The Ultimate Year-By-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

When you get married, you make a commitment to your partner to stay by their side through thick and thin. Of course, every marriage has its ups and downs, but the important thing is you ride it out thanks to the deep love you feel for that special someone in your life.

Whether it’s been one year since the two of you got married, a decade, or even 50 years, every wedding anniversary is special. And to mark such a wonderful occasion, you no doubt love to show your other half just how much that loyalty and adoration means to you.

Every couple is different. You may use your anniversary to offer a huge gesture of love like a meal at a fancy restaurant or a trip somewhere nice. You may give them a stunning bouquet of flowers and a card or have a romantic night in away from the rest of the world. Or, you might choose to give them a gift specifically linked to the number of years the two of you have been together.

But what should you give? If you’re stuck for ideas, every anniversary has a traditional gift you can give your partner, as well as an anniversary gemstone and traditional flower. These traditions go back more than a hundred years, and today, there are modern gifts too, which gives you plenty of choices. For example, for a first anniversary, the traditional gift is paper – so if you’re not sure a paper gift will quite cut it or you’re struggling for ideas, the modern equivalent is a clock. If all else fails, the anniversary gemstone (or in this case, precious metal) is gold and the traditional flower is the carnation. So if you like to give a gift with meaning that symbolises something important, you have plenty of options.

In this article, we’re going to explore everything to do with wedding anniversary gifts and traditions in the UK, including the traditional gifts given by couples to each other for a century, and the modern options for couples who want to give their symbolic gift-giving a 21st-century boost. We’ll also let you know the gemstones and flowers, and dive into the symbolic meaning everything has so you can put love and consideration into your gifts every year.

And if you’re in a rush, check out our handy infographics below: we’ve got one for the traditional and modern anniversary gifts, as well as the anniversary gemstones and flowers. Be sure to save them for future reference!

Should you mark every anniversary?

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Your marriage was a monumental event in your life. It no doubt changed the way you live, think and behave. Your goals might have evolved, your priorities shifted, and your mindset altered. You may still be an I, but the day you got married you also became a we.

Because marriage is such a big commitment, it should be celebrated as often as it can be. So, whether you’ve been married one year, two years or five decades, why not use it as an excuse (though it’s not like you need one) to celebrate the love you and your partner share?

Of course, you and your other half might like to keep things on the low down. You might not like the fuss associated with an anniversary or you might not have the money to spare. And that’s okay too. So long as you and your partner are open and honest with each other from the start, there’s nothing wrong with choosing not to celebrate your anniversary. You do you.

What are wedding anniversary gifts?

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Wedding anniversary gifts are like the gifts given to mark other significant moments of someone’s life, such as a birthday, Christmas, marriage or any other special occasion. In fact, you don’t even need it to be a special time to give someone a gift – but sometimes it’s nice to treat someone, especially if you’re marking something special.

This counts double for an anniversary, because you’re not the only one celebrating something – both you and your partner have reached an incredible milestone in your marriage, whether it’s one or one hundred years (well, there are no records of anyone reaching one hundred years of marriage, but hopefully you understand the sentiment).

Couples love to give each other gifts on their anniversary because it marks such an important time they share. It’s a symbolic gesture that shows your continued love and commitment to your partner and how much you appreciate them. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive and you shouldn’t feel pressured to give them a gift if your budget doesn’t allow it – it all depends on your personal preferences and circumstances.

Besides, it’s always lovely to receive a present from someone you love, isn’t it?

Do you have to give a gift on your anniversary?

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No, you don’t have to give your partner a gift on your anniversary. While many couples do choose to mark every anniversary with a card, gift or something else, it’s not for everyone. You might not be comfortable with giving or receiving gifts, or you may not have the budget to spare. And that’s okay. Just make sure you speak openly and honestly with your partner and don’t put yourself into financial difficulties.

There are plenty of other ways you can treat your partner on your anniversary that don’t involve giving a gift. Instead, why not put your phones away and spend a night cosying up to watch a film? Or take a romantic walk and enjoy a picnic at a lakeside? There are lots the two of you can do if you’re not in a position to give each other gifts.

Like with any part of a marriage, it’s all about communication. So be open and honest with your partner about what you’d like to do with your upcoming wedding anniversary.

What are traditional and modern anniversary gifts?

The Complete Year-by-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide
Wedding anniversary gift guide: a quick reference infographic

It’s thought that couples have been giving each other gifts to mark their wedding anniversaries for hundreds of years. Folklorist Hanns Bächtold-Stäubli wrote that couples in Germanic countries gave each other anniversary jewellery as far back as the 16th century.

During the Victorian era, the act of giving anniversary gifts grew in popularity, but at the time there were no ‘rules’ as such. It was only after the publication of Emily Post’s 1922 book, Etiquette: in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home, that the idea of traditional wedding anniversary gifts for specific milestones came to be. The list contains traditional gifts you can give to your partner for your 1st to your 15th anniversary, then every five years after that.

Less than 20 years after Emily Post’s book, the American National Retail Jeweler Association published a modern version in 1937. Since then, couples have used both lists as a source of inspiration for what to gift each other – and until a second even more modern version is created, couples will have to bend the rules if they want to give each other an iPad or PlayStation.

Should you give your partner a traditional or modern anniversary gift?

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Whether you should give your partner a modern or traditional anniversary gift is entirely up to you – there’s no right or wrong answer. Speak to your partner about what you might like to do and if you want to have a theme for your anniversary gifts.

Different gifts have different symbolic meanings and might have a unique meaning or nostalgic element for the two of you. Some gifts might also have actual uses and a lot more flexibility about them. As you might expect, modern anniversary gifts are a little easier to work with, but even some of those are a little outdated by 21st-century standards.

If you stick to traditional anniversary gifts, for your first anniversary you’ll want to give your partner something associated with paper. Now, this could be a packet of tissues, or it could be a certificate showing how they’ve purchased an acre of land on the moon – you can be as creative with it as you like. But, for something a little easier to work out, you could get them the modern equivalent, which is a clock. This could be a lovely gold watch, a FitBit or Apple Watch, or a new bedside alarm clock. It could be whatever you think of that your partner would love.

Or, you could scrap the idea that year altogether and get them a bunch of flowers or an overnight stay in a romantic B&B somewhere. There are no official rules, just inspiration and ideas you can follow.

