Choosing Wedding Night Accommodation

Here are our key pieces of advice that will help you in choosing your wedding night accommodation. Hack this task of your todo list with ease.

Choosing Wedding Night Accommodation

Your wedding night is the first evening that you are going to be able to “fully” relax in months. No more planning to do. Just time to take in the events that have just occurred and soak up the magnificence that was your wedding day. You want to make sure that you enjoy it and that you’re not in some crummy hotel with terrible customer service. You don’t want anything to put a dampener on your night.

In saying that, your wedding accommodation is going to be one of the shortest hotel stays in your life. Assuming that your wedding finishes at midnight, you will be arriving at your accommodation pretty late, then checking out at lunchtime the next day(unless you have booked more than 1 night) so you may not get that much time to enjoy the hotel room and amenities. Nonetheless, it is worth spending a little more to get a hotel that is slightly more special than you would normally book. This is the last part of your wedding day and a perfect way to put a cherry on the cake.

Here are our key pieces of advice that will help make sure you book your wedding night accommodation properly:

Venue or hotel?

Does your venue have a honeymoon suite? If so, then your wedding night accommodation is sorted. If not, then you will need to find accommodation near the venue. This means arranging additional transport to get you from venue to hotel.

Book early

If you need to book a hotel, do it as early as you can so you can get the best room before it gets snapped up. Make sure to get email confirmation of the booking(you don’t want any nasty surprises on your wedding night).

Tell them you will be arriving late – any snacks available at this time?

Advise the hotel that you are getting married during the day and that this is your wedding night accommodation which means you will be arriving late. Give them an idea of the time you will be arriving and make sure this is ok. Ask if they can provide any snacks at this time as you may be hungry?

What is the check-out time?

Ask what time you need to check out the next day and if you can use amenities after this time.

Getting your luggage there

Somehow you need to get your luggage(either for your honeymoon or just for the night) to the hotel and you won’t be wanting to take it with you on the wedding night! You could take your car the day before and ask the hotel if you could leave it there overnight or alternatively you could ask the hotel if you could leave the luggage with them if they have somewhere to store it? Quick tip – Pack a notebook in your luggage to take some notes of the pleasant things which happened on your wedding day – It will still be fresh in your mind the day after but if you don’t write it down, I guarantee you will forget things in the coming weeks and months.

If you manage to get the above done, you will have successfully booked your wedding night accommodation with no problems. Hack complete.

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