COVID-19: Content advice for wedding professionals during the pandemic Part 1 - What type of content should you be creating?

With couples now at home and spending more time browsing online, it’s the perfect time to maximise the impact of your content and keep engagement levels with your venue high.

With the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation not only providing enhanced opportunities to connect with your audience, but also demanding a more considered and sensitive approach, the Bridebook team have put together a 3-part series of articles with our top tips on content creation during this time. Here in part 1 we cover what type of content you should be creating, while part 2 gives advice on where you should share it, and part 3 how to build and implement your overall strategy.

What content should I be sharing during the pandemic?

Important messages, news & updates 

Show care for your couples by keeping them in the loop with your most important news and updates, such as changes to any of your policies that may impact them. While times are still uncertain, be as transparent as possible on your plan of action over this period including any extensions to your closed dates and how you’re handling postponements. Bridebook is supporting this by enabling you to add a Covid Status to your venue profile and quickly communicate your most important updates with couples.

For new couples, important updates might include any special offers that you’ve introduced, such as mid-week discounts, or your plan to conduct video showrounds and online consultations. Do you have any refurbishment plans? This is a great example of positive news that could become an intriguing and engaging series for potential clients to follow.

Help and advice 

What everyone wants right now is advice on how to handle the challenges that covid has thrown at us. If you have any tips on how to navigate a specific problem then share it – this type of content will no doubt be well received by suppliers and couples alike. As well as joining discussions in the UK Wedding Venue Slack group, why not also use your blog and social media channels to share your valuable thoughts?

We’ve written a series of articles specifically for couples which you can find in the ‘Couple Management’ section of our covid information and resources for wedding professionals – please do feel free to share any that you think could be helpful. Supporting your couples in these difficult times will build valuable relationships.


Make sure you don’t neglect new prospects by continuing to create inspirational content. As well as sharing your best photos, this is a great chance to have fun and get creative with video content – have a read of our reasons to ‘go live’ in our social media article for some ideas.

We also highly recommend recording a virtual showround to help couples envisage their wedding with you – Bridebook CEO Hamish Shephard gives his advice on creating your virtual venue tour in part 3 of his covid advice video series here.

Reviews and recommendations 

There is no better way for couples to get a real insight into how their wedding could be at your venue than through reading your reviews, so be sure to share this content. We’ve written a whole article about the importance of sharing your reviews during this time, including a video from Bridebook CEO Hamish Shephard. Sharing feedback from your real weddings is a highly effective way to sell your venue without a showround.

We hope these tips, along with part 2 & part 3, provide guidance for how to approach your content strategy over the coming weeks. For more business advice we’ve collated all of our COVID-19 resources for wedding professionals to help you easily find the support you need. If you have any questions at all or need any help then please do reach out to anyone in the Bridebook team. You can also join the UK Wedding Venue Slack group to chat with others who are in the same boat, and if you have any thoughts or tips yourself then please do share – we are in this together!