And you could mix it up. One year you could go traditional, one year you could go modern. It’s about whatever fits your budget, your preferences and how it aligns with your creativity and what you and your partner have discussed. And if your partner does want an acre of land on the moon, then go for it!

Do different countries around the world have different anniversary traditions?

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Yes, depending on where you live, there may be different traditions and gifts associated with each wedding anniversary. There is a lot of crossover, but just because something is a tradition in one country doesn’t mean it applies to every country.

For example, in Korea it’s common for couples to celebrate their 100-day wedding anniversary as these are thought to be among the toughest they’ll experience as they settle into married life. To mark the occasion couples like to give each other a ring which might be engraved with a short phrase that means something special to them.

In this article, we’re going to focus on the traditional and modern anniversary milestones, traditions and gifts that couples in the UK might like to stick to. However, because there is so much crossover, many of these traditions are shared across the world. Couples in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and beyond mark the 25th (silver) and 50th (gold) anniversaries with gifts, parties and other celebrations.

What are wedding anniversary gemstones?

The Complete Year-by-Year Wedding Anniversary Gemstone Guide
Wedding anniversary gemstone guide: a quick reference infographic

Okay, so we’ve already covered that there are traditional and modern anniversary gifts you could give to your partner to mark specific milestones in your marriage. But, to make things super simple and give you even more options and ideas for what you could give them, there are also specific gemstones associated with every anniversary. So, if all else fails, a piece of jewellery that contains a gemstone is guaranteed to bring a smile to your other half’s face thanks to the symbolic meaning behind it.

Check out the below guide to see what wedding anniversary gemstones there are:

  • 1st anniversary gemstone – Gold
  • 2nd anniversary gemstone – Garnet
  • 3rd anniversary gemstone – Pearl
  • 4th anniversary gemstone – Topaz
  • 5th anniversary gemstone – Sapphire
  • 6th anniversary gemstone – Amethyst
  • 7th anniversary gemstone – Onyx
  • 8th anniversary gemstone – Tourmaline
  • 9th anniversary gemstone – Lapis Lazuli
  • 10th anniversary gemstone – Diamond
  • 11th anniversary gemstone – Turquoise
  • 12th anniversary gemstone – Jade
  • 13th anniversary gemstone – Citrine
  • 14th anniversary gemstone – Opal
  • 15th anniversary gemstone – Ruby
  • 16th anniversary gemstone – Peridot
  • 17th anniversary gemstone – Carnelian
  • 18th anniversary gemstone – Cat’s eye
  • 19th anniversary gemstone – Aquamarine
  • 20th anniversary gemstone – Emerald
  • 21st anniversary gemstone – Iolite
  • 22nd anniversary gemstone – Spinel
  • 23rd anniversary gemstone – Topaz
  • 24th anniversary gemstone – Tanzanite
  • 25th anniversary gemstone – Silver
  • 30th anniversary gemstone – Pearl
  • 35th anniversary gemstone – Emerald
  • 40th anniversary gemstone – Ruby
  • 45th anniversary gemstone – Sapphire
  • 50th anniversary gemstone – Gold
  • 55th anniversary gemstone – Emerald
  • 60th anniversary gemstone – Diamond
  • 65th anniversary gemstone – Sapphire

As you can see, there are a few repeated gemstones in the list. Gold, ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl and diamond all make two or three appearances. For example, gold is both the 1st and 50th anniversary, but each has a different meaning. For the 1st anniversary, the gold can symbolise prosperity and optimism for what the future could bring. For the 50th anniversary, the gold can represent perseverance and a symbolic bookend to the 1st anniversary half a century later.

What are wedding anniversary flowers?

The Complete Year-by-Year Wedding Anniversary Flower Guide
Wedding anniversary flower guide: a quick reference infographic

Flowers are an international symbol of love, and many lovebirds love to give flowers to the person they love (that’s a lot of love). As well as traditional and modern gifts and anniversary gemstones, there are also wedding anniversary flowers. If you give your partner flowers to mark the occasion, choosing the appropriate flowers adds that extra bit of care and thoughtfulness.

Surprisingly, roses – the flower almost everyone associates with romance and love – only appear on the list once. Even though a lot of anniversaries have a traditional flower associated with them, it’s not something you need to stick to. After all, nothing makes a statement quite like a bunch of roses!

Here are the flowers traditionally given on each wedding anniversary:

  • 1st anniversary flower – Carnation
  • 2nd anniversary flower – Lily of the valley
  • 3rd anniversary flower – Sunflower
  • 4th anniversary flower – Hydrangea
  • 5th anniversary flower – Daisy
  • 6th anniversary flower – Calla lily
  • 7th anniversary flower – Freesia
  • 8th anniversary flower – Lilac
  • 9th anniversary flower – Bird of paradise
  • 10th anniversary flower – Daffodil
  • 11th anniversary flower – Tulip
  • 12th anniversary flower – Peony
  • 13th anniversary flower – Chrysanthemum
  • 14th anniversary flower – Orchid
  • 15th anniversary flower – Rose
  • 16th anniversary flower – Statice
  • 17th anniversary flower – Red carnation
  • 18th anniversary flower – Sunflower
  • 19th anniversary flower – Chrysanthemum
  • 20th anniversary flower – Aster
  • 21st anniversary flower – Iris
  • 22nd anniversary flower – There isn’t one
  • 23rd anniversary flower – Nil
  • 24th anniversary flower – Lavender 
  • 25th anniversary flower – Iris
  • 30th anniversary flower – Lily
  • 35th anniversary flower – Coral rose
  • 40th anniversary flower – Nasturtium
  • 45th anniversary flower – There isn’t one
  • 50th anniversary flower – Violet

What are the major or most important wedding anniversary years?

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You could argue that every wedding anniversary is important – it marks another year spent with the love of your life, after all. But, there are a few wedding anniversaries that are perhaps that little bit more special. Your 1st anniversary marks one whole year since the two of you had the most incredible day of your lives. Your 10th anniversary marks a whole decade! You might also like to mark the anniversaries every five years after that with a bit more oomph, like the 15th and 20th anniversaries. 

After that, the 25th and 50th anniversaries are both huge occasions that should definitely be shouted about from the rooftops. They’re both such incredible achievements that you should have a huge celebration with friends and family, but also just the two of you because, at the end of the day, marriage is about you.

