6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 50 Anniversary Gift Ideas

Celebrating your 6th wedding anniversary is a fantastic milestone that should always be marked if possible. It means you’re more than halfway to your 10th anniversary and your love is growing stronger with every passing year.

But what should you give the love of your life to mark 6 years of marriage? You probably already have a few ideas, but did you know that for more than a century, many couples have enjoyed giving each other traditional or modern gifts that stick close to an ‘official’ theme? There’s also a traditional gemstone and flower, and they’re each filled with symbolism to give your anniversary gift-giving an even deeper level of meaning.

So, in this guide, we’re going to explore 50 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas that fit these themes so you can give your other half the perfect present. 

To learn more about all the different anniversary gift-giving traditions from 1 to 90 years, read our complete year-by-year wedding anniversary gift guide.

What are traditional and modern gifts for a 6th wedding anniversary?

The traditional and modern 6th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional and modern gifts associated with six years of marriage are packed with meaning, so giving your partner a gift associated with one or more of them can really elevate your gift. That extra level of thought and passion can make your 6th anniversary one your partner will always remember.

Traditional 6th anniversary gift – Sugar

The traditional 6th anniversary gift is sugar, which represents how every year of marriage that passes gets even sweeter. And of course, sugar is used in loads of different treats and desserts, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to giving your partner something tasty.

Modern 6th anniversary gift – Iron

The modern gift for a 6th wedding anniversary is iron, a strong and incredibly durable metal that can withstand almost anything. After all, the Titanic was made of iron and it took an iceberg to sink it (and we can’t imagine the two of you will encounter many icebergs throughout your marriage). Iron isn’t an obvious gift choice, but with a little creativity, there are plenty of options out there.

6th anniversary gemstone – Amethyst

Amethyst is a stunning stone that comes in various shades of intoxicating purple. Because of its colour, it represents royalty, as well as love and happiness, so it’s perfect for the king or queen in your life. Amethyst is also relatively affordable and looks great set in all kinds of jewellery and accessories.

6th anniversary flower – Calla lily

The traditional 6th anniversary flower is the calla lily, a perennial flower with big heads that are turned up and look a little like china cups. They represent sympathy, unity and beauty, all strong emotions that you no doubt have for your partner.

If you have pets at home, calla lilies can cause problems for their health, so you might want to think about an alternative if you’re keen to give your partner a floral gift to mark six years.

How do you choose a gift for a 6th wedding anniversary?

As you pass the halfway point to your 10th anniversary, how do you decide what to give your partner to mark six whole years together? You might already have a few ideas, but with so many choices it can be tricky making a call on the perfect one. Here are a few things to think about when making your decision:

  • Are you interested in following the rules? You don’t have to give your partner a traditional or modern gift, but it can be something fun and romantic with extra meaning.
  • Have you set a budget? The size of your budget might determine what you pick up for your partner.
  • Are you going to get a personalised gift? Personalisation is a brilliant way to elevate a gift and make it more thoughtful, but it can add to the cost.
  • Do your ideas fit with your partner’s interests? Sugar is often a sure-fire winner when it comes to gifts, but what about iron? Try to bear your partner’s interests in mind when choosing their gift.

If a couple in your life will soon celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary, you may wonder if you can join in with the fun and get them a traditional or modern anniversary gift. Well, of course you can! These gifts aren’t exclusive to the couple themselves, so if you have a great idea for a gift then go for it – we’re sure they’ll love it.

50 ideas for a 6th wedding anniversary gift

If you’d like to give your partner an extra special gift to celebrate your 6th anniversary but you’re not quite sure where to start, then you’re in the right place. Here are 50 on-theme ideas so you can treat your other half to something thoughtful.

10 traditional gifts for a 6th wedding anniversary

 The traditional anniversary gift for six years is sugar, which is a delicious sweet and versatile treat loved by many. But, it’s also more than just giving your partner a bag of sugar they can add to their tea – so here are 10 ideas to get your creative muscles working.

1. An indulgent chocolate fondue set 

If your partner loves a sweet and chocolatey treat that’s also a little bit naughty, then an indulgent chocolate fondue set from Hotel Chocolat is sure to set the mood on your anniversary night. Simply warm up the selection of moreish sauces and dip in your favourite treats for something truly lip-smacking.

2. A create-your-own mega jar of sweets

For something totally on theme and also super nostalgic, what could be more perfect than a jar of retro sweets? A create your own mega jar of sweets allows you to choose 20 of your partner’s favourites, from candy necklaces to fizzy refreshers.

