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Saving Tips: Wedding Make-Up

Written by Hamish Shephard

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On your wedding day you are going to want to look HOT. TO. TROT – obviously! – so something it’s important to factor into the wedding budget is make-up. Whilst looking great is hugely important, so (sadly) is staying within the limits of your budget.

Have no fear, you don’t need buckets of money for this – here are our top tips on how to look dreamy without spending the big bucks:

1) You can always save on hiring a professional make-up artist by hiring an assistant. The assistant has normally shadowed the artist for a significantly long amount of time and has incredible expertise, but will cost you less – oh yes.

2) If you feel confident enough, why not do your own make-up? You know exactly what colours and styles suit your face so crack on. If it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, it’s good enough for us. Maybe treat yourself to a make-up lesson before hand, to try and make sure your skills are ready to go (but don’t use this as a time to learn a completely new style. If you want a new look you’ve never done before on your wedding day, it kind of defeats the point of doing it yourself!) And then practice, practice and practice before the big day itself, just so you perfect that flicked eyeliner.

3) Another great way to save some pennies is to travel to your make-up artist, instead of them coming to you. You will still get all the professional help you could possibly need, but save on transport. It is always worth asking your artist to give you a touch-up kit, so that you can top up your make-up for photos and throughout the reception.

4) If you had a make-up lesson and are thinking about investing in some make-up, try not spending large amounts of money on make-up that you are not likely to use again. Instead, make sure you go to a brand you are already comfortable with, so that you’ll get your money’s worth.

5) Unfortunately, some salons charge loads more for a bride than for a bridesmaid just due the W-word. Most aren’t like this at all, but if you’re getting bad vibes…Shhhhhh.

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Happy Planning!