How To: Get Enough Sleep Before Your Wedding

Last updated: 30th May 2022

So your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life meaning you’re unlikely to get a ton of sleep on the night before the big day. Bridebook is here to help with our top 5 tips to help get those zzzzzs. bride trying to sleep

Avoid the Booze

Although having a glass (or two) of wine before bed sounds like a great idea at the time, it can actually effect your quality of sleep. Opt for mug of de-caffeinated herbal tea instead.

Lace Up Your Trainers

Exercise is the best way to ‘de-stress’ and take your mind off things. Try going for a run or a light stroll an hour or so before bedtime.

No More Phones

Take advantage of your ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting on your phone so you’re not distracted or woken up in the middle of the night.


Drinking plenty of water is really important to aid a good night’s sleep. It also helps keep your skin plump and well hydrated.

Don’t Dwell On It

Accept and embrace the fact you may not get the best night’s sleep before your wedding, but don’t be hard on yourself about it! Try creating a ‘sleep’ playlist on Spotify to help calm all your emotions you may be feeling.


Happy Planning!  

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Last updated: 30th May 2022