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You’re married. Wahoo! Now it’s time to relax, just the two of you, as newlyweds – how incredibly exciting. The past few days, weeks, months have been pretty intense and now is your well-earned time to chill. It is also guaranteed to be the most special and romantic holiday you will ever have – picture loved up selfies and pina coladas at 10am – but a successful honeymoon will require some careful planning, so here is our guide: giraffes walking around a honeymoon hotel
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1. Research

Do your research. While the groom traditionally planned the honeymoon, the modern couple tends to plan their ‘moon together. Do your research and find the perfect place that both of you will enjoy. Tip: Even though you both put considerable input into the planning, it is always nice to have a few surprises stashed away, without your beloved knowing! Surprise each other and make the time away really special. honeymoon igloo in the mountains
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2. Prioritise

Decide on your priorities early on. Determine whether you as a couple want an active or a relaxing holiday, whether you want to be somewhere really hot or you prefer skiing and snow. Tip: Try and arrange for the first few days to be as relaxing as possible. Trust us, you will need the down time after the hype of the wedding! open air safari honeymoon room
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3. Time

Agree on how much time you can allocate to your honeymoon; whether it is just a week or the start of a year-long around the world trip (jealous). Once you decide, make sure to book the time off work and find someone to walk the dog/water the plants/feed the guinea pigs! Plan your ‘moon based on the time you have – you don’t want to be rushing from one place to the next. bride and groom having romantic dinner on beach
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4. Tell the world

Always let airlines and hotels know that you are newlyweds! They may upgrade you or give you special treatment (yay!). Tip: We strongly advise you carry a document that certifies your marriage, as not all hotels and airlines will believe that you are newlyweds – we know, the cheek of them! Alternatively, just arrive at the airport in your wedding dress and they should take the hint. the louvre
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5. Names

If you are changing your name, make sure all documents are correct and in the same name. This means tickets, passports, visas, bookings… anything that has your names on it! Read our article on the nitty gritty of changing your name. underwater restaurant
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6. Mini-moons

Consider having a mini-moon. You will be exhausted after your wedding, so skip the long flight and escape for a couple of days, somewhere close to home. Plan something else further down the line, once you’ve recovered from the biggest day of your life. Bonus points: you will have the honeymoon to look forward to and you can save some pennies! bride and groom kissing by the pool
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7. Final Tip

As you pay the bookings, deposits and all other necessities in the run-up to your wedding, use a credit card that will let you save up air miles. First Class, here you come! 

Happy Planning!

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