Groom Styling 101, by Turnbull & Asser

You’ve searched far and wide and have finally found the perfect suit for the big day. There’s no feeling quite like putting on a perfectly tailored suit for the first time, and with confidence at an all-time high, it’s easy to get carried away and assume the job is done. However, the subtle nuances of savvy tailoring and styling are often what takes you from a slightly-above-average Joe to an unadulterated style savant. 

So who better to dish their tips than the timeless Turnbull & Asser, who have dressed the likes of HRH The Prince of Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Sir Winston Churchill and James Bond! Enjoy as they break down the necessities to complete your wedding day look. groom styling tips


The Tie

Presuming you’ve opted for a single breasted three-piece, your tie becomes your statement piece. Whilst tradition dictates that a bowtie is the go-to, there are a few equally-smart-and-a-lot-less-fiddly options that will make you look the part. In this case, go for an ornate or herringbone silk tie in a Prince Albert knot for added depth. Head of Design Dean Gomilsek-Cole recommends this knot over a regular 4-in-hand as it provides greater length. Ensure it matches your wedding’s colour theme and that your shirt is plain – allowing the tie to have pride of place. groom tie tips


The Shirt

Take it from us when we say there are white shirts, and then there are white shirts. Our West Indian Sea Island Cotton bespoke shirt provides immeasurable quality and exceptional comfort. Double cuffs (or French cuffs) and a customisable collar will allow you to have, quite literally, the perfect shirt. You can’t go wrong with a classic T&A collar, but the beauty of bespoke is that you can create something to your exact shape and preference.


The Cufflinks

Subtlety reigns supreme when it comes to your cufflinks. They need to stay on the right side of elegance, removing excess flashiness. A monogrammed pair add a heightened touch of sophistication and will remain as keepsakes from the best day of your life. Win-win. cufflinks for grooms


The Collar Stays

Behind every successful man, is a woman rolling her eyes. Behind every collar, are collar stays keeping everything intact. Arguably the most subtle of details, they play a pivotal role in ensuring one never looks unkempt. Whether it’s sterling silver or mother-of-pearl, it’s an absolute necessity for every quality shirt. We’d also suggest having an additional pair at hand, for emergency’s sake. groom styling tips


The Pocket Square

Go for a square that complements the tie, but avoid having a repeating pattern. Matching at times can look relatively lazy, and loses personality and flair. Your pocket square shouldn’t steal the show, however, but rather accentuate the tie. Opt for plain silk in an accent colour, or white with coloured piping. groom style tips


The Socks

An exposed ankle is more of an established rule rather than a temporary trend nowadays, however, it forms a more casual take on sartorial. There’s a time and place for that and it’s most definitely not on your wedding day. We’d suggest a plain sock that works subtly with your outfit, ideally an off-black colourway. Avoid Colgate white at all times – the only man that could pull it off was Michael Jackson, and it should be kept that way.

Always remember, when it comes to the big day the aim is to look as handsome as possible, without ever taking attention away from the bride. Other than that, enjoy the day and all it brings, and to the next chapter that awaits!

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