Your bedtime routine could be wrecking your wedding business


We’re often discussing ways in which wedding suppliers can remain on top of their game throughout peak wedding season and we think we’re pretty good at providing tips on how to look after number one throughout the working day to ensure you’re performing at your very best.

But what happens after dark and the impact this has on our productivity and success as wedding professionals seems to have been somewhat neglected in the content stakes, so we’re here to change that. 


Waking up to the realisation that sleep matters

Did you know that your bedtime routine could be one of the most important factors in ensuring you’re operating at peak performance as we approach engagement season and prepare to start taking bookings for 2018 weddings?

Most of us won’t even have realised that our evening routines are affecting our daily productivity.

We’ll blame ‘typical’ daily stresses and mundane tasks for our inability to concentrate, and for making us feel lethargic and unmotivated instead of taking a closer look at the choices we made the night before.


Having to read just one more chapter of that captivating novel, watch one more episode of that trending box set or answering just a few extra emails as your evening slips away could be costing you more than you realise.

Did you know that more than one third of the UK population regularly gets less than six hours of sleep a night (source: The Independent) and studies suggest that getting less than seven hours could lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and mental distress.

Daytime fatigue and emotional stress are the most commonly reported symptoms of sleep deprivation and in turn, a bad night sleep is the most likely cause of the former.

Stress and lack of sleep go hand in hand, and unless you address the two, you’ll eventually exhaust yourself – not great for wedding pro’s coming into a busy season of bookings.


So here are 4 things that could be affecting your bedtime routine and ways to shake up bad habits to boost your productivity levels at work.


1. You’re not eating right

Whilst not sleeping enough causes us to make poor food choices, similarly a poor diet high in carbohydrates and saturated fats can lower our sleep quality.


Eating late at night can also affect sleep rhythm so try to get into a routine of eating dinner at least two hours before bedtime to give your body time to digest what you’ve eaten. This really will improve your chances of getting a good night sleep.

Tip: on Monday after a busy weekend of weddings, why not cook up a large batch of your favourite healthy dinner so you’ve got nutritious meals ready to eat at a sensible hour throughout the rest of the week? This will help you stick to a more regular dinner time and ensure you’re eating well rather than choosing convenience over health.


2. You’ve not scheduled in sleep

Working in an industry as hectic as the wedding industry demands organisation, and we’ll bet you can’t live without your diaries and work calendars.

How else would you remember everything?

It may sound a little over the top but setting a regular time in your calendar to go to bed and setting a regular wake up alarm will really help make sure that you stick to a routine and get a better night sleep.


Fixed hours won’t take long to adjust to and you’ll notice the benefits quickly as your body adjusts to a new and improved routine.

It’s also a good idea to schedule in a time to ‘unplug’ – ideally around 2 hours before you go to bed to allow you to unwind and give your mind a better chance of switching off.


3. Separate work and home

Whether you work from home a lot or just occasionally, it’s important not to turn your entire home into a workplace.

Set aside a designated work area and make sure that whenever you’re making calls, planning for the next day or brainstorming wedding ideas, these tasks happen in your work zone only – no matter how tempting it is to wander around with your phone in your hand.

When you leave the office for the day you should be able to enter a personal, work free zone.


4. Prep your morning tasks the night before

Taking just a few minutes in the evening before you go to bed to lay out tomorrow’s outfit, prep your lunch and pack your bag can help your morning run smoother which in turn, will help keep stress levels to a minimum.


This also gives you more me time in the morning to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Read the news over a cup of coffee, exercise or practice yoga and you’ll find your mind is clearer and better engaged by the time work starts.


Will you change your ways? At least sleep on it…

Your mood matters, productivity is key to the success of your wedding business and your health should always come first.

By changing just one small thing at a time you could find better balance and really reap the benefits of an improved bedtime routine.

Before you know it, these changes will become second nature and you’ll wonder why it’s taken so long to realise the benefits of a good night’s rest.

Get your head down and take a step up in the wedding industry.