16 Best DIY Wedding Ideas

Beautifully decorated wedding venue with white flowers

Many of you might be thinking of hiring a wedding planner to plan your wedding and get your wedding venue decorated. But Wait! There’s another fantastic way in which you can get a stylish wedding touch on your own.

Yes, you’ve read it correctly, you can do it on your own, and that’s why we’re here with the best DIY wedding decoration ideas that will truly amaze your guests. 

So, if you both fall under the umbrella of budget-friendly or décor-savvy couples who want to tackle the decoration process independently, then prepare to be the best temporary wedding planner your wedding ceremony will ever see!

From Bride & Groom Bucket List to Photo Family Tree, the 16 best DIY Wedding Ideas mentioned below will genuinely embrace your wedding ceremony’s beauty.

1. Use Bridebook’s Free Wedding Planning App

Bridebook free wedding planning app

Become your own wedding planner with the Bridebook app. Search for wedding venues, and all the wedding suppliers you need like caterers, photographers, florists and so much more! 

Stay organised with your Wedding Checklist, manage all your guests with the Wedding Guest list tool, and manage your costs with the personalised Budget Planner. You can also invite as many collaborators as you’d like to join you on your wedding planning journey.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and download the free Bridebook Wedding Planning App now!

2.  Bride & Groom Bucket List

Similar to the guestbook, another popular and unique idea is the Bride & Groom Bucket List. It is super fun and also relatively easy to create. In this list, you can add all the things that you and your partner can do together to strengthen your love and bond. 

This will be a fun and creative idea for you and your partner and will surely give you some fantastic ideas for activities to do during your wedding.

3.  Ribbon Tied Chairs

Pink and blue ribbons tied to wedding chairs at beautiful beach wedding

Another unique way to add style to your wedding is by making the chairs look more impressive – tie beautiful ribbons around the back of the chairs. 

Chair décor is one of the most overlooked details at the wedding, and the right embellishments or the wedding chair décor ideas will genuinely create a dramatic look for your special day.

4.  Blackboard Wedding Program

While planning a wedding, it is vital to have a program so that the guests can have an idea of what will be happening in the entire wedding ceremony. For this, you can be creative enough by using a blackboard or a chalkboard to chalk out the complete wedding program.

5.  Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns hung at ceiling at stunning wedding venue

Paper lanterns are beautiful enough that they will truly embrace your wedding décor. 

The paper made lanterns will spark the inspiration to create your own one of a kind environment for your wedding day without breaking the bank. Paper lanterns are easy to make, which will combine lighting with table décor.

6. Self Portrait Guest Book

Ditch the photo guest book and just ask your artistic guests and relatives to draw self-portraits. You can allow space to your guests to fill it in with their amazing artwork and signatures, and the coloured Sharpies add to the fun.

7.  Hanging Flowers

Lovely pink, white and yellow hanging flowers hung from ceiling of wedding venue above the wedding chairs

The hanging flowers or the flower chandeliers work amazingly to add beauty to your wedding. Wedding trends may come and go, but the trend of hanging flowers will remain the same. 

Hanging flowers of different colors or the flower chandeliers will surely give your wedding a garden-fresh feel that your guests will truly love.

8.   Pineapple Vase Centrepieces

With so many ideas of centrepieces, you can ditch all of them and give a try to the most trendy Pineapple Vase Centrepiece. 

Hallowed pineapples will make a perfect and eye-catching Whimsical Pineapple vase that will truly capture your guests’ interest. The Pineapple Vase Centrepieces will look the best with the tropical flower blends.

9.  Custom Balloons

Blue and white custom balloons near the ceiling of wedding venue

The colorful custom balloons will liven up your wedding event and will surely give a fantastic look to your wedding. 

The various sizes, shapes, and colors of custom balloons are available easily online. You can get customized according to your need with cute pictures or cheeky slogans.

10.   Bow Tie Napkins

Bow Tie Napkins are truly loved by all, and they give a cute and unique touch to the wedding décor ideas. 

Instead of placing the napkins generally on the table, you can create a bow-tie shape of the napkins that will embrace the beauty of the table and will indeed prove to be a great tablescape at your wedding.

11.  Flower Walls

White flower wall with married couple standing in front of flower wall

Floral Floral on the wall, they are the prettiest of them all! Flowers are a crucial part of the wedding, and right from the dainty wedding elements to the boisterous decorations, the presence of flowers embraces the entire wedding look.

A plethora of colorful flowers bunched together into a wall will look surreal and will take your wedding pictures to the next level.

12.  Giant Paper Flowers

The giant paper flowers look amazing when they are part of a backdrop installation. Make a lot of giant paper flowers of different colors, and then combine all of them to be a part of the backdrop installation. This will give an eye-popping look to your wedding decoration.

13.   Woodland Floral Centrepieces

Woodland floral centrepiece at wedding table

As said earlier that flowers are an essential part without which the wedding décor is incomplete. So here we are with another flower décor idea that involves Woodland Inspired Floral Centrepieces. 

If you plan a rustic themed wedding, you can ditch the flower vases and display flowers in old tree logs that will give a unique touch of earthy vibes to your wedding.

14.   Blanket Wedding Aisle

Your grand entrance right down the aisle is one of the most unique and special moments during your wedding. 

There are amazing aisle runners out there, but you can be creative enough by using colourful blankets as an innovative alternative to aisle runners. It will surely fit perfectly in any of the wedding themes.

15.   Customised Lawn Games

To add some kind of fun and spark to your wedding, you can arrange some customised lawn games for your guests to keep your guests engaged. With the best wedding lawn games, you can keep guests of all ages entertained at an outdoor wedding. 

So, if you have a large lawn to work with, then it may be fun to set up multiple games so that everyone who wants to play can get a chance.

16.   Photo Family Tree

Last but not least, a photo family tree is a great way to enhance the look of your wedding décor. 

For this, you just need pictures of your family and your couple’s photos, some decoration elements like ribbons, lights, and maybe even a tree. And then you can decorate the tree and hang the pictures on it with ribbon. This will look pretty amazing.

So, how did you find these fantastic DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas? Aren’t they amazing? These DIY wedding ideas are budget-friendly, and they will let you create a whole new stylish look at your wedding without costing you much.

So what are you waiting for? Just grab the required items that you will need and start preparing for creating an excellent DIY wedding decoration.

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