The Real Bride Column: Bridal Bootcamp with Bodyism

Welcome back! For Part II of our Real Bride Bootcamp with Bodyism, our Rosie will be dishing the deets on what it’s really like to undergo a complete menu revamp in the weeks running up to your wedding. Our favourite part? You won’t find any completely ridiculous or unrealistic crash diets here. Both Rosie and Bodyism prefer the “lifestyle change” route, with a particular focus on de-stressing. A perfect formula for a bride-to-be who wants to relax amid flurries of wedding planning while also making sure that they look glorious long after the big day! healthy food spread
Our favourite part of the Bodyism studio? This glorious and deliciously healthy spread of course!

“Bodyism wouldn’t be the full, pampering, celeb-worthy experience without a head to toe nutritional guide included in your body blitz. Though I walked into my nutrition session fully bracing myself for a meal plan of carrot sticks and cottage cheese, I was very pleasantly surprised! My prescribed diet, although not hugely exciting, is very do-able and I will certainly not be hungry. Fish, vegetables, eggs, lean meats- turkey or chicken, avocado, nuts, blueberries, humour. And repeat. In different variations each week.

Beyond just the menu, my nutrition session also gave me a lot of insight into how you can read your body to know exactly how to change your diet for a healthier you. My goal was to loose 7lb, tighten my flabby tummy, firm up my arms (chicken wing syndrome) and reduce inflammation in my face (which has tendency to be chipmunky). It was explained to me that you can read a lot about the body from where your body deposits fats. A fat tummy indicated emotional stress (and I thought it was the Kitkats!) whilst fat on the arm can indicate toxicity from metals, plastics or poor food choices. I am also told that my double chin and often puffy face can be directly down directly to insulin spikes in the body as a result of eating too much sugar (this IS from the Kitkats). It’s actually fascinating.

So combining my bridal body goals with a thorough reading of my fat deposits (such a flattering term), I was set on a strict clean and lean diet plan.

And so to the kitchen!” mountain top yoga meditation
Straight from Bodyism’s nutrition experts: channel your inner zen to cut out that tummy flab.

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