13 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Band and/or DJ

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Favourite bit of a wedding? The music and dancing has to be up there – think Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. Well-chosen music will set the ultimate mood for your wedding day, so selecting awesome entertainment is essential! With our carefully handpicked questions, we guarantee your band or DJ will give you the party of a lifetime and music that everyone can boogie to.

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1) How would you describe your style?

Make sure that your style goes well with theirs, you don’t want a hard-core rock band playing at a whimsical wedding!

2) How many weddings are you planning to do on my wedding day?

You may want a bad/DJ to focus on your wedding alone so they can give it all their attention on your big day!

3) Is there any way to see you perform live?

We wouldn’t advise you to gate-crash another wedding, but seeing a live recording and talking to other couples is a great place to start!

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4) Will you inspect the acoustics of our wedding venue beforehand?

The band/DJ will need to know the allowed sound levels too. It will be helpful for them to check out the venue in advance.

5) Will you take our song selections into account?

Whilst this is easy for a DJ, learning a new song is more complicated for a band, but they should accommodate your tastes. Similarly with a Do Not Play List!

6) How many of you are going to be there on the day?

Always clarify the number of band members and potential DJ assistants – you will probably provide them with food, so get the numbers right!

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7) Do you need us to hire any equipment?

You might be asked to hire a piano, speakers, stage, DJ table, or any special effects equipment like lighting or smoke machines.

8) How long is the set-up time and who will be in charge of setting up?

This is important if you need to provide the band/DJ with earlier access to the reception venue!

9) How would you handle song requests?

The options can be throughout the reception as the night unfolds or with an online form sent to the guests ahead of time.

10) What are your various fee/ hour packages? Do you charge extra for travel? What is your overtime fee?

You want to know exactly what you are paying for and whether you will have the music going all night, so that the dance floor is never empty!

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11) Do you have liability insurance?

It’s unlikely that a notable accident will happen on your big day, but you definitely want them to have it just in case!

12) What is your backup plan if one of the band is sick and do you carry back-up equipment?

You don’t want to worry about ANYTHING on your wedding day, so checking that there are back-ups and all eventualities are covered is a must!

13) Will there still be music playing during your breaks?

Most bands will take 15 minute breaks during their sets, whether to grab a glass of water or to re-tune their instruments, so you want to make sure that these gaps are also filled with music to keep the momentum going.

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These questions will guide you through the initial meeting and will make your decision making so much easier. 

Happy Planning!

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