How To: Entertain Guests While You Take Wedding Photographs bride groom wedding party and families
By Anna Clarke Photography

Keep your guests in the loop

The most important thing is to let your guests know you are planning to do the photography after the ceremony. Also let them know how long it will (roughly) take. Try to give exact directions to those VIP’s who will be in your wedding photographs. Enjoy the group shots first, so those guests can go drink, eat and chat to their hearts content, once they are done. This will give you and your loved one all the time in the world to get your photos done! bride and groom leaving ceremony after wedding
By Allister Freeman

Hiring an entertainer

If budget allows, consider hiring an entertainer. This can be a band, so that guests can listen to some music while they socialise, a caricaturist, a magician, a comedian, or any other professional entertainer. If you can’t stretch your budget, maybe one of your musical friends would be keen to get involved? If you can’t find someone for whatever reason, don’t worry, hit up Spotify and make an epic playlist instead. bridesmaids being entertained by magician
By Jamie Bott Wedding Photography

Outdoor games? Yes please

If you are having an outdoor wedding, or if your venue has some fantastic gardens and the weather is sunny and warm, why not have some outdoor games? Giant jenga, croquet, or badminton are amazing, low-sweat options that will keep your guests – kids especially – entertained.  guests playing giant jenga on the lawn
By Simon Biffen Photography

We love a photo booth

We can’t tell you enough how much we love a good ol’ photo booth, whether it’s hired or DIY.  Your guests can goof around, socialise and have fun, especially if you stock it well with props. If instant printing is available, then consider giving these out as favours to your guests!  How about this: Incorporate your guestbook into the photo booth! Equip your photo booth with a chalkboard and ask your guests to write down their wishes and take a photo holding up the board. That way, you are creating unique pictures, providing entertainment AND getting loads of marriage advice – done! bride and groom with props in photobooth
By Chris Giles Photography

Quiz time

As not all of your guests will know your love story, why not play an interactive slide show, telling the story from yours and your loved one’s varying perspectives. Integrating a quiz about the couple, with a gift for the winner is also a great touch. If you can tell some anecdotes about your guests in the slideshow, even better! bride being lifted up by the guests during reception
By Weddings Vintage

Lip syncing

Are your guests an outgoing bunch that love a moment in the spotlight? Give them a lip-syncing competition and film it! Again, endless entertainment and fun for all the observers. (Although we would suggest a few tipples first!)

As long as there are some drinks, nibbles, superb company and some chairs for people to rest on, everyone will have a great time. So enjoy your photos and look forward to going through all of the epic shots after you’re married and back from honeymoon – another party in itself!

Happy Planning!

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