12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 50 Anniversary Gift Ideas

12 is a very spiritual number and is often linked to the heavens because there are 12 months and zodiac signs – to many, this makes it rather lucky. And we bet you consider yourself exceptionally lucky to be celebrating your 12th wedding anniversary! 12 whole years with the love of your life is something that deserves to be celebrated, which means you might be keen to give your partner a gift they’ll always remember.

Did you know there are traditional and modern 12th anniversary gifts, as well as a traditional flower and gemstone? These gifts have been given by couples to each other for over 100 years, and they have special meanings associated with them that elevate them above other types of gifts. Not that other gifts are wrong and shouldn’t be given – far from it – but traditional and modern gifts have a wonderful history which you may like to include in your celebrations.

In this guide, we’re going to explore the traditional and modern gifts associated with your 12th wedding anniversary so you know exactly the type of gift to buy that contains extra special symbolic meaning. We’ll also give you 50 ideas related to the themes to kickstart your creativity and help you find your partner the perfect gift and mark a dozen years together in style.

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What are traditional and modern gifts for a 12th wedding anniversary?

The traditional and modern 12th wedding anniversary gifts    

12 years is a long time to spend with someone, so a gift packed with thought and meaning is a brilliant way to let them know just how much you care. Depending on the type of gift you’d like to give and your partner’s preferences, you have a wide range of different options to make your anniversary one to remember.

Traditional 12th anniversary gift – Silk

The traditional 12th anniversary gift is silk, a luxurious, smooth and highly-desirable material used for making a wide range of clothes and accessories. You might think this limits the type of gift you can give, but with a little creativity, there are loads of ways to incorporate silk into your anniversary. Silk represents how your marriage has become interwoven and strong, as well as how you enjoy the odd luxurious indulgence. It sounds pretty perfect to us!

Modern 12th anniversary gift – Pearl

If you’d rather go for the modern 12th anniversary gift, you might want to give your partner something containing pearl. Pearl is a lovely iridescent creamy white stone made by oysters and mussels, though artificial pearls can look just as lovely. Pearls represent strength and purity, on top of looking beautiful set in different types of jewellery.

12th anniversary gemstone – Jade

The traditional 12th anniversary gemstone is jade, a fabulous stone that comes in many different shades of green, and sometimes also in white, black and orange. It represents eternity and harmony, and we’re sure there must be plenty of harmony in your marriage – how else would you be about to celebrate your 12th anniversary, after all?

12th anniversary flower – Peony

For something a little more floral, you could give your partner the traditional 12th anniversary flower, which is the peony. Peonies are lovely big blooms that come in various shades of red, purple, pink and white, and sometimes even yellow. They symbolise happiness, romance and a contented marriage, so could there really be a more brilliant bloom to give your partner to mark your anniversary?

How do you choose a gift for a 12th wedding anniversary?

Choosing the perfect gift to give to your partner on your anniversary can be a tricky one. Silk has romantic connotations, pearl is stunning and desirable, jade is super eye-catching and peonies have a wonderful meaning… in all honesty, all four are a great choice. Here are a few things to consider when trying to narrow down your decision:

  • Do you want to stick to the traditional or modern themes? Every gift is lovely, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to ways to spoil your other half.
  • Have you agreed on a set budget? While all four gift choices are amazing, they can be rather pricey, which means they might not be great if you have a smaller budget.
  • Do you want to give them something personalised? While some of the traditional and modern gifts can be personalised, none of them are easily personalisable, so this may sway your decision.
  • What kind of thing does your partner like? Your partner might not be a big fan of silk, pearls, jade or peonies, which might make your decision trickier. Or they might not like any, which might make it even harder.

If you have someone in your life who’s about to celebrate their 12th anniversary, you might wonder whether or not you can join in with the traditional or modern gift-giving fun. Thankfully, these are only guidelines, so you can definitely give a couple a gift linked to the 12th anniversary themes. In fact, it’s bound to go down well, as it shows how much effort you’ve put into giving them a thoughtful gift!

50 ideas for a 12th wedding anniversary gift

If you know you’d love to give your partner an anniversary gift filled with romance and special meaning, you have plenty of choices available. But, if you’re not quite sure where to start or you need a little help choosing something that contains silk or pearls, we’re here to help. Here are 50 on-theme 12th anniversary gifts to give you some inspiration.

