The Secrets To Wording Wedding Invitations

So, the time has come. You’ve arrived at the moment in wedding planning when you can finally send out your wedding invitations! Most couples will think that wedding invitation wording is straightforward, and no big deal, but when the moment to do it arrives, who really knows how to write wedding invitations?  

The truth is, planning a wedding requires asking your guests quite a few questions. Can you Save the Date? Can you attend our wedding? Can you eat anything and everything? Can you leave your kids behind? Don’t panic, we’ve written out all the templates and guidelines here, so grab a drink and have a read.

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the secrets to wording wedding invitations

Saving The Date:

This is the most informal piece of writing you get to do, so have fun with it! You can tie your Save The Dates in with your theme, base it around an engagement shoot if you had one, or anything that makes you giggle as a couple! For example, we saw someone who wrote on their save the dates: P.S If you do not reply by October 1st, please bring a chair and a sandwich. 

The only things you need to mention on your Save The Date are your names (ideally, along with surnames so your guests don’t get confused) and the proposed date to be saved! Feel free to include wedding website information, a poem, or anything else that you want. Sharing the news is so exciting and makes it all real! Tip: It may be useful to include a return address, as post can get lost.

Please Save the Date

John Lucas and Mary Preston

Are getting married on

11th July 2015


Formal Invitations to Follow


Save the Date!

We’re tying the knot!

Come party with

John and Mary on

11th July 2015


Formal Invitations to follow.

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Inviting Children:

Some couples can’t imagine getting married without flower girls and pageboys, as well as the children of their family and friends being part of their wedding day. Other couples want an adult-only affair, without any little ones running around and needing organised entertainment. Whichever camp you belong to, here are some ideas for phrasing:

If you want to invite children, include their names under the names of their parents on the RSVP card:

Mr. John and Mrs Alice Smith

Lucy, Katie and Michael.

Excluding children from the wedding is slightly trickier, as saying “No Children” is considered bad etiquette. However, you can opt for:

Regrettably, due to restrictions at our venue, children are unable to attend.


We regret that we are unable to accommodate children at our wedding. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


We have reserved two seats in your honour.

Similarly, you can provide this information on your wedding website instead of the invitation, which you can address to just the two parents.

Tip: don’t be too subtle as they may not get the hint!

Here’s a more in-depth article on how to invite or exclude kids from your wedding. simplistic wedding invitation with elements of calligraphy
By Whimsical Prints

Dietary Requirements:

Regardless of whether you are having a small or lavish wedding, there are guaranteed to be varying dietary requirements – these need to be made clear to you and in turn to your caterer. Naturally, dietary requirements include allergies, as opposed to preferences, so here are the best ways for phrasing this to your guests (these are usually placed on the RSVP card). Once you know your guest’s dietary requirements, head over to your guest list tool and add them in! 

Please advise on any dietary requirements below


We will be serving (dish), please let us know if you have any dietary requirements.


Dietary requirements:


Information Card:

We want to stress again how important it is that you answer all of you guest’s potential questions on your wedding invitations. Put yourself in the shoes of a wedding guest (shows in which you’ve probably been in) and think about what they need to know so that they won’t decide to call you with questions on the morning of your wedding.

Obviously, no one wants to have an ugly manual of instruction as their wedding invitation, but that’s why the Information Card is for! A handy extra piece of paper that gives your guests all the info they need (Is there parking? Where can they sleep that night? What’s the GPS location of the venue? etc.) Here’s everything you should include in your wedding information sheet


BONUS TIP: Do not mislead your guests about the starting time! If your ceremony starts at 4 pm, don’t write on your invitations that it starts at 3:45 pm – your guests will arrive at 3:30 pm and probably have to wait one hour for your big entrance. People know that they should arrive before the ceremony starts!

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Happy Inviting!

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