Introduction: Your Wedding Entertainment flame thrower wedding enterainer
By Ross Harvey

So you’ve found your venue, made your guest list and organised a delicious wedding menu. Then all you need to really get the party started is the entertainment. So let’s work out what you’re after and give your guests a day to remember!

What Kind Of Wedding Entertainment Is Out There?

Well… Just about anything, if we’re honest with you! You could go for anything from photobooths and fireworks to cartoonists and ceilidhs. Or you could organise games for your guests, like coconut shys or croquet. And, of course, there’s music – which is so important we’ve dedicated an entire article to it here.

How Much Should You Spend On Your Wedding Entertainment?

Depending on their overall budget, we expect to see couples spend anything from £300 to £1,500 on their wedding entertainment, with the average couple spending about £500. Remember, this includes your music too and the costs involved here can range. If you decide to go the DIY route, for example, putting together your very own ultimate party playlist will cost you nothing at all – but you could also hire your favourite band and really splash some cash. guests enjoying fireworks display
By Lawson Photography

When Should You Bring Out Your Wedding Entertainment?

This depends on what forms of entertainment you’re providing. If it’s just music, the answer is obvious: whenever you want to hit the dancefloor. But you might also decide to spread entertainment throughout the day, especially if your wedding isn’t child-free. It’s always a good idea to consider providing some form of entertainment straight after the ceremony as this is when you’re likely to be busy taking wedding photos, leaving your guests to entertain themselves. It’s not a must though – you can always pop on a playlist and let your guests catch up while they enjoy a drink and a canapé or two. wedding guests posing for the photographer with props
By Miki Photography

When Should You Start Looking For Wedding Entertainment?

Give yourself at least six to nine months to find your wedding entertainment. That means you’ve got enough time to work out what you want, go and see some options and make a final decision. It also lessens the chance that you discover your dream dance troupe – only to find they’re fully booked. wedding band performing during reception
By Jamie Bott Wedding Photography

How Should You Choose Your Wedding Entertainment?

Start off by sitting down with your partner and talking about what the two of you want. Then consider your guests. If you’ll be inviting children to your wedding, what has the best chance of keeping them busy? Clowns and balloon artists are classic choices here. And what will your grown-up guests appreciate? Maybe you really want to wow your guests, and in that case, you might explore fire-eaters or fireworks displays. On the other hand, you might be from a family of foodies – in which case, look at options for DIY food stations.

Then spread the net wide! Ask friends, friends of friends, your venue, other engaged couples… Get as many ideas and recommendations as possible. Think about any weddings or other events you’ve attended recently – did any of them have any really spectacular entertainment options?

Now it’s time to get out there! If possible, try not to book your wedding entertainment without seeing them in person beforehand. We’re sure you won’t but you don’t want to book blind, only to discover on your wedding day that you’ve been duped. Plus, it makes for a great date night activity!

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