You might also want to mark every 5th anniversary that passes as something extra special. In the UK, the longest-known marriage is between Ron and Joyce Bond, who celebrated their 83rd wedding anniversary in January 2024! For their 80th anniversary, if Ron and Joyce followed traditions they’d have given each other oak gifts. How lovely!

What are the traditional and modern anniversary gifts for every year?

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If you’d like to mark your next wedding anniversary with a symbolic and thoughtful gift, there are traditional and modern gifts you could give your partner. Which you choose is up to you – you might even decide not to go with either. 

The creator of the traditional gifts, Emily Post, only wrote about the gifts couples should give each other for their 1st to 15th anniversaries, then every fifth anniversary after that. But thankfully, as with most traditions, they’ve evolved over time – so we’ve filled in the blanks to include new traditions couples have adopted.

So, if you’d like to give your other half something with symbolic meaning, here are a few ideas, including the anniversary gemstones and flowers as well.

1st wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 1st wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Paper
  • Modern – Clocks
  • Gemstone – Gold 
  • Flower – Carnation

The traditional gift couples give to each other to mark their very first wedding anniversary is paper. Now, paper might seem like a strange choice – what’s so special about that? But, it’s not like you’re limited to giving your partner a blank sheet of A4 so they can doodle or practice their origami. Paper is a symbolic gesture that represents a new start – a blank sheet of paper can be filled in with whatever you want, after all. It can also be helpful since weddings are expensive and paper’s cheap!

But, paper is super versatile and you can get creative. Why not give your other half a family crest to hang on the wall? Or commission an artist you admire to recreate your favourite wedding photo? And if all else fails, a voucher can have a million and one uses, from a romantic hot air balloon flight to a romantic meal for two.

If you’re thinking modern, a clock is a wonderful gift that marks the time you’ve spent together during your first year as a married couple. This could be a new alarm clock for the bedside table or an ornate cuckoo clock. You could even combine the modern gift with the traditional gemstone (which technically isn’t a gemstone), gold. And what could be nicer on your 1st anniversary than to gift your partner a nice gold watch?

The traditional flower to give on your 1st anniversary is the carnation, which are big, beautiful blooms that are delicate but absolutely bursting with colour. A perfect gift for the perfect occasion.

2nd wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 2nd wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Cotton
  • Modern – China
  • Gemstone – Garnet
  • Flower – Lily of the Valley

If you’re all about traditional 2nd wedding anniversary gifts, then you’ll want to give your partner a gift associated with cotton. On paper, it may be a gift just as confusing as paper (see what we did there?) but it actually has a lovely symbolic meaning. Cotton is a natural fibre that grows in fields, and is then processed so it becomes strong and durable, which represents your second year of marriage.

The most obvious choice of gift you might give is clothing. This could be a beautiful dress, a pair of matching robes, or the most comfortable slippers imaginable. You could even have a custom tea towel made that features the date of your wedding.

For a modern option, you might want to give your partner some china. How you interpret this is up to you – an obvious choice would be a lovely tea set. Or, you could even spoil your partner and whisk them away on a trip to Beijing! 

The anniversary gemstone for two years of marriage is garnet, a stone that comes in a variety of beautiful colours and can vary hugely in cost. This gives you plenty of options if you’re keen to give your partner a gift that features garnet.

The traditional flower for a 2nd anniversary is lily of the valley, a super elegant flower with tiny white heads that look like little bells. Very dainty but also very beautiful.

3rd wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 3rd wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Leather
  • Modern – Glass or crystal
  • Gemstone – Pearl
  • Flower – Sunflower

The traditional 3rd anniversary wedding gift is leather, which is a super durable material that represents the strength of marriage. Leather is so hardy that a leather shoe was found that was thought to be 5,500 years old! There are so many things you could choose from, too, like a pair of boots, a jacket, a wallet, a purse… And the great thing is, there are also plenty of vegan leather products to choose from so everyone gets the option to give a traditional gift if they want to.

The modern 3rd anniversary gift is glass or crystal. This represents how fragile marriage can be, but also how beautiful it can be, which is why it should be looked after and treasured. You might want to give your partner a vase, some engraved champagne flutes, or even a set of shot glasses. Let your imagination run wild.

The 3rd anniversary gemstone is pearl, which is a hugely versatile gemstone that can be used in all kinds of jewellery. From rings and bracelets to necklaces and earrings, it’s a delicate stone that has a wide range of uses.

For flowers, the bold and eye-catching sunflower is traditionally given. Sunflowers are warming and welcoming and bring life to any room.

4th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 4th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Fruit or flowers 
  • Modern – Appliances
  • Gemstone – Topaz
  • Flower – Hydrangea

For your 4th wedding anniversary, the traditional gift to give your other half is fruit or flowers. Okay, flowers we understand, they’ve been given as a romantic gesture for thousands of years, but fruit? Actually, fruit has a fabulous symbolic meaning too, in that it’s fresh, it grows from a small seed and it’s sweet. A bouquet of flowers is always a wonderful gift, but a basket of fresh fruit is such a unique and thoughtful way to mark an anniversary.

The modern gift is appliances. When modern gifts were established in the 1930s, there wasn’t quite the same range of choice as there is today, which can make your decision easier. It could be a coffee maker, an air frier, a new fridge freezer… you certainly won’t be stuck for ideas.

The 4th anniversary gemstone is topaz, a clear stone that comes in a lot of different colours. It’s also another stone that can vary in cost, with some types of topaz being very affordable. But, if you want to push the boat out it can also be incredibly expensive.

The hydrangea is the traditional flower given to mark a 4th anniversary, which are fabulously explosive blooms of vivid and varied colour.

5th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 5th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Wood
  • Modern – Silverware
  • Gemstone – Sapphire
  • Flower – Daisy

The traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift is wood. Wood is a tough, durable material that grows from a tiny seed into a magnificent tree that has deep and strong roots. This is why it’s perfect that it represents your fifth year of marriage. And the great thing is, wood can come in a huge variety of forms. You could give your other half a wooden carving, a sign to hang on the wall or a bench for sitting on in the back garden.

For something more modern, you could give them some silverware. Okay, so it might not be that modern, but some fancy new cutlery or an engraved spoon you can hang in the kitchen make for a lovely gesture.

