Why Wedding Professionals Market Their Business With Bridebook

Last updated: 19th Mar 2019

When it looks too good to be true, it sometimes isn’t.

It’s tough these days trying to decide where your business should feature online, isn’t it?

Resources are often scarce and busy wedding suppliers like yourself don’t always have the time or money to feature on all the platforms that promise to get you noticed.

We get it.

But what if we told you that we’ve got inside information that suggests that there is a ‘magic mix’ of core, online marketing platforms that every UK based wedding supplier must take advantage of to win bookings?

All you need to know to mix your own magic formula are these three little words…

Website, Social, Bridebook.

Let’s break it down…

  1. Continuously invest in your website. Update it, nurture it and promote it. It’s your online business card and portfolio.
  2. Advertise your service or product on social media. Share good feedback, take photos of the weddings you work on and test out paid advertising if you’ve got the budget and the time.
  3. Create a free account and profile on Bridebook Business. The UK’s number one wedding planning platform is currently helping over 100,000 UK couples plan their wedding. How can this huge audience search for you if you’re not listed on the directory? Did we mention it’s free?

The only one of these three magic ingredients that we’re guessing you don’t already know plenty about is Bridebook, so allow us to enlighten you.

Bridebook Business – the free profile that generates over 15,000 enquiries a month

70,000 UK wedding suppliers just like you are currently setting up free Bridebook Business profiles to tap into the whopping 1 in 3 UK couples who’re currently planning their wedding with Bridebook.

100,000 newly engaged people is a whole lot of love; are we right?

Did you know that on average, over 15,000 enquiries are sent to UK wedding venues every month? That’s 100% return on investment.

Of course, the more time you spend updating your profile the better, as Bridebook’s sophisticated algorithm reads the information you provide to put you in front of relevant couples.

So the more information you give the easier you’ll be found by the right kind of couples.

Bridebook was given 4.5 stars for excellence in supporting wedding planning couples and in generating business for suppliers. And you know first hand how trustworthy and important reviews and star rating are.

On that note, we’d like to leave you with a few of our reviews that might encourage you to make the best decision of your business life.

Happy reading.

Oh…and if you’re ready to jump on the Bridebook bandwagon just contact us here.

The Review Centre

Knockwood Bespoke Receptions

“Put simply, it’s such a wonderful advertising platform. For us at Knockwood Bespoke Receptions, we have only just started out and with money being fairly tight with starting a business, I can’t believe Bridebook is free. We’ve had many more enquiries via Bridebook than I believe we would have without it!”

Kelly J Photography

“Lots of my bookings have come through Bridebook in the last few months, whereas normally directories don’t tend to send much traffic my way.”

James Riley Videos

“Its got me a lot of business, it’s easy to use and not too saturated with people within my profession so you stand out more.”

Innes House

“I usually tell all my couples about Bridebook for planning, I use it too. It’s professional, clean, has really helpful articles, and one of my favourite places for advertising.”

Cripps Barn

“It’s an excellent platform for ideas and support through the wedding planning process, giving you insights to excellent venues and suppliers.”

Neal Laver photography

“In 12 years of business, Bridebook is the only online wedding directory/service that has delivered results for me.”

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