30 Fun and Inspiring Engagement Party Ideas

Last updated: 22nd Sep 2023

An engagement party is the perfect way to celebrate your happiness with your family and relatives. It’s a chance to unwind, have a couple of drinks and enjoy your engagement before the craziness of wedding planning gets into full swing. So, until you walk down the aisle, your engagement is the best way to share the joy among your guests and allows you to show off your engagement ring to a chorus of oohs and ahhs.

An engagement party can be anything you want it to be and you can be as wild or as low-key as you like. Whatever your style, taste and budget, there’s an engagement party type out there for you.

But where do you start? There’s so much to choose from, how do you know what’s right for you? In this post, we’ll run through more than 30 unique engagement party ideas so you and your loved ones can party the night (or afternoon, or weekend or brunch…) away in style.

Once you know what kind of party you want to throw, read our post on how to plan an engagement party to get things moving and make sure you don’t forget a single thing.

30 fun and unique engagement party ideas

If you’re looking for some inspiration for creative ways to throw a memorable engagement party, then look no further. Below are 30 ideas for throwing the perfect engagement celebration bash.

1. Hawaiian Luau party

Pineapple juice with colourful party hats

Because we don’t have quite as many white sandy beaches and crystal blue oceans in the UK, Hawaiian Luau parties are pretty rare, so it’ll make for a fun and unique way to celebrate your engagement. With great Hawaiian party food (just no pineapple on your pizza, please), decorations and games, your Hawaiian Luau-themed party will amaze your guests and add a lot of fun, excitement and limboing to your engagement party.

2. Glamping party

Outdoor glamping campfire party

Glamping parties are one of the trendiest engagement party ideas that will give a whole new look and feel to your engagement celebrations. You can enjoy games, BBQ, S’mores and some drinks as you envelop yourself in nature, play some games and tell spooky stories around the fire. It’s a great way to shut yourself off from the rest of the world and enjoy spending time with loved ones.

3. Casino night

Casino night engagement party

As you’ve already won the jackpot of your life by finding your soulmate, you can keep that winning feeling going by arranging a casino party at your place. Get some dice and a couple of packs of cards and let your guests have fun in your very own casino. You could also hire casino tables and dealers to give it that proper Las Vegas feeling. Just remember it’s all for fun, so don’t bet all your wedding savings on black!

4. Couples costume party

Couple wearing costume sunglasses

A couples costume party is one of the trendiest engagement party ideas you can go for, bringing extra fun and mischief into the party mix. You can invite your guests to dress up in costumes related to famous couples, which will add a fun twist to your engagement party.

From Posh and Becks to Romeo and Juliet, your guests will enjoy getting into the celebrity couples’ characters. You can also make a game out of getting your guests to guess who everyone is dressed as.

5. Dessert party

Selection of desserts at a dessert party

If you have a sweet tooth, then throwing a dessert party for your guests is a great way to get your taste buds tingling. Instead of a standard buffet or sit-down meal, you can add a variety of desserts to your engagement menu and watch as your guests get high on your sugary supply.

From silky smooth white-chocolate parfait to unctuous chocolatey truffles with strawberries, you can offer a little slice of heaven. You can even plan to serve up a selection of various famous dessert wines like Riesling, Tawny Port and Sauternes to complement each dish.

6. Desert party

Cupcakes decorated with desert-themed paper cutouts

This one will really get your guests’ minds working. Surely they meant it’s a dessert party, they’ll say. Throw expectations on their head by throwing a party themed around deserts, with cactus-decorated cupcakes, cowboy-inspired barbecue food and even crispy salt and pepper scorpions. In the evening, you could sit around a campfire and crack out the guitar to sing a few tunes.

7. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras themed party

Let your hair down with extravagant outfits, flying beads and mouth-watering Cajun cuisine. In the UK, Mardi Gras is still a relatively new trend, so be ahead of the curve with this fun-filled way to party into the night.

