How to make more time for yourself during peak wedding season

Ask yourself; what activities that I do today will make my future better?


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The sun is out, the sky is blue, there’s not a cloud to spoil the view but you’re waning…

What is now the most wonderful time for soon-to-be-newlywed couples is sure to be the most stressful time for wedding suppliers, and how you manage that stress and make time for yourself during peak wedding season is as important as you delivering your best wedding yet.

It’s not always easy to stop when you’re on a roll but we’ve compiled 3 easy ways to help you step back, take stock and stay on top of your game when the going gets tough…


1. Start your morning right

All the breakfast cereal ads say it – “start your day right” – because the way you start your day has a huge effect on your performance and mindset throughout the rest of the day.

Here are a few simple things you can do to start your mornings off on the right foot:

Set your alarm a little earlier


Yes, I know it sounds painful but some of the most successful entrepreneurs swear by this technique and use the early hours to get in some productive me-time before the rest of the world rises.

If you don’t believe us, read Entrepreneurs “The Power of Mornings: Why Successful Entrepreneurs Get up Early”. Just get to bed a little earlier to make up for any lost sleep.


Make mornings about you – not about work


Whether you choose to go for a run, practice yoga, meditate or simply read the newspaper with a cup of coffee, make the first hour of your day about you and your needs. You’ll feel a lot better responding to the needs of your brides and grooms if you’ve already had your own down-time.


Eat breakfast


Yes indeed, those wily fibre-loving, heart-health oriented cereal ads really do know their stuff. Eating breakfast really does kick start brain function and will set you up for a productive day. You’ll be less likely to feel lethargic around mid-morning and less likely to snack on the wrong things. So all in all, breakfast is a great way to ensure a healthy mind and body.


2. Plan out your week

During peak wedding season, to-do-lists are a must to avoid you missing any important tasks and becoming unnecessarily stressed.


Assign your top priorities for the week at the start of each week so you know what you absolutely must get done in the time you’ve got. Then build in time around these key tasks to sort through emails and manage other projects.


3. Take stock and ask yourself; am I happy?

If you feel constantly overwhelmed by your work then it’s time to step back and be honest with yourself about your priorities, your work style and your work-life balance.

Once you’ve gotten to grips with your ideal work scenario and established what is realistic for you in terms of hours and earnings, you can facilitate a happy medium.


Separating work and personal time is important. Signal the start and end of a working day by creating a routine of sorts. Whether that’s taking the dog for a walk with your partner at the end of the day or sitting around a breakfast table with the family before any emails are read in the morning, it’s important that you tell your brain when it’s time to work and when it’s time to switch off.


Looking after yourself really is the most important thing

Ask yourself; what activities that I do today will make my future better?

Ultimately, we’re all trying to live as happy a life as we can whilst earning a living, pursuing our passions and making sure we spend quality time with those closest to us.

If something isn’t right, fix it. And remember, YOU are the master of your own destiny. Nobody expects you to be superman or superwoman – you’re placing that pressure on yourself.

Make some simple changes today to ensure you really are looking after number one and you’ll see just how enjoyable the peak wedding season can be.



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