The anniversary gemstone for five years is sapphire, which is a striking blue stone that looks amazing on rings, necklaces, earrings… in fact, it looks amazing on anything. It can be a little pricey, but it’s definitely worth the cost if your budget allows for it.

If you’d like to give your partner something floral, the daisy is the traditional flower for five years of marriage. Daisies might be small, but they’re the quintessential flower, with bright and open heads that scream of spring.

6th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 6th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Sugar
  • Modern – Iron
  • Gemstone – Amethyst
  • Flower – Calla lily

The traditional gift for a 6th wedding anniversary is sugar. Now, a bag of sugar might not hit the spot, but there are so many ways to interpret this. A box of chocolates, a delectable cake, some Turkish delights… or a trip to a chocolate factory! Yes, you might treat your partner to some chocolates throughout the year, but when it’s your 6th anniversary it has a lovely symbolic message. After all, sugar is sweet, and after six years together your relationship is only getting sweeter.

The modern 6th wedding anniversary gift is iron. Now, try to avoid the temptation of getting your partner an iron so they can iron your clothes… though this can make for a funny exchange on your anniversary! With a little creative thinking, you could come up with something unique and thoughtful, like an engraved padlock, a cast iron skillet or a sculpture that represents your love.

The 6th wedding anniversary gemstone is amethyst, which is as striking as it is elegant. They’re usually a stunning shade of purple, and they’re hardy so can come in a huge variety of shapes and decorative objects.

The flower to mark a 6th anniversary is calla lily, which are elegant flowers with cup-like heads. They might be beautiful, but just be aware that they produce tiny crystals that are super sharp, so it’s recommended that you don’t have them if you have pets or young children. There are plenty of other flowers out there though that aren’t toxic to pets, so your other half won’t have to go without.

7th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 7th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Wool or copper
  • Modern – Stationery or desk set
  • Gemstone – Onyx
  • Flower – Freesia

For your 7th wedding anniversary gift, there’s a huge selection of ideas for you to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to think of something your other half will love. The traditional gifts are wool or copper, which could include anything from a big, thick jumper to cufflinks made with 1p coins. Wood represents the warmth and cosiness of marriage, while copper represents wealth and prosperity.

For something more modern, you could give some stationery or a desk set. Neither sounds particularly romantic, but you could personalise some pens or give your partner a brand-new diary.

As for the 7th anniversary gemstone, onyx is an eye-catching stone that features shades of black and sometimes even white. Onyx can sometimes be expensive, but it’s incredibly unique and used in a lot of different types of jewellery.

The freesia is the traditional flower to mark a 7th anniversary. Freesias are colourful blooms which look hugely eye-catching and have surprisingly long stems.

8th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 8th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Bronze
  • Modern – Linen or lace
  • Gemstone – Tourmaline
  • Flower – Lilac

When they’re separate, copper and tin are two relatively weak metals. However, when melted down and combined, they become bronze, the traditional 8th wedding anniversary gift, which is incredibly strong. This is why humanity made such huge strides during the bronze age, with the ability to create strong tools from bronze. The art of mixing two things (you and your partner) so they become strong (your marriage) is a lovely, symbolic gesture. Many statues and figures are available in bronze and make for a thoughtful anniversary gift.

The modern 8th anniversary gift is linen or lace, which are both beautiful and delicate fabrics. This could be anything from bedsheets to special pyjamas – very romantic.

The 8th anniversary gemstone is tourmaline, which isn’t usually the first choice of stone for jewellery, but is super appealing thanks to the range of colours. Some stones also have a rainbow effect, which is a wonderful stone to choose for LGBTQ+ couples in particular.

For something floral, the traditional flower for an 8th anniversary is the lilac, dainty little flowers that come together to form large, cloud-like blooms. Lovely.

9th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 9th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Pottery or willow
  • Modern – Leather
  • Gemstone – Lapis Lazuli
  • Flower – Bird of paradise

Traditionally, you might give your partner a gift of pottery or willow when celebrating your 9th wedding anniversary. Pottery is a lovely symbolic gift because it’s something that’s been made by hand from a lump of clay and formed into something beautiful. A willow tree is fabulous and full of luscious life with a strong trunk and roots – just like the ninth year of marriage.

When it comes pottery, there are loads of ideas for you to choose from. Anything from a handcrafted vase to a plant pot. For willow, you could choose a carved ornament, a basket full of treats and other goodies, or even a cricket bat if your other half is that way inclined.

If you’re going modern, you could get them a leather gift. This has already appeared on the list as the traditional gift for a 3rd anniversary, so try to think back six years to work out if you’ve already got this covered. If not, there are plenty of gift options out there for you.

The anniversary gemstone for nine years of marriage is lapis lazuli, a beautifully textured blue stone that makes any piece of jewellery pop.

The bird of paradise is the traditional flower for a 9th anniversary and looks more like a flower from Avatar than it does anything from Earth. It’s unique and attention-grabbing, but also delicate and colourful.

10th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 10th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Tin or aluminium
  • Modern – Diamond
  • Gemstone – Diamond
  • Flower – Daffodil

When celebrating your anniversary, the traditional gift for reaching the 10-year mark is tin or aluminium. Okay, so neither is particularly glitzy or glamorous. But you can still get creative and have some fun with it, like a tin filled with chocolates, matching tin camping mugs, or a good ol’ tin of beans. If you choose the last one, it might be good to get a little extra something as well, just to be safe.

The modern 10th anniversary gift is, of course, diamond. It’s an extra special milestone in your marriage journey, after all. Diamond is also the 10th anniversary gemstone, so it’s a double-diamond type of celebration. It all depends on your budget as to what you might like to give your partner to commemorate your decade together, but diamond offers you plenty of choices to give something beautiful and memorable.

You might expect a 10th anniversary flower to be something like a rose, but it is in fact the humble daffodil. Daffodils might commonly grow throughout the spring, but they represent new beginnings, which is appropriate as you begin a new decade as a married couple.

11th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 11th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Steel
  • Modern – Jewellery
  • Gemstone – Turquoise
  • Flower – Tulip

To mark your 11th anniversary the traditional way, you might want to give your partner a gift linked to steel. Even we admit that this one’s hard, but with a little thought and research, it’s definitely possible to get your partner something showstopping. An engraved cutlery set, a dish to keep treasured jewellery, or tickets so you can both set sail on a cruise… cruise liners are made from steel, right?

