7 Steps To The Perfect Groom's Outfit

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Last updated: 27th Jul 2023

Depending on where you are in the world, what the groom wears at his wedding varies. But in this article, we’re going to take a look at one of the most popular options: the suit.

Now, you might think a suit’s a suit, right? Wrong! Black tie is different to white tie, and then there are lounge suits and morning suits too. And once you’ve worked that out, there’s cuffs, collars and lapels to pin down…

But the suit is just one component of the perfect groom’s ensemble. So let’s talk how to build your perfect outfit.

1. Do Your Research

As always, start off with some research. Head to Pinterest or Instagram to find out what you like – as well as what you don’t! And remember to spend some time looking at shoes, accessories and grooming too.

2. Start With The Suit

Now for the fun part! Pick out a few options for suits and see how you feel in each of them. Do you feel good? Are you comfortable? How will it look with your partner’s choice of outfit? Once you’ve found your perfect match, make it official, whether that’s buying or booking in hire dates.

3. The Perfect Fit

To make sure you have the perfect fit, you may want to have your suit altered (although bear in mind that if you’re renting your suit, you won’t have this option). While your retailer may offer this service, you may also need to find an independent tailor. Either way, make sure to organise tailoring ASAP so that there’s plenty of time to make all the necessary adjustments before your big day.

4. Find Your Dancing Shoes

Now your suit’s sorted, look back at that Pinterest board we made in step one. What sort of shoes do you like? Pick out a few options and try them on with your suit to make sure they work together. Try not to go for style over substance – comfort is key! Remember that you’ll spend most of your wedding day on your feet – and there’ll probably be drinking and dancing too, so make sure you’ve got a good grip on the soles.

5. Add Accessories

Now it’s time for the finishing touches: your cufflinks, pocket square, tie or cravat, a top hat, decorative silk scarf… The options are endless! Our advice is to keep it simple with just two or three key accessories. And don’t forget about your socks!

6. Put It All Together

Okay, you’ve got the suit, sorted the shoes and assembled your accessories… We’re nearly there. Now to put it all together. How does it look? Is there anything you’re not happy with? (Did you remember the socks?) If not, now might be the time to go back to the tailor for further alterations – so make sure you’ve left plenty of time to turn that around.

7. Wear Your Shoes In

Whatever you do, don’t skip this step! Wear your shoes around your house at least three or four times in the weeks leading up to your wedding to break them in before your big day. No one wants to spend the happiest day of their life battling blisters…

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