COVID-19: Content advice for wedding professionals during the pandemic Part 2 - Where should you be sharing your content?

With couples now at home and spending more time browsing online, it’s the perfect time to maximise the impact of your content and keep engagement levels with your venue high.

With the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation not only providing enhanced opportunities to connect with your audience, but also demanding a more considered and sensitive approach, the Bridebook team have put together a 3-part series of articles with our top tips on content creation during this time. While part 1 covered what type of content you should be creating, here in part 2 we look at where you should share it. Be sure to read part 3 for how to build and implement your overall strategy. 

Where should I be sharing my content during the pandemic?


The value of blogging for business growth is well-documented. That value could be even greater now with couples spending more time online, while your industry experience puts you in a great position to create the most relevant, wanted and engaging content. Share your expertise through blog posts to improve SEO and drive organic traffic to your site, while also establishing yourself as an industry leader.

Collaborations/guest posts

A great way to increase your exposure is to work with other brands or businesses and share one another’s content. Reach out to brands that you align with, contact wedding blogs you follow, email your suppliers and find out if there are any opportunities for you to work on content together or share something you have expertise on. This is an easy way to be seen by a whole new audience.

Bridebook are currently collaborating with venues to ensure that the most helpful tips and advice are accessible to all during this difficult time. If you do have any particular experience or expertise that you’d like to share then let us know by contacting [email protected] – we’d love to work together to make a difference!


With the most relevant and engaged audience for wedding businesses, keeping your Bridebook profile up to date will ensure you maximise interest from your ideal couples. It’s a good idea to regularly maintain all of your online marketing platforms and be sure that they reflect your brand as business as you want them to. Update your profile here.

Social media

Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in activity since isolation rules were brought in, so make sure you’re seen on these platforms. A great opportunity to get creative and engage informally with your couples, read our article on your social media strategy and social media content for our top tips.


Everyone’s inboxes are overflowing with covid content at the moment, so don’t add to the noise by sending generic news updates. Your email list is your most direct and targeted audience, so nurture these valuable contacts by keeping them in the loop with the most important and relevant information. Valuable email content will ensure you avoid the trash!

Your website

While blog posts, emails and social media are all important ways of increasing your exposure, if you are ultimately driving traffic to your website then your website has to sell your venue! Make sure it reflects you entirely as a brand and gives couples a real feel for what their wedding with you could be like. Show off your reviews, link to your collaborations, highlight your virtual showround – make your website content as engaging and unforgettable as possible. And if you think it needs a complete overhaul, now is the time to do it!

We hope these tips, along with part 1 & part 3, provide guidance for how to approach your content strategy over the coming weeks. For more business advice we’ve collated all of our COVID-19 resources for wedding professionals to help you easily find the support you need. If you have any questions at all or need any help then please do reach out to anyone in the Bridebook team. You can also join the UK Wedding Venue Slack group to chat with others who are in the same boat, and if you have any thoughts or tips yourself then please do share – we are in this together!