For the modern alternative, you could give your other half some jewellery. Link it to the traditional gemstone for an 11th anniversary with turquoise, which is a striking bluey-green colour – perfect for while you’re on that cruise!

If you’d like to treat your partner to flowers to celebrate your 11th anniversary, the traditional flower is the tulip, which comes in a massive range of stunning colours.

12th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 12th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Silk
  • Modern – Pearl
  • Gemstone – Jade
  • Flower – Peony

Okay, when you get to 12th wedding anniversary gift-giving, you’ll have plenty of great themes to choose from. The traditional gift is silk, elegant and smooth, just like your marriage. It’s also a lovely choice as there are lots you can give your partner, from a posh scarf to the most comfortable pyjamas you can imagine.

The modern gift to give is pearl, which means there’s a whole world of jewellery options open to you. But, the 12th anniversary gemstone is jade, which comes in all different shades of green. This means if you want to go for jewellery, you’ll face a dilemma – pearl or jade? Both are a great choice, so why not choose the best of both worlds and go for a jade and pearl necklace? The greens and creams complement each other perfectly and it has a double meaning!

If giving flowers is more your thing, for your 12th anniversary you could give your partner the traditional peony, which comes in every colour except blue, and has big and fantastic blooms.

13th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 13th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Lace
  • Modern – Fur
  • Gemstone – Citrine
  • Flower – Chrysanthemum

Unlucky for some but definitely not for you, as you celebrate 13 incredible years together! The traditional gift is lace, which gives you the opportunity to get your partner something a little exciting if you know what we mean. And if not, some new shoes with laces will do just the trick too.

The modern 13th anniversary gift is fur, which sort of reflects how these modern gifts maybe aren’t quite as modern as we might think after all. Thankfully there are still options out there, as faux fur is super convincing and works for everyone.

The anniversary gemstone for 13 lucky years is citrine, and as the name suggests it’s a wonderful lemony or orangey colour, and is actually a variety of quartz.

For something a bit more floral, the traditional 13th anniversary flower is a chrysanthemum, a lovely, open bloom that’s bright and warming.

14th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 14th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Ivory
  • Modern – Gold jewellery
  • Gemstone – Opal
  • Flower – Orchid

A long time ago (and not even in a galaxy far, far away) the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift was ivory. Of course, this is no longer the case as it comes with massive animal rights connotations. But, couples who still want to mark the traditional gift often give something associated with elephants instead. Perhaps a wooden carving of an elephant, or an elephant feeding experience at your nearest zoo, so you can admire these amazing animals in person.

The modern 14th anniversary gift is gold jewellery, and we don’t need to go into detail about the huge amount of options you’ll have with that. You could combine it with the 14th anniversary gemstone, opal, a stunning iridescent stone that bounces light around like a natural disco ball. Opal is also associated with hope and truth, which is perfect for marking an anniversary.

The traditional 14th anniversary flower is the orchid, which is tall, strong, delicate and beautiful. An orchid looks magnificent in any room.

15th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 15th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Crystal
  • Modern – Watches
  • Gemstone – Ruby
  • Flower – Rose

If you like sticking to traditions, your partner is in for a real treat for your 15th anniversary. The traditional gift is crystal, much like the modern option for a 3rd anniversary. You could go for anything from an ornate vase to an engraved whisky glass.

The modern gift for 15 years is a watch, which means you can treat your other half to anything from an expensive Rolex to one of those Casio watches with the little calculators on them that everyone had in the 90s.

The gemstone for a 15th anniversary is the ruby. Rubies are a dark red in colour, almost purple, like the two hearts that you gave to each other all those years ago. Rubies also look fantastic in all kinds of jewellery, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The traditional anniversary flower for 15 years is the rose. Finally, after 15 years, you can give your partner the flower most associated with love (if you’re sticking to the loose rules, of course – you’re free to give them what you like when you like). Roses are hardy and versatile, while also being elegant and beautiful. The ultimate symbol of love.

16th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 16th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Wax
  • Modern – Silver holloware
  • Gemstone – Peridot
  • Flower – Statice

What’s one of the things you’ll always crack out which is guaranteed to create a romantic atmosphere? That’s right, a candle! Which is perfect, because the traditional 16th wedding anniversary gift is wax. Wax might not be hardy, but it burns bright, which is a lovely symbolic meaning for your marriage so far.

The modern gift for a 16th anniversary is silver holloware, which is a fancy way of saying a bowl, pot or container that’s made of silver. This could be a teapot, gravy boat or tureen – basically, anything that you can keep something else inside of.

The gemstone for a 16th wedding anniversary is peridot, which is a fantastic green-coloured stone, and one of the few gemstones that’s only found in one colour. That makes it rather unique, and makes for a lovely choice of gift. It also represents compassion, which you’ll likely have in abundance after spending 16 years with your love.

If you’d like to treat your other half to flowers, the traditional flower for 16 years of marriage is the statice, a papery bloom that usually grows in hot Mediterranean climates. The Victorians used to give statices to let someone know they were thinking about them, which couldn’t be more perfect for an anniversary.

17th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 17th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Watches
  • Modern – Furniture
  • Gemstone – Carnelian
  • Flower – Red carnation

While Emily Post’s list of traditional gifts didn’t include the 17th anniversary, couples have taken to giving each other a watch, much like the modern option for a 15th anniversary. If this was you two years ago, you might prefer the modern gift option – furniture. While an IKEA Callax Unit or Billy Bookcase will possibly do the trick, have a good think about what will have symbolic meaning so the two of you can look back on it and remember your 17th anniversary.

The 17th anniversary gemstone is the carnelian, a rust-coloured semi-precious stone which represents creativity and self-esteem. It’s not the shiniest of stones out there, but it still looks great set in jewellery.

For a flowery touch, the red carnation is the traditional 17th anniversary flower. Its big blooms fill any space with an explosion of fantastic reds, and is a symbol of intense love.

18th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 18th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Porcelain
  • Modern – Porcelain
  • Gemstone – Cat’s eye
  • Flower – Sunflower

No one can quite agree on what counts as a traditional 18th wedding anniversary gift, so most like to take inspiration from the modern equivalent, which is porcelain. Now, porcelain might famously be associated with toilets and sinks, but neither of those really has an air of romance about it. Unless you’re able to treat your other half to a brand-new bathroom, perhaps. Instead, you could go for a porcelain figurine, an engraved decorative plate, or a thimble that commemorates the date you got married.

