9 Things To Tell Your Wedding Videographer

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Once you have chosen your Oscar-worthy wedding videographer (loud applause please), there are a few useful things that you might want to tell them, so that the entire filming process goes off without a hitch – see what we did there?:

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By Allister Freeman

1) Provide them with the contact details of your venue and if you have one, your on the day co-ordinator. They can help your videographer if there are any problems setting up.

2) If you feel very passionately about a particular song being included in your wedding film, let your videographer know early on, so that they can adjust accordingly.

3) It is always a good idea to provide your videographer with a face sheet, with all the important people that you would like to see in your wedding film. This way, your videographer won’t accidentally leave someone out. The Mother of the Bride might not be too happy about that!

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4) Let them know the dress code. Think of your wedding videographer as a guest; he or she will have to blend in seamlessly with everyone else at your reception! You can pass on dress code advice here.

5) Introduce them to your photographer. The two of them will be working in tandem so it’s best if they meet before the big day. This way you can make sure they will get along and work together to provide you with the best footage you can get.

6) Introduce them to the Best Man and/or the Maid of Honour, to whom they can direct any questions on your wedding day. (Trust us, you won’t want to be distracted!)

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7) If they want to use a drone (which looks absolutely epic), check if your wedding venue has any restrictions in regards to this.

8) Provide them with an order of service, so that they know where they should be and when for all the important moments of the day.

9) Lastly, if there is any aspect of the wedding that you have prepared in advance (and in secret), and really want it to be captured on film, let them know in advance!

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Happy Planning!

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