Tips: 10 Things You Should Tell Your Wedding Photographer bride and groom leave ceremony showered with confetti
By Guy Hearn

Your photographer is pretty much your closest friend on your Wedding Day. They are there for every moment from the beginning – they even see you when your loved one doesn’t! They are the ones to make those amazing lasting memories of you as newlyweds and of your happy guests, celebrating your marriage. Make sure your photographer is ready to go, with our handy tips below:

1) Tell them what they should wear; you don’t want a photographer in flip-flops and shorts in the middle of a black-tie affair. Your photographer should not stand out amongst your guests. (Massive camera aside of course!)

2) Provide them with an order of service, so they know what is happening and when. The only way for you to have photographs of all your special moments is to tell the photographer where he or she should be when they are taking place. (They need to get the best angle after all!) bride arriving at ceremony in the car
By Guy Hearn

3) Provide your photographer with a ‘face sheet’ (photos of key attendees and their names). That way, they will know who the important people are and make sure that they get photographed the most.

4) If you want big group shots, including the entire wedding (guests and all), let the photographer know in advance. These will take longer to organise (and you don’t want your MOH or BM running around and frantically making sure Uncle Tom’s hand isn’t covering Aunt Mary’s face when he waves!) bride groom bridal party
By Guy Hearn

5) Talking of group shots, if there are any awkward family circumstances, you should let your photographer know, so that he can position the subjects accordingly and be as tactful as possible.

6) Let your photographer know if any of your guests have mobility restrictions, so that benches and seats can be organised if needed for certain shots.

7) Ask your photographer to take pictures of all the little details you’ve worked so hard over! This could mean anything from the favours and elaborate seating cards, to the flower centrepieces on every table. wedding table number with old toys for decoration
By Weddings Vintage

8) Similarly, tell your photographer if there is a specific location where you would like to be photographed (on a bridge, underneath a gorgeous tree, walking down a grand staircase), so that he or she can leave enough time for these shots, especially if lighting needs to be adjusted.

9) If you and your beloved are planning a surprise first dance with an incredible lift, get your photographer in on the surprise! If he knows when the big moments are coming, he can get the best angles for the coolest photos!

10) Lastly, we strongly advise you to tell your photographer if there are certain parts of your wedding you don’t want captured. Whilst some might find the drunken antics of your uncle Bill hilarious, you may not want them in your wedding album for years to come! guests dacning
By Allister Freeman

Happy Planning!

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