photographers, and florists is much easier with a weekday wedding.

This is your big day, so why compromise on what you want. With a weekday wedding, you’ll find that suppliers’ availability is much better and you can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

3) Know that your loved ones will be there

Some couples are concerned that their loved ones won’t be able to make it to their weekday wedding.While this is a possibility, rest assured that  those most important to you will do everything they can to be there for the biggest day of your life.

You should definitely think about your specific guests and make considerations for them (e.g., try a school holiday if any of your key guests are teachers), but know that your closest friends and family love you dearly and want to see you on your wedding day. A weekday wedding won’t stop that.

Couple just married being celebrated outdoors by wedding guests

4) Keep it intimate

The beauty of a weekday wedding is that it will likely be a more relaxed and intimate affair without some of the fuss of a weekend do. Your nearest and dearest will be there to celebrate the love between you and your partner and you’ll end up spending much more time talking to those you care about most.

A weekday wedding can also be a great way of ensuring that the awkward uncle who you’re obliged to invite is less likely to turn up!

5) Save your guests some money

By hosting your wedding on a weekday, your guests can often get discounts for travel and accommodation, which means more to spend on your gift list 😉 

Alternatively, it means that they can spend longer in the local area, allowing you to… 

6) Keep the party going

Another benefit of a weekday wedding is being able to spread the celebration out and extend the fun over the course of a few days. You only get married once, so why not indulge in all the celebration!

Try a fun cocktail party the night before or organise a fancy brunch for you and your partner’s families at the weekend. Or go old-school and jet off on your honeymoon straight after the wedding. You’ll end up saving a ton of money on flights and accommodation by travelling midweek, leaving you with plenty to splash on the all-important wedding cake!

Wedding party outdoors at night