10 traditional gifts for a 12th wedding anniversary

The traditional gift for celebrating 12 wonderful years of marriage is silk, a luxurious material that’s smooth and fancy. You might already have one or two silk-centric ideas, but here are 10 more so you can make sure you’ve covered all bases.

1. Luxury silk pyjamas

Silk is an incredibly comfortable material – some say it feels like you’re not even wearing anything at all. That’s why luxury silk pyjamas are such an amazing anniversary gift and are available in so many different styles.

2. A silk flower arrangement

Silk is a delicate and soft material that just so happens to be strong and durable too. It’s the perfect material for making faux flowers that will never wilt, to give your partner a long-lasting reminder of your 12th anniversary. Silk flower arrangements are just as beautiful as the real deal and don’t need to be watered.

3. A pair of unique silk cufflinks

If your partner is long overdue for a new pair of cufflinks that they can wear to work or on special occasions, then a pair of silk cufflinks is unique and a way to always remember this special milestone.

4. A smart silk tie

Maybe cufflinks aren’t your partner’s thing, but there are often occasions when wearing a tie is needed. So, you could treat your other half to a smart silk tie, which looks great whether worn for a fancy meal out, a wedding, a business meeting… or any other occasion they might wear a tie for.

5. A stylish silk handkerchief

Handkerchiefs have fallen out of style a little bit, but it’s about time they were brought back! And a silk handkerchief is just the way to do it, so your partner is always prepared if they have a spillage or poorly-timed sneeze.

6. A Tiffany & Co. silk bracelet

Tiffany & Co. is a well-known and luxurious brand, and if you want to treat your partner, they offer something which fits with the traditional theme. A Tiffany & Co. silk bracelet is a subtle but stunning piece of jewellery that really is special.

7. Silk lingerie

Silk is a super sexy fabric, so it’s perfect for lingerie. Treat your partner (or yourself!) to some silk lingerie and have an anniversary day (and night!) to remember.

8. Silk bed linen

For the most comfortable night’s sleep you could imagine, silk bed linen is smooth, warm and so very luxurious. It’ll let you sink into bed every night feeling like you’re in a posh hotel.

9. A gorgeous silk scarf

Silk is a great material for making scarves because it’s soft and warm, and we just couldn’t put this list together without including silk scarves. There are loads of different designs and styles available, and they’re not the most expensive thing in the world either.

10. A silk gift set

Do you want to give your partner a silk-themed gift but can’t decide on one item? You could go for a silk gift set – a collection containing an eye mask, scrunchie and pillowcase to help your partner have a comfortable and satisfying night’s sleep.

10 modern gifts for a 12th wedding anniversary

If you’d prefer to give your partner a gift with more modern flair, you could choose the modern 12th anniversary gift – pearl. Yes, pearl is a wonderful addition to jewellery, but you’re not just limited to jewellery and accessories. Here are 10 suggestions for anniversary gifts containing pearl.

1. A freshwater mother of pearl frame

It’s been 12 amazing years since the two of you tied the knot, and while you’re a little older and wiser now, you no doubt love to look back on that day. So, why not do that by printing off your favourite wedding snap and framing it in a freshwater mother of pearl frame?

2. A pair of pearl stud earrings

Pearls are both bold and subtle at the same time – an amazing combination which makes them perfect for jewellery. So, wow your partner with a pair of pearl stud earrings, which go with loads of different outfits and styles.

3. A personalised framed pearl heart

For something on-theme you can hang on the wall for all to see, a personalised framed pearl heart uses pearls and pearl-coloured accessories to form the symbol of love. You can also feature a custom message to include the date of your wedding or your 12th anniversary.

4. Mother of pearl gin

If you don’t think your partner would want to wear or frame their pearls, maybe they’d like to drink them instead. Manchester Gin partnered with a Michelin-star restaurant to create its unique mother of pearl gin, which is distilled using oyster shells. Don’t worry, it definitely doesn’t taste fishy, but it’s lovely to drink when enjoying a fish dish!

5. A silver pearl cluster necklace

Marge Simpson is a famous wearer of a pearl necklace, but they don’t all look like that. For example, the silver pearl cluster necklace is a lovely piece which can be worn for a wide range of occasions, and is definitely not like Marge’s (not that there’s anything wrong with that – she looks lovely too).

