8 Essential Appointments To Schedule Before Your Big Day


Bridebook.co.uk 8 appointments to book before your wedding day



There’s a fine line between looking pasty against your white dress and sporting the fake-baked look on your wedding day. Always try out a tanning salon well in advance of your wedding and know what shade of tan you like. That way, you won’t be looking overly bronze unexpectedly on the eve of your big day!



See a dermatologist several months before your wedding to find a recommended skincare routine suited to you. If acne is a problem, see your doctor to get your skin on track well in advance and get you glowing again. For a pre-wedding treat, you could also have a soothing facial on the week leading up to your special day to make you look and feel vibrant!



Get a manicure 1-2 days before your wedding so your nails look perfect in your ring shots! Don’t leave it too late though, otherwise there’ll be no time to rectify mistakes if there’s a problem. Remember that all important pedicure too!


Cut & Colour

Start early with hair appointments as you will want to maintain strength throughout your length! Get your tresses trimmed regularly to stop split-ends and weakened locks, and make sure you share your vision of hair colour with your colourist.


Hair Stylist

The important question – up or down? Again, make an appointment with your stylist well in advance so you can try out a few different options and choose your favourite. Make sure you bring along any accessories that you’re planning to wear in your hair, like a tiara or veil, so your stylist can incorporate it into your finished look.



Booking an appointment with your dentist is an essential one. Getting your teeth deep-cleaned will ensure you have a sparkling smile to show-off on your big day. Also consider teeth-whitening, and also Invisalign (an invisible alternative to braces) if you want to correct any wonky teeth.



Be open to ideas and try out lots of different looks in your make-up trials, as you may really like a style that you hadn’t previously thought would suit you! Really listen to your make-up artist as they will know what colours go with your skin to compliment your complete look. It will take time to get this right, so don’t leave it until the last few weeks!


Laser Hair Removal

If you think you’ve had enough of shaving, laser hair removal will do the trick for long-lasting smooth skin. However, you will have to prepare for it in advance as it can take up to 6 treatments to take full effect. In the end though, you’ll feel great knowing you won’t have to worry about stray hairs on your honeymoon!


Happy Pampering!