Your 'On The Day' Tick List

Here at Bridebook we believe your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. For all your lovely brides to be out there we have come up with a ‘On The Day’ tick list. Follow our top 5 steps: tick list bride


Fuel Your Day

Start the day off right with a filling and energising breakfast, such as a bowl of porridge or a bagel and Greek yogurt. If the weather is nice, take yourself off for a 15-minute stroll. This will really help calm your nerves and give you a little ‘me time’ before the celebrations commence. Freshen up with a nice cool shower. Gently exfoliate and moisturise your body. porridge with nuts and berries



You may be tempted to start on the champagne early. Only allow yourself one glass. You want your skin to look fresh, not blotchy. Read more about making your skin look flawless in our article written by Bobbi Brown. Lay out your wedding dress and get everything ready including your survival kit so you are prepared for any emergency situations.  You’ll most likely be wearing heels all day so remember to pack a pair of flats, and savour the moments your feet can relax. bride drinking champagne with bridesmaids


Stay Calm

Take a minute to yourself to breathe and calm down. Do some simple relaxation exercises to help manage wedding day stress. No one should be phoning you on your wedding day, but if it does ring make sure to forward  your calls on to your maid of honour or a bridesmaid. bride relaxing


Thank Your Parents

Your parents probably had a lot to do with making this day special; by helping fund your day and all the time and advice they put in to help make your vision happen. bride with parents


Go Get Married!

And breathe! You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl, so go and enjoy it!