If porcelain doesn’t inspire you, the anniversary gemstone for 18 years of marriage is cat’s eye. Cat’s eyes are super unique in that, as you might expect from the name, they look a little bit like a cat’s eye. They’re almost marble-like and are a wonderful centrepiece for any jewellery. And you’ll get double brownie points if your other half happens to love cats, too.

The traditional flower for an 18th anniversary is the sunflower, the same as for the 3rd anniversary. Sunflowers are big, beautiful and long-lasting… much like the marriage between you and your love.

19th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 19th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Bronze
  • Modern – Bronze
  • Gemstone – Emerald
  • Flower – Chrysanthemum

More than 10 years after its first appearance on the list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts, bronze once again becomes both the traditional and modern 19th wedding anniversary gift option. Sculptures, candlesticks, a picture frame, cufflinks… there’s a lot to choose from if you use your imagination.

The gemstone for 19 years of marriage is aquamarine, a fabulously bright and blue sky-coloured stone that symbolises youth and happiness. It’s not the most commonly used stone in jewellery, so would make for a unique gift to celebrate your special day.

For something floral, the traditional flower for 19 years is the chrysanthemum, which has already made an appearance on the list just six years before. But for good reason – it’s a lovely big bloom that comes in all kinds of colours. Plus, it symbolises happiness and a long life, which is apt as you near your 20th wedding anniversary.

20th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 20th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – China
  • Modern – Platinum
  • Gemstone – Emerald
  • Flower – Aster

After a four-year break, the traditional anniversary gifts are back as outlined in Emily Post’s book. The traditional gift to give your partner to celebrate two decades together is china, which is delicate, beautiful and painstakingly made – so perfect to represent the time you’ve spent as a married couple.

The modern gift for 20 years is platinum, which is a rather pricey precious metal that’s used to make all kinds of incredible jewellery, from rings to bracelets. You could combine this with the 20th wedding anniversary gemstone, which is emerald. Emeralds are a stunning, eye-catching shade of green and go well set in any type of jewellery. They also symbolise royalty, so there’s not a more perfect gift for the king or queen in your life.

The traditional flower for a 20th wedding anniversary is the aster, which is a dainty flower that looks a little bit like a purple daisy. They also grow in the UK and flower around the summer months, so if your anniversary falls during the hotter time of the year then asters should be in good supply.

21st wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 21st wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Brass or nickel
  • Modern – Brass or nickel
  • Gemstone – Iolite
  • Flower – Iris

To celebrate your marriage now being legally old enough to rent a car, we once again enter territory not covered by Emily Post’s list of traditional gifts. So, the modern gift, brass or nickel, covers both bases. Both represent strength, which is lovely after the amount of time you’ve spent together. This means you have a huge choice of gifts available, from trinkets and ornaments to personalised jewellery.

The 21st anniversary gemstone is iolite, a fabulously blue or purple stone which is actually fairly low priced. That means you can pick up jewellery with iolite relatively cheaply. And thanks to its incredible colour, it goes with almost everything, too, so you won’t struggle to find something your other half will love.

The traditional flower for 21 years of marriage is the iris, which is also purple but oh so delicate. You’ll also be spoilt for choice, as there are over 300 species of iris out there.

22nd wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 22nd wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Copper
  • Modern – Copper
  • Gemstone – Spinel
  • Flower – There isn’t one

There isn’t an official traditional wedding anniversary gift for 22 years, so it borrows from the modern option (which in turn borrows from the 7th anniversary gift), copper. Copper is a great rusty brown colour, and makes for a fantastic ornament or statue. Because it’s a fairly weak metal, it can be moulded into all kinds of shapes and engraved easily, so what you can get is only limited by your imagination.

For something a bit more sparkly, the 22nd anniversary gemstone is spinel. Spinel are a lovely ruby shade of red – in fact, they’re often confused for rubies. They vary in cost, but are always a beautiful addition to any piece of jewellery, so you really can’t go wrong with them.

Now for the bad news – there’s no official flower associated with 22 years of marriage! The good news is, you can go crazy with creativity! Why not have a bouquet designed by a local florist that contains 22 flowers? One from each of the traditional flowers of the past 21 years plus an extra  – that’ll definitely show your other half just how much you mean to them.

23rd wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 23rd wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Silver plate
  • Modern – Silver plate
  • Gemstone – Topaz
  • Flower – Nil

The modern 23rd wedding anniversary gift is a silver plate, and because there isn’t a traditional gift, the silver plate unofficially falls into that category too. A silver plate is a fairly self-explanatory thing, but you can still have a lot of fun with personalisations and engravings so it’ll look amazing on the wall or when brought out for special occasions. You could even use it to announce a weekend away or get them a dish to keep their jewellery in.

The gemstone for 23 years together is topaz, which has already appeared on the list before as the gemstone for the 4th anniversary. But it’s a beautiful stone, so if you’ve already given your partner jewellery containing topaz that’s no bad thing. Another piece to complement it would be a wonderful gesture.

As for flowers, the traditional flower for a 23rd wedding anniversary is nil. If you’re not familiar with this name, it’s also known as Japanese morning glory, which may or may not be apt considering it’s your anniversary (steady on!). It’s quite a bushy plant, so it’s not really one you can give as part of a bouquet, but it does grow in the UK and usually flowers in the later summer months if you sow the seeds in the spring.

24th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 24th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Opal
  • Modern – Musical instrument
  • Gemstone – Tanzanite
  • Flower – Lavender

When you’re celebrating your 24th wedding anniversary, if you want to stick to the ‘rules’, you’ll have a wonderful selection to choose from. The traditional gift is opal, which was also the gemstone for 14 years of marriage. It’s a stunning iridescent stone that looks fabulous in all kinds of jewellery and symbolises hope. You could pair this with bluey-purple tanzanite, the traditional gemstone for 24 years. It’s believed it helps with intuition, which is lovely as you clearly have great intuition by celebrating your 24th anniversary with the love of your life!

The modern gift for a 24th wedding anniversary is a musical instrument. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to give your partner a gift that they’ve always wanted, but never got around to. Or they may be a keen guitarist or pianist and could do with an upgrade. And if they’re really not into playing an instrument, you can’t go wrong with the good ol’ trusty triangle!

