How reviews help wedding food suppliers generate bookings

Food glorious food…what’s a wedding without a caterer or cake?

Food is usually at the centre of any social occasion and nowadays we all choose places to eat based on recommendations from friends and family or based on online reviews and star ratings.

We cannot emphasise enough how important reviews are in helping wedding caterers and wedding cake makers generate bookings.

Couples simply cannot choose between the thousands of foodies – good, bad and ugly – without a little guidance. And the best guidance comes in the form of real reviews and recommendations from the couples you’ve cooked, baked and served food for in recent weddings.

In the spirit of letting others do the hard work for us, here are two award winning Bridebook wedding suppliers to explain how important reviews are for wedding food suppliers.

Cakes by Nina – Bridebook’s Wedding Cake Maker of the Year

Nina, how does it feel to win this award!?

Thank you so very much – I’m truly over the moon! I’ve already seen some benefits of winning as I’ve had a few consultations with couples who were on the fence but when they saw that I’d won, they visited my website and Bridebook profile page, read my reviews and decided to go with me.

Amazing! So winning has proved how important reviews are for you.

Absolutely. Clients often comment that they have read my reviews before deciding to come and see me. Reviews are really important as it is a nerve wracking decision deciding who is going to do the best job making your wedding cake.

What are the top 3 benefits to having reviews in your personal experience?

  1. It gives you a stronger brand presence and supports potential clients in their decision making process.
  2. It helps put people’s mind at ease in this competitive market when you cannot be too sure of what you might be getting.
  3. It gives people the chance to read what real customers think of your service as well as see your product so helps you develop as a business and generate bookings

Circa Events – Bridebook’s Wedding Caterer of the Year

Olivia, congratulations on becoming Bridebook’s Wedding Caterer of the Year.

May we ask, what are the top 3 benefits to having reviews in your personal experience?

  1. Potential clients can see real-time, honest reviews from real couples!
  2. It drives traffic to our website
  3. It boosts our reputation with other suppliers and venues which in turn gives us more business opportunities

When you post reviews, do you do so on multiple platforms?

Dependent on the review and the wedding venue, we might post reviews on Facebook, our website and Bridebook. Where we post usually depends on where the client referral has come from in the first place.


That’s certainly given us food for thought (excuse the pun) with regards to just how impactful reviews and recommendations are for wedding food suppliers.

Do you have any comments to add about your experience of the power of reviews as a UK wedding food supplier?

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