Ultimate Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

Gold rings for Wedding Anniversary gift

Wedding Anniversaries are the most awaited time of the year. No matter how many years it’s been since your wedding, the excitement of giving the surprise gifts is always on the peak.

Here is an ultimate year-by-year guide for traditional wedding anniversary gift ideas, and the meaning behind them.

1st Wedding Anniversary – Paper

As per the tradition, a paper anniversary gift will be the best fit for your 1st wedding anniversary. 

Like paper, the early years of marriage are brittle yet withstanding. So, you have to handle your married life gently to make it long-lasting.

Therefore, without any doubt, just get ready to choose from a list of paper related gifts to make your partner feel special. You can gift your partner something like a print of the lyrics of your favorite song or a book expressing your feelings or even your couple bucket list (#couplegoals).

 2nd Wedding Anniversary – Cotton

As it is your second anniversary, the traditional gift for this special day is cotton. The fibres of the cotton fabrics represent how your lives have come together. The interwoven strands of cotton indicate a couple growing closer as their lives have become intertwined.

There are various cotton gift items that you can gift to your partner that will keep the spark alive with these romantic, soft and creative cotton gift ideas: Personalized Cotton Pillow, Cotton Candles, or Canvas Vows Print.

3rd Wedding Anniversary – Leather

Leather wallets 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift

Leather is the traditional gift idea for your 3rd Anniversary because leather is flexible and durable. In the third year of marriage, the couples are in the learning phase where they both become flexible for each other’s positive and negative habits. 

Hopefully, you can choose the best leather gift from the following: Leather Earrings, Leather Wallet, Leather Jacket, Leather Photo Frame, or any other Leather gifts you can think of.

4th Wedding Anniversary – Flowers/Fruits

Pink flower roses 4th Wedding Anniversary gift

A marriage is said to be fully bloomed after you and your partner have completed four years of togetherness. This is why flowers and fruits are recommended as traditional wedding anniversary gifts for your 4th marriage anniversary. 

A beautiful bouquet is always a good option, but various other creative gift ideas will fit the theme amazingly. Some of the fruit and flower related marriage anniversary gifts include a Flower Water Gift Set, Floral Heart Necklace, or even a Sangria inspired Fruit Kit.

 5th Wedding Anniversary – Wood

Wood is a symbol of the strength and long-lasting nature of marriage. Therefore, wood is the traditional gift idea for your 5th Wedding Anniversary. The half-decade Anniversary is a unique milestone to reach, and hence you should choose the best wooden gift to make it unique.

These wooden gifts will surely be the best gift for celebrating your five years of togetherness: Wood Tree Swing, Wooden Frame Gallery, or Wooden Cuff Bracelets.

 6th Wedding Anniversary – Sugar / Iron

Sweets dessert gift box for 6th Wedding Anniversary gift

As per tradition, Sugar is the symbol of the 6th Wedding Anniversary as it symbolises the sweet story of your courtship and marriage with your beloved partner. The 6th Anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate your sweet union and happiness, and how sugary your relationship is even after six years.

 Sugar gifts come in various common and creative forms like Custom Cookies, Sweet Tooth Gift Buckets, and Chocolate Boxes.

7th Wedding Anniversary – Wool/Copper

Wool as a 7th-anniversary gift symbolises warmth, comfort, and it is an excellent reminder that your partner is there to care for you.

If wool does not appeal, then copper is also a traditional symbol for the 7th Wedding Anniversary. Copper symbolises Venus, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.

 The beautiful and creative gifts for the copper/wool theme include a Wool Blanket, Wool Scarf, or even a Copper Wood Burning Fire Kit.

 8th Wedding Anniversary – Bronze

Bronze necklace jewel 8th Wedding Anniversary gift

Bronze symbolises the durable nature as it is formed by combining copper and tin, which are more robust when paired together. Given its durable nature, Bronze gift ideas are the best fit for your 8th Anniversary.

Some of the best bronze gifts that will make your bronze anniversary a special one include: Branch Statement Necklaces, Bronze Rivet Cuffs, or Bronze Pottery Wine Glasses.

9th Wedding Anniversary – Pottery

Pottery is one of the best wedding anniversary gifts for your 9th Anniversary. Pottery is such a great reminder that beautiful things can come from simple beginnings, and therefore it symbolises your nine years of togetherness. Show your partner how cheerful you are to celebrate nine years of love with a perfect pottery gift.

From a mug for morning coffee to workshops for a creative soul, here are some wedding anniversary gift ideas: Set of Pottery Bowls, Personalized Pottery Vase, Maple Syrup, and a Pottery Pitcher.

10th Wedding Anniversary – Tin / Aluminum

 The 10th marriage Anniversary is symbolized by tin and aluminum, which represents the staying power of the relationship. These metals also symbolize longevity and flexibility as you have completed a decade of being together with your partner.

Here are some of the gift options that will be best suited for the tin and aluminum theme 10th wedding anniversary: Tin Cufflinks, Jewellery Tin, or Aluminum Kitchen Gadgets.

 20th Wedding Anniversary – China

China dinner set for 20th Wedding Anniversary gift

China symbolises 20 years of togetherness because China can be both strong and delicate and similarly, married life of couples needs loving attention and is also strong enough to rely upon every passing day.

From small gifts made of beautiful painted China, here are some lovely 20th marriage anniversary gift ideas: China Dinner Set, Key Chain, Self heating Bone China Mug, or China Teapots.

 30th Wedding Anniversary – Pearl

Pearl necklace 30th Wedding Anniversary gift

After three decades of togetherness, you and your partner will not appear the same as you were when you first met, but it is what’s inside that counts. Similarly, pearls are a symbol of hidden beauty cultivated over time, which is why Pearl is the traditional symbol of the 30th Anniversary.

All you can gift to your partner on your 30th Wedding Anniversary include Pearl Bracelet, Pearl Art, or Pearl Ornaments.

 40th Wedding Anniversary – Ruby

Ruby jewel necklace 40th Wedding Anniversary gift

Red Ruby is the 40th-anniversary gemstone because ruby is thought to possess an eternal inner flame, which symbolizes the passion and spark in your marriage are still strong and alive after 40 years of togetherness.

The precious gift ideas for reaching the milestone of the 40th marriage anniversary include Ruby and Diamond Ring, Ruby Chocolates, or Ruby Red Wine.

 50th Wedding Anniversary – Gold

Gold chain necklace 50th Wedding Anniversary gift

Gold is the material associated with the 50th wedding anniversary because gold is the most timeless and treasured metal. It also represents wisdom, strength, and prosperity.

Some of the beautiful gifts for celebrating the completion of half a century of being married are Gold Jewellery, Bangle Cuff of Gold Plating, or a luxurious Gold Ring.

60th Wedding Anniversary – Diamond

Diamond necklace 60th Wedding Anniversary gift

Diamond has represented the 60th wedding anniversary for over 100 years. Diamond represents the persisting and enduring strength of a marriage that has connected two people for this long; this is why the 60th Anniversary is also known as the Diamond Anniversary.

Some of the fantastic diamond gift ideas to make your special 60th Wedding Anniversary day worth remembering are Diamond Ring, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Tie Pin or Diamond Cuff links.

That’s it. These are all some of the great traditional ideas for wedding anniversary gifts that you can give to your partner to make the special day even more special by surprising your partner with unique theme gifts.

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