7 Tips To Weather-Proof Your Wedding

As your W-Day draws closer and closer, you might start checking the weather forecast. But WHO CARES… your wedding day is the best day of your life whatever the weather. So let’s just make sure you’re excited and prepared for any wind, rain, snow – because all of them can make your wedding  day even better than you could possibly imagine. So enjoy!

Bridebook.co.uk- bride wearing a pair of white weddingtons
By Ross Harvey

1) Consider your venue

The simplest rule is to always make sure you have a marquee or venue big enough to fit everyone inside. So long as guests are warm and dry, they will have an awesome time so simply plan for that. For marquees, make sure it has sides that can be pulled down if it is a little windy, so you can really get that party started.  Sorted!

Bridebook.co.uk- umbrella favours for guests
By Cinzia Bruschini

2) Brollies and Wellies

“Every cloud has a silver lining.” If rain is expected, embrace it! Why not get guests to bring a pair of wellies? Or if you have a little budget to spare, give them multi-coloured wellies as favours (you can find cheap ones online) – you could even ask their shoe size on the invite. Or have your names and the wedding date drawn on brightly coloured brollies for people to take away with them, et voila! Imagine your whole guest list in wellies and brollies – the pictures will look amazing! Oh and ladies, keep yourselves (and your stunning shoes) from sinking into the wet ground with heelstoppers!


Bridebook.co.uk- bride and groom kissing under multicoloured umbrella
By Chris Giles Photography

3) Dark skies are superb for photographers

Photographers LOVE a stormy sky. It makes for amazing lighting, so enjoy creative and unique wedding photos! A little wind will make the billowing veil look incredible, snow will make everything much more intimate and cosy, while raindrops look amazing in photos. Go outside, dance around, laugh and stay happy, you’ve just married your best friend!


Bridebook.co.uk- bride and groom in outdoor ceremony under umbrellas
By Allister Freeman

4) Cross fingers for snow

If you are lucky enough to have a winter wedding AND it happens to snow then definitely embrace it! Think of all the possibilities: you could wear a stunning fur coat, you can cosy up to your beloved in the middle of a snowy field… And think about the photos; your wedding will look like a fairy tale!

Bridebook.co.uk- bride and groom kissing in front of skiis
By David Pullum Photography

5) Hot or Cold?

Your wedding day is set to be scorcher – picture the sun shining and drinks flowing. Just make sure there’s lots of water kicking about and maybe turn your wedding programme into a fan – just so you’re looking out for those guys in morning suits and elderly relatives. Everyone will be happy so you can get back to your party in the beautiful sunshine.

If the temperature is looking a little cold for your big day, you can easily rent an extra heater even a week to go before the wedding so there’s nothing to worry about. Everyone is going to be so hot from dancing they won’t notice anyway. It just means people will party harder!


Bridebook.co.uk- bridesmaids in faux fur covers
By Richard Skins Photography

6) Ask the ushers for help

That’s what they are there for! Get the ushers to shelter you with an umbrella as you go into and leave the ceremony. And if you arrange for them to have towels, they can even give the aisle a quick wipe down ready for your entrance = flawless dress. Bonus.


Bridebook.co.uk- groom and ushers standing on a hill against the sky
By Ross Harvey

7) Now go and have fun!

Final tip: don’t worry about the beautiful white dress and the smart suit – they can always be cleaned. This is the biggest party of your life so go and have fun; your guests are definitely going to – rain, snow, wind or shine!


Bridebook.co.uk- bride and groom standing under white umbrella
By Anna Clarke Photography

Happy Planning!