6. A freshwater pearl bracelet

For a really classic piece of pearl jewellery, a freshwater pearl bracelet is elegant and subtle, so your partner can wear it whether they’re going to a fancy do or just for a night out to the pub.

7. A silver and pearl brooch

If your partner regularly dresses up, a silver and pearl brooch is a brilliant way for them to add a little class to their outfit. It’s not something they’re likely to wear all the time, but when it’s time to come out they’ll have that reminder of your 12th anniversary.

8. A silver mother of pearl locket

If you’d like to give your partner a pearl-related gift that’s personalised, you really can’t go wrong with a silver mother of pearl locket. Inside, you can house two photographs, so include whatever your partner loves most – your kids, your pets, your favourite travel destination… maybe even yourself!

9. A dainty pearl ring

With the right design, a pearl ring can look fantastic and not be too obtrusive. A Loopla pearl ring is exactly that, and is sure to look lovely alongside other rings your partner might wear.

10. Blossom pearl hair pins

If your partner likes to wear their hair up, a set of three blossom pearl hair pins is a fabulous and stylish way to do just that. It’s a great gift if the two of you are due to hit up a few weddings this year, and they go well with a variety of different outfits.

5 affordable gifts for a 12th wedding anniversary

Neither silk nor pearls are the most expensive gifts in the world, but they’re not exactly cheap either. You may want to give your partner a gift associated with the traditional or modern gifts, but more as a token gesture, so that means not spending too much money. Thankfully, there are ways to do that. Here are five suggestions for affordable 12th anniversary gifts, so you can give your other half something packed with meaning that doesn’t cost the Earth.

1. A silk anniversary card

If you’re thinking about getting your partner a gift for your anniversary, then you’re possibly also thinking about giving them a card. Why not combine your card with the traditional gift and give them a silk anniversary card? They’ll love the meaning behind it and it’s an affordable way to be extra thoughtful.

2. Pearl on Blu Ray (or streaming)

For something extra thrilling on your anniversary, you could treat your partner to a movie night and watch the horror movie Pearl! It’s far from romantic, but it’s a great excuse to cuddle up close and hide behind a pillow together. Pearl is available on Blu Ray and streaming platforms.

3. A pair of freshwater pearl dangle earrings

Not all pearl jewellery is expensive, and a pair of freshwater pearl dangle earrings proves just that. They come in gold and silver and the pearls are available in white and pink.

4. A silk scrunchie

Get in your partner’s good books with a silk hair scrunchie. Not only is it small and affordable, but it’s perfectly on theme and super practical!

5. A pair of mother of pearl cufflinks

If your partner often wears shirts, we bet there’s a good chance they haven’t had a new pair of cufflinks in a while. So, you could treat them to a pair of mother of pearl cufflinks, which are subtle enough to be worn for any occasion.

5 DIY gifts for a 12th wedding anniversary

A brilliant way to show your partner how much you care is by making them an anniversary gift. But, how can you link something you make yourself with the traditional or modern themes? You don’t actually need to be a trained jewellery maker or needleworker to make something out of pearls or silk – just a little bit of creativity. Here are five suggestions that will hopefully give you a few ideas. 

1. DIY pearl beaded keyring

To make your partner a lovely DIY pearl beaded keyring, you only need a few bits, including thread, beads/pearls and a needle. It also takes a little patience, but if you have the willpower you can make something your partner will definitely appreciate. There are video tutorials available to help you get started.

2. DIY pearl necklace

Why not go one step further and make your partner a pearl necklace? It requires a few simple tools and some wire, but if you follow a video tutorial we bet you can make something fabulous.

3. DIY silk flowers

For a bouquet your partner won’t forget in a hurry – because they’re never going to wilt – why not have a go at making some DIY silk flowers? You don’t need anything fancy, and the results can be brilliant. Check out a video tutorial for tips on how to get started.

4. A DIY silk handkerchief

If you have some old silk lying around, you could make use of it by turning it into a DIY silk handkerchief for your partner. This one requires a bit of sewing, so if you have the know-how, it shouldn’t take you too long. There are guides detailing how to make a silk handkerchief online, so see what you can come up with!

