How to Write Your Wedding Speech: Top Tips from You Said It Speech Writing

Looking for expert guidance and top tips on how to write perfect wedding speeches? Look no further than You Said It Speech Writing, brought to you by former Emmerdale and West End actress, Naomi Marghaleet. Based on 30 years’ experience, Naomi’s Wedding Boot Camps (for Grooms, Best Men, Brides and Best Women) are designed to take your wedding speech writing to another level. Check out her story, expert advice, and amazing speech writing packages below.

What is You Said It Speech Writing?

You Said It Speech Writing offers professional help for the one occasion in life when speaking well matters. After a confidential consultation we write your speech and offer to teach you how to deliver brilliantly, ensuring you are remembered for the right reasons! Don’t leave your speech until the last minute or try to “wing it.” Preparation is essential. Seize the opportunity to impress your new in-laws, surprise your partner and bring the house down.

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For over 20 years we have helped Grooms, Brides, Best Men, Best Women, Fathers & Mothers successfully deliver fabulous speeches. Our experience and integrity will boost your confidence. When people say, “You Said It!” you will glow with pride from a job well done.

What’s the story behind You Said It Speech Writing?

Years ago, I felt honoured when a friend asked me to read a poem at her wedding. Then, three weeks before The Big Day, she rang to say her fiancé didn’t like any of the priests her parents introduced them to and felt it was hypocritical to have a religious service because they were not religious. “I know I asked you to read a poem,” she said, “but as an actress you’re good with words and we’d like you to do the whole wedding. Will you create a ceremony for us?” I was flabbergasted! Later that evening another friend dropped by, with a book called Sacred Ceremonies and I opened it randomly at “Weddings.” Serendipity! Long story short, I created a ceremony and officiated at my friends’ wedding in France. It was a beautiful day. Everyone loved the ceremony and commented on the unique, special poems I included. Ever since, I’ve written ceremonies and speeches for weddings and all kinds of events.

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I set up You Said It Speech Writing to bring academic, research, writing and performance skills under one umbrella. We provide speeches and a range of content, but also help clients improve how they communicate, in person and online. By teaching the techniques professional actors use, based on 20 years in the theatre and television industries, we transform how clients feel about speaking in public and on camera. Formal training boosts confidence and fine tunes presentation style. Our wedding clients often return for help with work projects that lead to promotion. Upgrading your communication skills is a key to success.

What speech writing packages are available?

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Bronze “Boot Camp” Package

If you’ve been chosen as Best Man, Best Woman, Head Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour it is well worth booking a place at Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a fun, practical way to unlock your creativity & upgrade your communication skills in a supportive environment.

We do a brief physical and vocal warm up before introducing our unique collection of wedding poems and prose. Next, we discuss how to approach speech writing in terms of targeting your audience and why this matters, whether the wedding is traditional, themed or “alternative.” You will learn how to overcome nerves, boost confidence and explore vocal techniques, gestures and effective body language. We explain how to connect with an audience and how to successfully prepare for delivering your speech. Best of all, everything you learn at Boot Camp gives you a kitbag of skills that will last a lifetime.

Attend solo or book a unique Stag / Hen “do.” Boot Camp is suitable for 5-10 people. Spaces fill up fast. Book now!

Silver Package

Our Silver package is designed for two wedding guests. The most popular combinations are Best Man + Groom, or Bride + Maid of Honour, but Fathers and Mothers of the Bride or Groom are welcome. Two speeches are included in the package, of 5-10 minutes length, plus two public speaking sessions per person. People who have never received any formal public speaking training benefit hugely from learning 1-1 but we can provide shared sessions if requested.

Gold Package

If you decide to go for gold let us know asap! Three members of a wedding party receive three speeches of 5-10 minutes each, plus three public speaking sessions per person. As with the Silver package, some clients prefer to learn 1-1, but we are happy to offer group sessions so you can all learn together if you choose.

For a top-notch speech visit You Said It Speech Writing.

We are always delighted to hear from people keen to upgrade their communication skills in time for The Big Day.

What are your top tips for writing a wedding speech?

You Said It Speech Writing believes in the power of positivity, hence the following tips include 7 describing best practice and 3 warning what to avoid…

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  1. As Best Man, Best Woman, Bride, Groom or Proud Parent you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate love and friendship. Approach it with gusto!
  2. Find a poem or piece of prose to include. Excellent words add a sense of formality and help with structure. Remember schooldays English. Ensure your speech has a clear beginning, middle and end. Tell a good story.
  3. Research some writing that normally may not interest you. People tend to use the same pieces at weddings e.g. “On Marriage” from The Prophet and, although we love Gibran, there are many other sources to draw from. Think about the couple and find a piece of writing that connects with their hobbies, interests and/or favourite place. This makes your speech more personal and shows you care.
  4. Take some time to think about the wedding guests. Nowadays many people have stepfamilies they might want to acknowledge, in addition to blood relatives. It is crucial you find out before the wedding who to include and/or exclude in your speech. Asking a few questions can help avoid disaster on The Big Day.
  5. If the wedding is a second or third marriage be aware of how children or young people might feel when hearing their mum or dad say, “I do” to someone who is not their mum or dad. Sensitivity is key.
  6. Prepare well in advance. No performer goes on stage without rehearsing.
  7. In terms of content, don’t go on and on. Five minutes is adequate for a speech, unless there is a particularly good reason for elaborating. Keep it punchy and succinct. Long sentences may look good on paper, but when spoken out loud can sound as if you are trying too hard to impress.
  8. Before your speech do not drink alcohol and do not assume you can “wing it.” People make terrible mistakes when drunk. A wedding is a one take opportunity where your words will affect families for decades to come. Be remembered for the right reasons! Stay sober until after your speech.
  9. Bear in mind, people in the UK spend up to £50,000 on a wedding. Your job is to honour the occasion, not use this expensive event as a rehearsal for your stand-up act, or to blather on about yourself. It’s good to include a joke or three, but your sense of humour could be wildly different to the Bride’s parents or grandparents. Proceed with caution!
  10. Get professional help. At You Said It Speech Writing we love providing people with brilliant speeches because we know, in 10 years’ time, no one will remember the colour of your hair, tie or shoes but everyone will remember what you said. By getting professional help you can contribute to making The Big Day a huge success. Better still, you will learn lifelong skills and when people say, “You Said It!” you will glow with pride from a job well done.

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