The Real Bride Column: Bridal Bootcamp with Bodyism

While we all appreciate our Mum, Sis and BFF’s well-meaning tips and suggestions through wedding planning, sometimes they just don’t cut it (we still love you though!). Sometimes what a bride-to-be really needs is another bride-to-be to hash things out with. Someone who really gets what you’re going through. So if you’re not lucky enough to be going through engagement bliss (and stress) with your best friend, we have our own bridal hero here to help. Introducing the lovely Rosie, a real-life bride to be, here to walk us through what it’s really like to experience a model-worthy workout and diet like Bodyism in her final 4 week count down to the altar. Follow this 4-part series to share your muscle aches and sugar craving battles with someone who gets it – and learn a couple of tips and tricks too! Rosire in Greece
Introducing our Real Bride columnist, Rosie, ready and raring to go!

“The wedding diet – three simple words that excite fear, dread, excitement and a uncharacteristic determination. I am getting married in just 4 weeks and I really did think by now that I would be at Personal Best, Optimum, Rosie Model 101 – the best possible version of myself. I have talked a LOT about the wedding diet, and thought even more about it, and yet there has always been a reason to put it off until next week. On top of that there is of course the cake tastings, seemingly endless champagne (still working through the engagement stash), the DELICIOUS bread basket (carbs are a girl’s best friend, am I right?), all of which have until now seemed FAR more exciting!

So here I am determined to lose 8lbs in 4 short weeks. Luckily for me I have the amazing team at Bodyism, a London based studio that promote ‘Clean and Lean’ living to try and beat the clock and whip me into shape in time for the big day.  The Bodyism lifestyle, favoured by celebrities such as Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Elle McPherson and Lara Stone (…er yes please!) focuses on cutting out bad carbs and processed foods (bye sugar and flour) and eating as organically as much as possible.

My first day with Bodyism was visiting their (very swanky and gorgeously pristine) Westbourne Park studio. I felt “cleaner and leaner” just stepping into the place! Goes to show, just getting yourself to the gym can be a huge motivator.  Once there, a member of Bodyism’s team of top performance coaches and fat loss specialists then had a go at prodding, poking, weighing and measuring me using their ‘Body Oracle’ system. This system is a great way to kick-start the Bodyism program. It gave me a ‘body blueprint’ identifying key focus area for me specifically so that every effort going forward would benefit me and my problem areas. This will cover both eating and exercise regimes twice a week.

Now I really have NO excuse!

Wish me luck….” fitness inspiration pre-wedding
Bodyism Founder, James Duigan, working out with his wife Christiane. We all wish we looked that good in the gym….


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