Venue Showcase: Tudor Barn Eltham

Tudor Barn Eltham is Set in acres of beautiful Instagrammable parkland and gardens, and dating back to 1525, the Tudor Barn is the perfect place for special celebrations. We’re ready to host your wedding.

We talked to Jade Hayward at Tudor Barn Eltham the to find out more about this hidden gem of a venue.

Tell us about yourself!

I have been in the wedding industry since I was 17 years old! Approaching 8 years now. I have a beautiful little girl who gave birth to during the pandemic and in my free time I love to design posters, birthday cards, photobooks as well as photography.

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What drew you to the wedding world?

Simply by chance! I worked in central london for 2 years and could no longer deal with the constant bad energy and the need to get everywhere 100 miles an hour! A friend of mine actually asked me to do some photography for her sons holy communion at Tudor Barn Eltham and I fell in love with the building. Such a beautiful little gem right around the corner from where I live.

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What do you think makes Tudor Barn Eltham unique?

I find some venues are like a conveyer belt whereby they just want 7 weddings a week sometimes more than 1 a day and that is just simply not what we are about. Tudor Barn Eltham is a family run business and each and every wedding is unique and becomes a part of history as Tudor Barn Eltham is the last remaining Tudor Barn in London dating back to 1525. We want to be a part of our couple’s planning process, we want to help them decide which table plans will work best, which colour schemes work beautifully with the barn and all the little bits in between. We have found this approach not only puts our couples minds at ease but makes what can be a very difficult planning process so much easier and dare I say it… lot’s of fun!! We want them to not only remember the big day but remember just how exciting it was to plan with our team.

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How do you get to know your couples before the big day?

Our events team offer 4 meetings with our clients, on the viewing we are able to understand who they are and what they want which really helps us begin our planning process, after they are invited to a tasting which again helps us understand what type of food and drinks they like and offer our advice to what we think could work for their big day. We then offer a planning meeting where the clients have access to their function sheet and it’s almost a step by step checklist of what they need to do, this allows us to understand exactly what they want from their big day in terms of decor, entertainment, timings etc and again we can focus in on these areas. Finally, at the final meeting we can look at all the tiny little details which we know our client’s would love to have as we have built a relationship with them for on average 9 – 18 months! On the day of the wedding we will know everything we need to know about our couples to ensure their day is perfect.

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What do you think makes for the perfect wedding?

I think everyone’s idea of perfect is unique and that’s what makes a wedding perfect, your own very unique, different ideas coming together to create a day that truly represents you and your partner.

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What is your #1 wedding planning tip for couples?

Be prepared for anything to happen! Sometimes the best things can come from it

What do you love about Bridebook?

How we can show off our venue as the unique wedding venue as it is with ease!

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What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve had at The Petersham Hotel?

We held a wedding a few years ago and the groom was a firefighter who actually attended the grenfell tower tragedy – he was a real life hero! Seeing him and his colleagues in their dress uniform’s it was truly something special.

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Why should a couple book Tudor Barn Eltham?

To become a part of history in a beautiful unique 16th century barn

What’s the best photo spot at Tudor Barn Eltham?

Within the stunning gardens by the Moat Bridge

What part of your business are you most proud of?

The staff

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How do you feel technology is changing the industry?

I feel that everything is becoming more digital! We totally expected this change and we are moving with it and taking it all in our stride! We will continue to have a personal 1 to 1 approach for some parts of the planning as we believe this is really important.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to couples that are currently struggling amidst the COVID-19 crisis?

Love conquers all! You will have your perfect day and your family will be so excited to be able to celebrate an amazing milestone in your life with you.

A huge thank you to Jade for answering our questions. Check out Tudor Barn Eltham on Bridebook!

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