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15 Fun Engagement Party Ideas


An engagement party is the best and the perfect way to celebrate your happiness with your family and relatives. So, before you walk down to the aisle, your engagement day is the best occasion to share the joy among all your guests by showing off your engagement ring.

An engagement party can be personalized as per your style and budget and be as formal or casual as you want it. So, let’s have a look at the fantastic Engagement Party Ideas that will make you feel excited for the coming day.

The Best 15 Engagement Party Ideas are as follows:

1. Hawaiian Luau Party

Hawaiian Luau engagement party with Hawaiian food and drinks displayed on table

A Hawaiian Luau party is pretty rare, but it will surely add fun to your engagement party. With great Hawaiian party food, decorations, and games, your Hawaiian Luau themed party will amaze your guests, and add a lot of fun, excitement and joy to your engagement party.

2. Glamping Party

Glamping engagement party with tipis outdoors at night

Glamping parties are one of the trendiest engagement party ideas that will give a whole new look and a real different feel on your engagement celebration. You can elevate a campsite by inviting your guests and family to go Glamping.

You can also think of organizing the day at the nearby campground, where you can enhance the experience and surroundings by adding games, rustic furniture, a bar, blankets, and many more entertaining things. 

3. Casino Night

Casino night engagement party with guest flicking cards while playing Poker

A fantastic way to add fun to your engagement day is by organizing a casino night for all your relatives and friends.

As you have already won the jackpot of your life by finding your soulmate, you can keep that winning feel going by arranging a casino party at your place. Get some dice, cards, and let your guests have fun at the casino night. 

4. Couples Costume Party

Couples costume party is one of the trendiest Engagement Party Ideas opted by many couples. You can invite your guests to dress up in the costumes of famous couples. This will add a fun twist to your engagement party.

From Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Romeo and Juliet, your guests will enjoy getting into the celebrity couples’ character.

5. Dessert Party

Delicious cupcakes in dessert engagement party

If you have a sweet tooth, then throwing a dessert party for all your guests will be an amazing idea. Instead of a traditional menu, you can add a variety of desserts in your engagement menu.

With white-chocolate macadamia nut, truffles and strawberries, you can create a little piece of heaven on earth. You can even plan to serve up a selection of various famous dessert wines like Riesling, Tawny Port, and Sauternes, etc.

6. Wine & Cheese Tasting

Wine and cheese at wine and cheese tasting engagement party

If you plan to throw your engagement party in the spring or summer, then a Wine and Cheese Tasting party will be perfect for you.

Hosting a Wine and Cheese Tasting party is the best way of kicking off the summer season with your relatives and friends. You can even embrace the beauty of the surroundings by adding flowerbeds, lights, candles, and as many decorations as you’d like.

7. Movie Night

A Movie Night is one of the best options to enjoy and relax at your engagement party. Hire a projector and turn your engagement hall into a movie theatre.

To make your guests feel even more comfortable, you can keep it laid back by organizing a cosy and comfy setup along with care packages for guests, including the classic movie theatre treats like popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, and some Nachos.

8. Beach Bonfire

People celebrating at beach bonfire engagement party

The bonfire at the beachside will give a great feel and will add a lovely vibe to your engagement party. A beach bonfire party is just like a dream come true for many couples out there. With fun games, a delicious menu, and tasty drinks, the beach bonfire party will embrace the complete look of your engagement party.

You can time the party in such a way so that the guests have a moment to meet during the daylight before the orange and pink hues cover the sky. This whole setup will genuinely make your engagement party worth remembering.

9. Murder Mystery

Another way of adding fun to your engagement party is to add some classic and all-time favourite games into it. Murder Mystery is one such game that your guests will enjoy, and it will even keep your guests engaged throughout the whole party.

There are plenty of companies that will come to the engagement venue and host the game. It’s just that simple to keep the level of fun at the top in your engagement.

10. Retro Arcade Party

Retro arcade room for engagement party

If you want to bring out the inner child in yourself, then the Retro Arcade Party is the perfect option for you and your guests. The retro arcade parties have been popping up everywhere and are adding excitement, amusement and fun to all the parties, may it be a wedding party or an engagement party.

With Pinball, Pac Man, and Space Invaders machines stacked to every corner, your guests can enjoy a pretty fantastic time there. You can even book the arcades that have bars as well so that the guests can enjoy adult beverages while having fun.

11. Brewery Party

Beers on bar table at brewery engagement party

Whether it’s a simple get together among friends and family or a more elaborate engagement party with a featured brewmaster, organizing the ultimate brewery party is at your fingertips.

It will truly add a different vibe on your engagement day and make your guests rolling in the fun by enjoying various ciders and beers. This will make the entire party memorable.

12. Masquerade Ball

To add a different feel to your engagement party, you can plan to throw a masquerade party to all your guests. You can invite your guests to dress in the best possible way and come up with extravagant masks.

For embracing the beauty of the party, you can serve your guests with cocktails, Venetian-inspired food, and even get the space decorated with gold decorations and candlelight to set the mood.

13. Roller Disco Party

Roller disco hall for engagement party

A roller disco party is an amazing way to add fun to your engagement celebrations. You can arrange an adult-only disco party where you can kick off the adult in you and channel your inner kid to enjoy the day to the fullest.

You can add classic tunes, four-wheeled fun, pizza, and many more things to make the day truly memorable.

14. Garden Party

Delicious garden snacks on outdoor table at garden engagement party

Garden party is a great idea that will surely enhance the beauty of your engagement day. You can arrange and organize a garden-themed engagement party where you can get the garden decorated with bright flowers, colorful plants, cascading foliage, and with many more floral theme-related items.

You can even keep the floral theme ongoing by serving plant-based food to all your guests. 

15. Pool Party

People enjoying an outdoor pool at pool engagement party

It is one of the favourite fun party ideas for many couples. A classic pool party on your engagement day will surely make your guests feel WOW!

For adding more beauty to the poolside, you can stock the area with rafts, plan to serve drinks and mocktails to your guests, and you can even play pop music in the background to keep the fun alive.

From the Hawaiian Luau Party to the Pool Party, all these amazing engagement ideas will truly add fun to your engagement day. All these ideas will make your engagement party the most memorable day for you and your guests.

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