5 Steps To Your Dream Bridal Body

Do you want to kick start your exercise routine ahead of your big day? Want to break free from the sweaty, smelly gym environment? Well, we have just the thing! Introducing…BARREtoned which will (literally) “shake” you in to that dress you’ve been dreaming of.  We had the chance to speak with the owner of BARREtoned to find out her top 5 tips to achieving that dream bridal body:

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Get the Guns Out

Reverse push-ups and bicep curls are a great way to sculpt those arms in preparation for the big day! Don’t fret, you won’t “bulk up”…just create long, lean, beautiful muscles. 

Work for a Peachy Booty

“Folder-over” at the barre,  is one of the best exercises to get that heart pumping and calories burning as well as creating a lifted booty and stronger thighs!

Hour Glass Silhouette

Trim your waist with our infamous “pretzel” (not the one you eat).  You’ll definitely feel this one the next day! 

Long Lean Thighs 

Forget standing around and discussing your latest tutu…  we’ve got shaking to do! Burn through a ton of calories with about 5-7 minutes of shaking per class. 

Flat abs for the Honeymoon After?

Not a problem! At the end of each class we have a 15 minute concentrated core workout. After as little as 8 sessions you’ll really start noticing a difference in your body. You’ll feel re-energised, stronger and leaner. 

Bridebook.co.uk barretoned

More about BARREtoned:

BARREtoned is one of London’s finest ballet barre studios, located in Notting Hill. BARREtoned offers  a full body workout using small controlled movements to work each muscle group to exhaustion. They cater for total beginners as well as seasoned gym-goers. It’s super fun (we promise), time passes quickly AND it actually works. 

BARREtoned are kindly offering all Bridebook brides:


  • 50% off the first month of BARREtoned’s  “Bridal Special” making it only £85 and £170 thereafter (6 month contract).

  • FREE BARREtoned tank top,  grippy socks and  a BARREtoned tote bag. 

  • A complimentary  private “Hen Do” class for up to 11 of your friends.

Don’t live in London?  BARREtoned provide online classes too so you can take their class from wherever you like. Contact the studio to claim your discount code. 

Contact their studio: 

|| [email protected] || 0207 229 8668 ||

Happy Shaking!