9 Tips To The Amateur Videographer

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By Pippa Mackenzie

Whether you decided to ask an amateur filmmaker friend, your younger brother, or even one of the waiters to film some of the essential moments form your wedding, here are our best tips selected exclusively for your helpers to ensure they create the perfect film:

1) First, conduct the necessary research. Sit down with the couple and ask them what they are expecting from their wedding film, which moments they want to be filmed. Visualise these requirements as clearly as you can and focus on capturing them on the day.

2) It is a good idea to intersperse the traditional film-worthy moments with some messages from the attending guests. This creates an effortlessly flowing film and some surprising and touching messages that the newlyweds may not have had the chance to hear on the day itself.

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By Pippa Mackenzie

3) If you can find a partner in crime, amazing! The two of you working seamlessly together will provide even coverage, especially if one of you shadows the married couple and the other films the guests.

4) Take advantage of “cutaways”. These are beautiful shots of flowers, decorations and other small but important details. Make sure to have a steady hand and zoom out slowly. With a soundtrack, these will look gorgeous and guarantee that one moment flows into another with ease. Bonus point: the newlyweds will really appreciate the little details eternalised on film!

Bridebook.co.uk- table setting with flowers and candles
By Pippa Mackenzie

5) For the clearest audio possible, especially of the vows, try asking the officiant if they will let you pin a microphone to their lapel, if not, pin the mic to the groom’s lapel, but never to the bride’s dress. Other cool alternatives include hiding the mic in the bridal bouquet!

6) Film the guests during the drinks reception and as they take their seats, taking in all the decorations and table settings. The couple will appreciate being able to see the events as they unfold! Please don’t film the wedding guests as they eat! Switch off, enjoy the food and tune in again in time for the speeches.

Bridebook.co.uk- flower girl and ring bearer playing in the sun
By Pippa Mackenzie

7) As you film, make sure you aren’t in the way of any observing guests, after all, they came to see the newlyweds!

8) Always leave a few seconds after each shot before you stop, so that the editing process is made easier for whoever will be editing the finished product.

9) Teach yourself the VIP face sheet: AKA the list of all the important family members and friends, so that they definitely appear in the wedding film! We also strongly recommend you introduce yourself to the wedding photographer, as they are guaranteed to be photographing the same people and moments and you want to make sure that the two of you work in sync.

Bridebook.co.uk- bride and groom leaving ceremony
By Guy Hearn

Follow these steps and prepare to give the newlyweds a beautiful film that they can keep watching for many, many years to come.

Happy filming!

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