The traditional 24th wedding anniversary flower is lavender, a beautiful bloom associated with the south of France, distinguished by its striking purple hue and soft calming fragrance. Lavender represents purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace and calmness – all great qualities to celebrate in a marriage.  

25th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 25th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Silver
  • Modern – Silver
  • Gemstone – Silver
  • Flowers – Iris

Your 25th wedding anniversary is known as your silver anniversary for a reason. This is it, the big one. A quarter of a decade spent with the person you love the most. It’s an incredible milestone that should be shouted about from the rooftops. That’s why silver is considered the must-have gift for traditional and modern gifts, as well as the gemstone (though technically a precious metal, but we’ll let it slide).

There are so many amazing gifts you could give your partner that are silver. Jewellery, a keepsake box, a photo frame, silverware, an ornament… the list goes on. You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice.

The traditional flower to give for a 25th wedding anniversary is the iris, which also made an appearance just a few years ago for the 21st anniversary. It’s purple, pretty and delicate, but represents wisdom and trust – could there really be a better flower to symbolise 25 years together?

30th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 30th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Pearl
  • Modern – Diamond
  • Gemstone – Pearl
  • Flower – Lily

After spending 30 whole years together, you might want to celebrate by giving your partner the traditional gift, which is pearl. It represents becoming wise through experience, and there’s no doubt that you’re wise after spending such an amazing amount of time with your other half. Pearl is already associated with the 3rd and 12th wedding anniversaries, but it’s the traditional gift for 30 years for good reason. It’s also the traditional 30th anniversary gemstone, so you’d be covering two bases with this thoughtful and symbolic gift.

The modern gift for a 30th anniversary is diamond. Diamond is also associated with other anniversaries, but that doesn’t make it any less special. They’re the ultimate symbol of love, and are perfect when set in necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets… and any other type of jewellery your partner might love.

The traditional flower for 30 years of marriage is the lily. Lilies are stunning open-flower blooms that are available in all kinds of magnificent colours. Just remember that lilies are toxic to cats, so think twice if you have a furry little friend living with you at home.

35th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 35th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Coral
  • Modern – Jade
  • Gemstone – Emerald
  • Flower – Coral rose

Wow, 35 years. What a milestone! To mark your 35th wedding anniversary with a traditional gift, you can give your other half something related to coral. This is another traditional gift you could interpret in different ways. You could give an item of jewellery set with a coral stone, you could give them something that’s the colour coral, or if you have the budget, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef to view the incredible coral in person.

The modern gift for a 35th anniversary is jade, a fabulous stone which is a delicious shade of green. In the Far East, jade has a rich history as it symbolises immortality and represents the soul, which is great for celebrating a long and happy marriage. Plus, the gemstone to mark 35 years is emerald, an incredible precious stone which also happens to be green. Why not pair jade and emerald together in a piece of jewellery to give your partner something truly unique?

Sticking with the coral theme, the traditional flower for 35 years isn’t anything in particular, but many like to give their partners flowers that are coral-coloured. Bouquets that feature coral and other pastel shades are wonderful and autumnal.

40th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 40th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Ruby
  • Modern – Ruby
  • Gemstone – Ruby
  • Flower – Nasturtium

The fact that you’ve made it to 40 years together is incredible, and a real testament to your love and devotion to each other. To mark such a fabulous milestone, the traditional and modern gifts, as well as the anniversary gemstone, are ruby. For that reason, many like to treat their other half to something that contains this truly precious stone. Yes, rubies can be pricey, but for good reason – they’re drop-dead gorgeous and set well in almost every kind of jewellery. Ruby symbolises power and a thirst for life, and after 40 years of marriage, you’ll know a thing or two about living your life to the fullest.

The traditional flower for a 40th anniversary is nasturtium, a small orangey-red flower which, from a distance, you might mistake for poppies. They’re very small and delicate so it’s hard to include them in a bouquet, but they’re relatively easy to grow. If you sow the seeds in the garden in the spring they’ll flower in just a few months. They’re also perfect for celebrating your marriage, because nasturtiums symbolise victory through perseverance.

45th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 45th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Sapphire
  • Modern – Sapphire
  • Gemstone – Sapphire
  • Flower – There isn’t one

45 years is another stunning milestone which can only be marked by a stunning gift, which is why the traditional and modern gifts, as well as the gemstone, are all the same – the sapphire. Sapphires are precious stones which means they can be rather expensive, but wow are they worth it! They represent wisdom and strength, which are definitely qualities you’ll have adopted after all those years spent with the love of your life.

There is no traditional flower for a 45th anniversary, but many like to treat their partners to flowers that evoke sapphires, so blue flowers are a great choice. This might be hydrangea, iris, clematis, morning glory… there’s a lot out there that can make up a truly fabulous bouquet.

50th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 50th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Gold
  • Modern – Gold
  • Gemstone – Gold
  • Flower – There isn’t one

You’ve reached your 50th anniversary, that’s absolutely incredible! 50 years together is such a massive achievement and one that deserves to be celebrated with glitz and glamour. This is why the traditional and modern gifts, along with the anniversary gemstone (well, precious metal) is gold. Yes, your 50th wedding anniversary is your golden anniversary, so it’s the perfect opportunity to give your love something made from gold. This could be absolutely anything, from jewellery to a whisky glass adorned with gold.

There isn’t a traditional flower for a 50th anniversary, but you might want to give your partner flowers that evoke the gold theme. This could be yellowy-gold roses, sunflowers or chrysanthemums, which would look incredible and vibrant as part of a summery bouquet

55th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 55th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Emerald
  • Modern – Emerald
  • Gemstone – Emerald
  • Flower – There isn’t one

For your 55th anniversary, there’s an overarching theme of emerald, with this beautiful green precious stone being the traditional and modern gift, as well as the anniversary gemstone. Emerald has already been an anniversary stone for the 20th and 35th anniversaries, but it’s so beautiful that it deserves to make another appearance. It’s known as ‘the jewel of kings’ and symbolises truth and love, which you obviously have plenty of since you’ve made it to your 55th anniversary.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a traditional 55th anniversary flower, but flowers with green blooms will keep your celebrations on track with the emerald theme. Lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias and orchids all come in wonderful shades of green.