8. Oktoberfest party

Oktoberfest party

Embrace your German side with an Oktoberfest-themed engagement party. All it takes are some steins of beer, tasty sausages, salty pretzels and your finest lederhosen. Throw in a Bavarian Oompah band and you’ve got everything you need to get the party started whatever time of year it is.

9. Wine and cheese tasting

Wine and cheese party

If you plan to throw your engagement party in the spring or summer, a wine and cheese tasting party is a brilliant option.

Hosting a wine and cheese tasting party is the best way to kick off the summer season with your family and friends. You can even embrace the beauty of the surroundings by adding flowerbeds, lights, candles, and as many decorations as you’d like. Just remember to get a wide selection of cheeses, both for those who like the smelly stuff and those who aren’t particularly adventurous.

10. Movie night

Move night themed party

A movie night is one of the best options to enjoy and relax at your engagement party. Hire a projector and turn your engagement hall into a movie theatre, or your back garden into a makeshift drive-in.

To make your guests feel even more comfortable, you can keep it laid back by organising a cosy and comfy setup along with bundles of treats for guests, including classic cinema snacks like popcorn, nachos and pick ‘n’ mix. If you’ve invited friends and family with kids, remember to choose films a little closer to Jumanji than Scarface.

11. Beach bonfire

Bonfire on the beach

A bonfire at the beach adds a lovely vibe to your engagement party as you sit back, enjoy some food and drinks and talk with loved ones, all while the waves lap gently against the shore. You can also take a Bluetooth speaker and use your phone to play a few tunes as you hang out.

You can time the party in such a way that the guests have a moment to meet during the daylight before the orange and pink hues cover the sky. The whole setup makes for a romantic and memorable party. Just make sure you have permission to light a fire if you’re using a public beach.

12. Murder mystery

Detective's work area with magnifying glass

A great way to add fun and mystery to your engagement party is by organising a convoluted murder for you and your guests to solve. It’s impossible not to enjoy interacting with actors as you try to figure out who committed such a terrible act – you or your fiance might even be the murderer or the victim – or both. Scandalous!

There are plenty of murder mystery companies and am-dram groups that will come to you to host the game to make sure you have a killer engagement party.

13. Retro arcade party

Couple at a retro arcade

If you want to bring out your inner child, a retro arcade party is the perfect option for you and your guests. Retro arcade parties offer a unique and competitive twist to your celebration, especially if you grew up playing a lot of the old classic machines.

From pinball to Pac-Man to Space Invaders, your guests can enjoy getting stuck in blasting, jumping and flying through various games. You can even book the arcades that have bars as well so that your guests can enjoy adult beverages while having fun – that’ll appease Grandma while the rest of you play a few games.

14. Roller disco party

Pair of rollerskates at a disco

Another retro favourite, a roller disco party is an amazing way to add fun to your engagement celebrations. You can arrange an adult-only disco party where you and your friends knock back a couple of drinks to help cushion the occasional fall, or include the kids for a crazy, laugh-filled skate-a-thon.

Throw in some classic tunes, a few slices of pizza and a cheeky drink or two, and you have all the makings of an unforgettable engagement party.

15. Brewery party

Beer party

Breweries are fabulous venues for parties, with plenty of delicious drinks at your fingertips. Whether it’s a simple get-together among friends and family or a more elaborate engagement party with a featured brewmaster, organising the ultimate brewery party is as simple as… organising a booze up in a brewery!

16. Hollywood red carpet event

Movie star glamour party

Add some Hollywood A-lister glitz and glamour to your engagement party with a red carpet, paparazzi and a few glasses of bubbles. You and your guests will feel extra special as you lord it up for the evening.

17. Globetrotter party

Map with travel items including sunglasses and hat

Celebrate the next adventure the two of you are about to go on by reliving your previous travel memories together. Serve international food and drinks and fill your venue with maps so your guests can plot their own around-the-world trip.

