How To: Choose Between A Band and a DJ bride and groom having their first dance with the band playing in the background
By Allister Freeman

Whether it’s the theme tune to your favourite movie or that advert that makes you cry, music makes the world go round and it’s an essential part of your wedding day. It creates the mood and gets everyone on the dance floor to party their socks off. You want your music to be a perfect reflection of you as a couple and a great medley of tunes for your guests to love and party to all night. While you might have a list of your favourite tunes coming out of your ears, you might be stuck on whether to have a wedding band or DJ? We compiled a list of pros and cons for each, so you can just sit back and enjoy the music while you choose. band playing with fairy lights in the background
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Why you should hire a wedding band:

  • Bands are epic. A group of people rocking out on their instruments can be fun and dramatic and really gets the party started.
  • Music played by a live band almost always sounds incredible.
  • Any love ballads that you choose are guaranteed to sound more heartfelt and emotional when performed by a live band.
  • A band can improvise and adjust the tempo of the songs, to jazz things up when needed!
  • Even guests that don’t enjoy dancing will have fun watching a live band perform.
  • Band members often have infectious personalities, making sure everyone gets on the dance floor! Bonus! wedding band playing at reception with the guitarist singing
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Limitations to wedding bands:

  • Whilst most bands are more than happy to learn a song for your first dance, the remainder of their repertoire might be quite specific. Just make sure the band you pick plays your kind of music! Going to hear them play (before you book) can help with this.
  • Band members will always need a break between sets, which can create a lull in the music. But you can always have a playlist ready to fill the gap.
  • A band can often cost a fair amount of money, as each member needs to be paid.
  • A band will require a fair amount of space and a large number of electricity outlets so just make sure you work this out before booking! the outline of a sax player performing
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Why you should hire a wedding DJ:

  • A DJ will have an endless variety of songs instantly available to them, meaning they can adjust to the mood or even do requests. You can also make sure they have your list of favourites before the big day!
  • A DJ can take breaks without having to stop the music.
  • The volume levels are easily adjustable.
  • DJ’s require smaller spaces to set up.
  • Reputable DJ companies will always have a stand-by DJ, ready to take over should anything go wrong. Phew.
  • A DJ is usually cheaper than a band (maybe not David Guetta…!) bride and groom dancing as guests look on
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Limitations to wedding DJs:

  • Pre-recorded music might not evoke the same energy as live music… Unless the songs played are ‘your’ songs.
  • Every DJ has their own personality and style, just like every couple does. So it’s best to meet them before to make sure it matches yours.
  • The best way to find out more about a DJ’s style is by collecting some reviews. Try and speak to people who booked your DJ for their wedding, to confirm he will rock it!

Weigh up the pros and cons of each and work out what is best for you. Either way, epic music is going to make your party rock so enjoy choosing! groom dipping bride during first dance
By Ross Harvey

Happy Planning!

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