60th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 60th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Diamond
  • Modern – Diamond
  • Gemstone – Diamond
  • Flower – There isn’t one

Being married to someone for 60 years is just jaw-dropping, so it’s more than worthy of being known as your diamond anniversary. So, the traditional and modern gifts, and the anniversary gemstone, are the glorious precious stone, the diamond. Diamonds are one of the most iconic symbols of love because they’re beautiful, hardy and – sometimes – priceless. They also symbolise faithfulness and commitment, which reaching 60 years of marriage demonstrates you have plenty of. Diamonds are also a fantastic stone to include in all types of jewellery, from necklaces to bracelets – and of course, rings.

There isn’t an anniversary flower for 60 years, but you could choose to give your partner flowers that evoke the feeling of diamonds. Diamonds let off a rainbow display of lights known as fire, when the light hits them just right. So, you could choose to have white flowers to represent the diamond and its sparkle, with other colours, like red, yellow and blue, to represent the fire.

65th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 65th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Sapphire
  • Modern – Sapphire
  • Gemstone – Sapphire
  • Flower – There isn’t one

65 years together – is there really an achievement quite like it? The traditional and modern gifts, as well as the anniversary gemstone for 65 years, is the sapphire. Much like the anniversary you celebrated 20 years ago, your 65th anniversary is celebrated in the traditional way by giving your other half something that evokes this fabulous precious stone.

There also isn’t a traditional flower associated with 65 years of marriage, but you might like to gift your partner sapphire-blue flowers. Blue flowers could include bluebells, orchids, asters – even roses can be blue. Blue flowers symbolise peace and tranquillity, which you definitely deserve after such a long time with your favourite person.

70th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 70th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Platinum
  • Modern – Platinum
  • Gemstone – Platinum
  • Flower – There isn’t one

A 70th wedding anniversary is an achievement that very few get to experience, and is a real testament to the incredible love and commitment you and your partner share. To celebrate such a huge moment in your lives, the traditional and modern gifts, and anniversary gemstone (though it’s a precious metal) is platinum. Platinum can be a pricey metal, but it looks fabulous in pretty much every type of jewellery. After all, platinum symbolises true love, so could there really be anything as perfect to give to your other half when celebrating 70 years together?

There isn’t a traditional flower for celebrating 70 years, but you could give someone flowers that evoke the quality and feeling of platinum. Lots of flowers come in various shades of silvery-white, like roses, tulips, dahlias, peonies and hydrangeas.

75th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 75th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Diamond
  • Modern – Diamond
  • Gemstone – Sapphire
  • Flower – There isn’t one

To be married to the person you love for 75 years is something most of us can’t comprehend. The level of love and devotion to another person is nothing short of stunning. The traditional and modern 75th anniversary gift is diamond, much like the 60th anniversary. In fact, the 75th anniversary was the original diamond anniversary, with the 60th added a little later. Diamonds represent commitment and faithfulness and are considered by many to be the precious stone to symbolise love. Thankfully, diamonds are versatile and can be used in so many different types of jewellery, so you should definitely be able to find something your other half will love.

You might also want to pair a diamond with sapphire, which is the anniversary gemstone for a 75th wedding anniversary. Any piece of jewellery that contains both diamonds and sapphires proves that it really is a match made in heaven – exactly the same as your marriage.

There isn’t a flower that’s traditionally given for 75 years, but if you’d like to give your other half a bouquet to commemorate the occasion, you could choose flowers that are white and blue. That way, you can continue the diamond and sapphire theme – plus it makes for an eye-catching combination.

80th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 80th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Oak
  • Modern – Oak
  • Gemstone – Ruby
  • Flower – There isn’t one

At 80 years and counting together, it’s obvious that your relationship is strong with deep, unshakable roots. That’s why the traditional and modern 80th wedding anniversary gift is oak. Oak trees stand tall and proud, and oak represents endurance, power and stability – which is why it’s perfect for such an incredible occasion. You might choose to give your other half an oak carving, or perhaps plant a tree in their name.

The anniversary gemstone for 80 years is ruby, which we’ve seen for two other anniversaries: the 15th and 40th. Rubies are synonymous with love, as well as health and wisdom, which you’ll no doubt have plenty of after spending 80 years with the love of your life. 

There isn’t a flower that’s traditionally given to mark an 80th anniversary, but ruby-red roses and other big blooms would be fabulous. You might also like to include a few oak leaves just to tie it into the whole theme of such a brilliant day.

85th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 85th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Wine
  • Modern – Wine
  • Gemstone – Moonstone
  • Flower – There isn’t one

After spending 85 years with your partner, you might expect the traditional and modern gifts to be something rather extravagant and pricey, such as platinum or diamonds, like the anniversaries that came before it. However, it’s far more humble than that – wine. That being said, you might not want to give your partner a £5.99 bottle of Merlot from the local shop – but it is something open to interpretation. It could be a trip to a local vineyard, a wine-coloured photo frame or, of course, your favourite bottle of vino.

The 85th anniversary gemstone is moonstone, a stunningly iridescent stone that comes in various colours and all with unique patterns. Many moonstones have the appearance of tiny planets, which look incredible set in jewellery. Moonstones can also be relatively inexpensive, so you can give your partner a one-of-a-kind but affordable gift to mark your big day.

There isn’t a traditional flower for 85 years, but if you like to give flowers then you could give your partner a bouquet that features colours associated with wine and moonstone. Deep red hydrangeas, rosé-coloured roses, multicoloured tulips… you can have a lot of fun creating the perfect bouquet.

90th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern 90th wedding anniversary gifts
  • Traditional – Granite or diamond
  • Modern – Granite or diamond
  • Gemstone – Diamond
  • Flower – There isn’t one

Very few couples have been married for 90 years, but it can and does happen. In fact, a couple from Yemen celebrated their 90th wedding anniversary in 2021. And as we get older and people live longer, it’ll no doubt happen more and more. But what do you give someone you’ve been married to for nine whole decades? Well, because it happens so infrequently, there isn’t an official traditional or modern gift, but it’s common for couples to give each other gifts centred around diamond or granite. Diamond can also extend to being the gemstone to mark a 90th wedding anniversary, so you could give the best of both worlds.

When it comes to diamond gifts, the choices are obvious – diamond jewellery is always going to brighten someone’s day. Granite is a little trickier, but you can get jewellery, ornaments, coasters, bowls, plates… there’s a lot out there. Or, if you have the budget, a nice new kitchen with granite worktops would work, too.

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