Meet That Girl, London's Favourite Fitness Programme!

Here at Bridebook we are super lucky to have teamed up with the amazing ‘That Girl‘ to provide you with exclusive exercises to help achieve that dream wedding body. Before we get started let’s meet Christina Howells, one of the UK’s leading female trainers and co-founder of That Girl with Charli Cohen, London’s favourite fitness program.

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Tell us about That Girl and how is it different from other fitness programs?

That Girl is different, and we are proud of our brand and what we offer.  That Girl is of course great workouts all designed by me but we are more than just great workouts! That Girl is a holistic lifestyle approach addressing physical, mental and spiritual health. Sometime good training and nutrition isn’t enough to help someone make the changes they want but most plans don’t look at what else might be happening such as hormonal imbalances, excessive stress and low body confidence.  That Girl is a community and we work alongside some of the best globally renowned experts in the wellbeing industry including London’s leading Life Coach, Jacqueline Hurst and nutritionist Robert Hobson. This enables us to meet more of our customers needs than ever.

When you join That Girl community or train with us in person we want it be one of the best deacons of your life and the best part is you will have finished your workout in the time it takes you to get to the gym and back. 

You’re “the fashion industry’s favourite trainer” – what do you think it is about your training style that appeals to so many?

There are a number of things that I think appeal to my clients, certainly my intense passion to help both women and men achieve their results, my knowledge and experience and my ability to emphasise with each individuals world and work with their unique person they are. I remind my clients they are more than their measurements and together we focus on their health and well-being as well as body aesthetic. I help them to see “they can” by regressing an exercise to progress them to where they want to be.  

One rule though, when you work with me exercise is a non-notable part of their day, it does not have to be the gym but it has to be movement and hopefully my enthusiasm becomes so infectious this becomes more of an enjoyable habit to my clients. that girl article


Do brides-to-be have to secure a personal trainer to get their dream body or can they have just as much success following online plans like yours?

There are so many free workouts on the web you certainly need to find a good structure if you want to get results. On line training is now far more advanced and some of the most sought after trainers in the industry offer online programmes, which allows you to train with the best at a fraction of the cost. Of course having a one to one trainer is still the ultimate but with plans like that girl that have supported systems such as our Facebook page and options to email for help you can get closer than ever to a one to one session.  If you have the budget then yes a trainer is a fantastic experience and of course will always be more individualised.   


What’s your favourite thing about your job, and in particular working with brides-to-be?

The best part about my job is I don’t feel like I go to work, as I love what I do and its part of my life. Brides usually have clear goals, which are a great start, but as a trainer it’s very important to help the bride to be to also focus on her health, stress reduction, eating nutritious food rather than extreme dieting and exercise. It’s about making long-term changes that last way beyond your wedding – they are for life.

What parts of the body do you get the most requests for help with by brides-to-be?

That depends a lot on the dress, at first the bride will come with her areas she is most concerned about which gives me a starting point and of course are important as this is hopefully the start of the new them. Once the dress is chosen I do adjust the training to ensure she looks the best she can on her big day.

If there was just one piece of advice you could give to brides-to-be looking to get fit and healthy for their wedding, what would it be?

Don’t focus on others and what they are doing or not doing but rather focus on you and what you need and want to achieve for you.


What is your favourite go to move you can do anywhere, anytime?

Lunges as you can do so many variations that you really do get to work the entire leg musculature and butt.

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