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If you’re thinking about your honeymoon, your wedding must be getting close… How exciting! So, cast your mind forwards. You’ve just tied the knot with your best friend and celebrated by hosting the party of your lives. Where do you want to be?

Now, you might still read online that it’s the groom’s job to plan the honeymoon – but not every couple has a groom and some have two. So scratch that! Put your heads together and dream big. Here’s how to get started. open air safari honeymoon room
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1. What’s Out There?

Do your research. What’s out there – and, more importantly, what do you want? Do you see yourselves on safari or are you more of a city break couple? Maybe you can’t imagine anything worse than lying on a beach and top of your list is skiing and snow. Whatever you decide, we’d always advise making sure the first few days are as relaxing as possible if you plan on taking your honeymoon straight after your wedding. Trust us, you’ll need the downtime! giraffes walking around a honeymoon hotel
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2. How Long Do You Want To Be Away For?

One of the first things you need to decide is how much time you both take off for your honeymoon. You might keep it short and sweet with just a week or kick off a year-long round-the-world trip. As soon as you’ve decided, book the time off work and make any other arrangements (who’s going to walk the dog, water the plants, feed the fish…). And be realistic about the time you have – don’t try to pack a month’s worth of travel into two weeks. You’ll just end up rushing from one place to the next and come back more frazzled than you started! bride and groom having romantic dinner on beach
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3. See If You Can Get A Sneaky Deal

Always let airlines and hotels know that you’re newlyweds – it might get you a free upgrade or some special treatment! We do always advise that you make sure you have some form of documentation to prove you’re married though as not everywhere will take you at face value. Try to pay for everything with a credit card that lets you save up air miles too – first class, here you come!

4. Sort The Paperwork

We know – not exactly the most exciting part of planning your honeymoon. But make sure all your documents are up to date – especially if you’re planning on changing your name. You don’t want your big break ruined by an expired passport… the louvre
By National Geographic

5. Sneak In Some Surprises

This is the holiday of a lifetime – so go the extra mile. Have a think about what you can do to make this holiday extra special and do a little work on the DL to plan a few sneaky surprises for your partner. underwater restaurant
By The Telegraph

6. Consider A Mini-Moon

Instead of jetting off straight away, why not start off with a few days away somewhere a little closer to home? Then you can focus on planning your wedding without the stress of thinking about a big trip at the same time – and you’ve got time to save up again too!

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