How To Keep Calm On Your W-Day

At Bridebook, we get that your W-Day can be a bit full on – with all the excitement, the adrenaline, the nerves and all the people around you. But it’s the biggest party of your life so enjoy it! Things might take longer than you planned, delays might occur but take deep breaths and don’t stress out. Here are our top tips to make sure you don’t lose your cool on your big day:

1) Hire professionals

This is especially true for wedding hair and make-up. You don’t want to do your own make-up with shaking fingers. We suggest you choose a spacious room, with plenty of natural light and not too many people in it, to sit back, relax and feel pampered. Grooms, this means you too! Avoid trying to shave with nervous hands and giving yourself a cut, splurge on a wet shave instead. It shouldn’t just be the girls pampering themselves.

2) Prepare in advance

Pack everything you will need on the morning of your wedding, in advance. Follow our list, that way you are guaranteed not to forget anything. We also suggest you take all the packaging off any recent purchases, because shopping bags can clutter the space and create a sense of chaos, especially as things you need tend to disappear inside them. Get everything ready, make it look pretty and enjoy the calm! bride putting on shoes in bridal suite
By Guy Hearn

3) Don’t forget to eat

Yes, you probably won’t feel hungry, but trust us, eating something is a must. You don’t want to faint down the aisle or be drunk for your reception! Secret tip: we recommend you have some eggs. They won’t make you bloat and you will feel full for hours.

4) Get dressed

Leave time to get into your wedding dress. It will take your mum and bridesmaids longer to lace and button than it took the professional at the final fitting. Aim to get dressed half an hour before you are due to leave. Then you can enjoy spending time with your family and get used to twirling around in the dress. wedding breakfast laid out
By Richard Skins Photography

5) Prepare your wedding car

Just in case the driver doesn’t know where to go, give him the exact wedding location. If you happen to break down – don’t panic – make sure someone with you has a taxi number to hand. Drama diverted!

6) Picture perfect

Make sure you get all the photos you want on your wedding day! Prepare an order sheet of the shots you need and make sure that everyone knows where they are supposed to be for the pictures. Then you can follow your list without having to think about anything and just have fun! mother and bride hugging
By John Lennie

7) Don’t do any last minute DIY

If any has to be done on the day itself, enlist helpers. Your brain will be in party mode!

8) Relax and enjoy!

Try to relax. Everything is sorted and ready to go, so just enjoy it! Everyone is there to help you. You’re going to look amazing and you’re marrying the love of your life – dreamy! bride and groom taking selfie at the back of wedding car
By Lawson Photography

9) Leave your phone

People probably won’t be calling you on your wedding day, but if they do, pass your phone to the MOH or the BM and they can answer any questions.

10) Drinks

If you decide to have a little drink before the ceremony, don’t over-do it. Grooms, try a half-pint, instead of a full one – you don’t want to be saying your vows and secretly dying for the bathroom! bride and groom hugging with the sun shining
By Miki Photography

Happy Planning!