5. A homemade silk painting

Silk paintings aren’t just beautiful to look at; they can also be a lot of fun to create yourself. If you’ve never dabbled in painting before, this is rather like jumping in at the deep end, but if you fancy giving it a go, check out a silk painting beginner course for some help.

5 experience or activity gifts for a 12th wedding anniversary

Of course, you could give your partner a physical gift on your anniversary. Whatever you give them will no doubt be well received and they’ll love it. But, one way to make your anniversary memorable and unique is by giving them an experience or activity – especially if it’s linked to the traditional or modern gifts. Here are five ideas so you can make your 12th anniversary one your partner will never forget.

1. A silk weaving experience

Silk weaving has been around for almost 6,000 years, and many silk mills still use similar techniques to this day. Spend your anniversary taking part in a silk weaving workshop, to find out all about this incredible skill and make your very own purse.

2. A silk painting experience

Instead of creating a silk painting to give to your partner ahead of your anniversary, you might want to spend that time painting together instead. A silk painting experience is a wonderfully creative and fulfilling way to spend time together, with something you can keep forever at the end of it.

3. A visit to the Silk Museum

You and your partner can find out all about hundreds of years of British textile history with a visit to the Silk Museum in Cheshire. Walk through this authentic silk mill and see actual historical machinery in action.

4. A pearl bracelet workshop

If jewellery is more up your partner’s alley, you could spend time at a pearl bracelet workshop, which provides you with all the materials, tools and information so you can make an incredible, handmade pearl bracelet.

5. Pick a pearl experience

Pearls are formed in oysters and mussels, so you could enjoy a pick a pearl experience, which allows you to select your own oyster, reveal your pearl through shucking, grade your pearl and set it in a piece of jewellery. Then, your partner will have a truly one-of-a-kind accessory they can treasure forever.

10 12th anniversary gifts that contain jade

When you’re celebrating your 12th anniversary, the traditional gemstone to give to your partner is jade. Jade is a fabulous stone that comes in loads of different shades of green and is an imperial gem, which means it was used in different ceremonial objects throughout history. It’s still often used in different types of jewellery today, including those made with gold, silver, platinum and other metals. It can vary in price, with the best-quality jade being rare, and therefore expensive. But, if you’re keen to give your partner something containing jade, there’s a good chance you’ll find something that suits a range of budgets. Here are 10 items to consider that contain jade:

  1. Earrings
  2. A ring
  3. A necklace
  4. A bracelet
  5. A broach
  6. A locket
  7. A watch
  8. An anklet
  9. A hairpin
  10. Cufflinks

Jade can be an incredibly popular gemstone, and many high street and independent jewellers will have a range of jade jewellery, so you shouldn’t have to look too far to find something perfect for your other half. At Bridebook, we also work closely with loads of different jewellers, who also have plenty of great pieces, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something beautiful.

5 floral-inspired gifts for a 12th wedding anniversary

The traditional flower for celebrating 12 years of marriage is the wonderful peony, an enormous blooming flower which flowers from late spring into the summer. It comes in an array of romantic colours and is a fantastic addition to any floral arrangement. But, it’s also a great inspiration for other gifts, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to gifts linked to peonies. Here are five suggestions to help you choose something perfectly peony.

1. A bunch of peonies

How could we not kick off this list by including a good ol’ fashioned bunch of peonies? Their big blooms make them a wonderful flower to include in a bouquet, especially when they’re the star of the show. 

2. Peony stud earrings

For all of the beauty but none of the pollen, peony stud earrings are cute and luxurious. They also include a pearl in the centre, which makes them have double the meaning. We’re not sure you could find a more well-rounded and meaningful gift for your 12th anniversary!

3. Personalised paper peonies

For a wonderfully personalised peony-inspired gift, you could go for a personalised paper peony that’s hand-crafted. The best part is that you can include text on every petal, which could be anything from your wedding vows to the lyrics of your favourite song. It’s something your partner could hold on to forever.

4. A White Company peony candle

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere on your anniversary with a White Company peony candle. With a deliciously floral scent, it’s soft and soothing, and allows you to set the scene on your anniversary night.

5. A peony table lamp

Light up your partner’s life with a peony table lamp, which we bet they’ll never see coming. The glass cylinder is etched with delicate patterns and casts a warm and cosy light. Lovely for those quiet nights in.

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