18. Masquerade ball

Masquerade ball

To add a unique and elegant feel to your engagement party, why not throw a masquerade ball? You can invite your guests to dress in their finest outfits and encourage them to design their own creative and extravagant masks.

To embrace the theme, you can serve your guests cocktails and Venetian-inspired food, and even decorate the venue in plenty of gold, with twinkling fairy lights and flickering candles to set the mood.

19. Garden party

Garden party with outdoor fairy lights

A garden party is a great idea that will enhance the beauty of your engagement day. Put on a beautiful spread, cover the garden in fairy lights and glowing lanterns, and watch as the garden gets enveloped in magic as the sun starts to set. Keep food and drink on theme by offering elderflower and lavender cocktails and serving a selection of tasty plant-based dishes.

20. Pool party

Pool party with palm trees and sunny skies

A classic pool party is a huge crowd-pleaser, and because it’s not common in the UK, it has a massive WOW factor. Throw on some tunes, serve some mocktails and enjoy the sun as you play games and relax in the water. Check with your local pool or lido to see what kind of private party packages they offer.

21. Backyard BBQ

Back garden BBQ party

Why not keep things simple with a backyard BBQ? Everyone knows what to expect; some slightly overdone food, some ice-cold drinks and a few pesky wasps – but there’ll also be some laughs, music and fun with a relaxed and chilled atmosphere.

22. Cooking class

At home cooking class

For something fun, different and challenging, a cooking class led by a professional chef is a wonderful way to get stuck in and make some delicious food. There are dozens of different cuisines you could try, from making sushi rolls to tossing pizza dough. And the best part is, you can sit down to enjoy your food and a few drinks afterwards.

23. Game night

Friends playing games including code names and jenga

There’s nothing quite like a game night, so why not bring a bunch of people together and play Charades or Pictionary, or some quick-fire versions of some of the classics? Guess Who?, Twister, Jenga, Hungry Hungry Hippos and if you’re really feeling brave, Monopoly. You could even play a selection of relationship- and couples-themed games, or a quiz all about your journey towards being engaged. Just remember not to get too worked up – it’s only a game after all!

24. Arts and crafts party

Pottery painting

Crack out your creativity and rope your guests into taking part in some arts and crafts. It could be knitting, pottery painting, or even some still-life drawing if you’re feeling adventurous. Encourage your guests to take their creations home as a keepsake.

25. Karaoke night

Karaoke night

If you and your loved ones love belting out a few numbers after a drink or two, a karaoke night is a hilarious way to get everyone in the mood to party. To keep it related to your engagement, select a playlist of romantic tunes or songs that mean something to the two of you.

26. Fairground fun

Woman at a fairground holding candyfloss

Enjoy some candy floss, toffee apples and burgers while trying to hook a duck or win at the coconut shy. You could even have a cake themed to a carousel with sugar work horses. Everyone loves the fun of the fair, so bring that joy to your engagement party.

27. Fairytale party

Halloween-themed blood-red toffee apples

For a magical engagement party, embrace fairytales or Disney classics and ask your guests to come dressed as their favourite prince or princess. Themed food options could be not-so-poisoned apples, the grey stuff (we hear it’s delicious) and Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles.

28. Boat party

Boat party

Instead of partying on dry land, why not take to the seas (or a lake or canal) in a boat? Let the current take you as you knock back some drinks, chill out with loved ones and soak in some sunshine.

29. Bollywood night

Indian girl dancing at a party

Embrace good food, a brilliant atmosphere and great entertainment with a Bollywood-themed party, complete with vibrant colours and fabulous Bollywood dancing.

30. Comedy club night

Comedy club night with microphone and live audience

Tickle your funny bone by organising a trip to your local comedy club, where you can enjoy some drinks and a few sets by local comedians. Just make sure you sit on the front row so the two of you get picked on by the comics – it’ll leave your guests howling with laughter and give the two of you great memories of your big night.

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