3. A sweet shop-scented candle

Okay, so you might not be able to eat a sweet shop-scented candle, but it’s romantic, on-theme and helps create the perfect ambience for celebrating your amazing milestone.

4. A sugar cube pendant

A sugar cube pendant is a sweet and thoughtful gift that definitely thinks outside the… cube. It’s unique and maybe not to everyone’s taste, but it suits a whole range of outfits and your partner can wear it whenever they like to remember your 6th anniversary.

5. A tea caddie set

Emma Bridgewater is a designer loved by many, with a striking but homely range of kitchen and homeware. An Emma Bridgewater tea caddie set is on theme, useful and thoughtful.

6. A handmade fondant figure

A cake is a statement-making sugary gift to give your other half on your anniversary, which itself is brilliant. But, why not make it even more brilliant with a handmade fondant figure or two, to call back to your cake topper you may have had on your wedding day? Or if you didn’t have one, now could be the time to make that happen!

7. A sugar and spice nail set

If your partner loves to paint their nails, a sugar and spice collection is definitely all things nice. These fiery and warming gel polishes are a great way to give your love a unique on-theme gift.

8. Personalised chocolates

Chocolates are usually going to go down well on your anniversary, but for your 6th anniversary, they have extra special meaning. Plus, you can give your partner personalised chocolates to tell them exactly how you feel.

9. A sugar scrub

As well as being a treat for the stomach and soul, did you know that sugar can also be a treat for the skin? A sugar scrub exfoliates your partner’s skin to leave them feeling smooth, soft and radiant. That way, you can spend your anniversary with a home pamper evening.

10. Personalised anniversary doughnuts

If all else fails, why not treat your partner to a personalised box of doughnuts from Krispy Kreme? You can add your names to the box and make sure your other half knows it’s a treat you’ve been thinking about for a while!

10 modern gifts for a 6th wedding anniversary

If you’re sweet enough for your partner, then you may prefer to give them an anniversary gift linked to the modern tradition, which is iron. At first, you might think it’s quite limiting, but with a little creative thinking you can get a loving and thoughtful gift. So, here are 10 iron-inspired anniversary gifts to consider giving on your 6th anniversary.

1. A cast iron lovebird garden ornament

What could be a better gift to mark two lovebirds celebrating their anniversary than with a cast iron sculpture of two lovebirds? It would look fantastic in any garden, doesn’t take up too much room and has absolutely bags of sentimentality behind it.

2. A personalised iron bowl

Bowls are useful and thoughtful gifts, but can be elevated to the next level for your 6th anniversary. A personalised iron bowl fits the theme perfectly and even allows you to include a custom message, so every time your partner puts their keys or some fruit (or whatever they choose to use it for) inside they’ll be reminded of your special day.

3. A wrought iron wine rack

You and your partner might enjoy sharing a bottle of wine together (especially on your anniversary), so you could treat them to a stylish wrought iron wine rack to keep all those bottles neat and tidy.

4. An iron bracelet

Iron might not be the daintiest of materials, but in the right hands, it can be crafted into beautiful jewellery absolutely packed with meaning. An iron bracelet is a fabulous way for your partner to always keep a reminder of your 6th anniversary with them.

5. A wrought iron rose 

Roses are a symbol of love recognised the world over, so why not combine roses and iron with a wonderful handmade wrought iron rose? Not only does it look amazing and have tons of meaning behind it, it has the added bonus of never wilting.

6. An iron

If you’re feeling extra brave and want to get your other half an on-theme gift that risks getting you in trouble, you could get them a new iron. This is especially poignant if they’ve been asking for one for a while. You might just want to accompany it with something sugary to sweeten the blow! Check out Currys for a huge selection of irons to fit loads of different budgets.

7. A cast iron hippopotamus statue

For an anniversary gift your partner will never forget, a cast iron hippopotamus is always going to put a smile on their face. It’s something that can sit out in the garden and watch over you with every future anniversary that passes.

8. A cast iron casserole dish

If your partner’s a keen cook, then a solid (literally) choice of anniversary gift is a cast iron casserole dish. Le Creuset is a well-known brand, but a Le Creuset casserole dish can be quite pricey. Thankfully, there are more affordable alternatives, like a ProCook cast iron casserole dish.

9. A cast iron sign

For something unique and retro, a cast iron sign is a brilliant way to add character and personalisation to your gift. You could choose something funny to hang in the garden or on the shed, or a brand new door number to hang beside the front door.

10. An iron heart sculpture

For the love of your life on your anniversary, an iron heart sculpture ticks two boxes: it fits the 6th anniversary theme and tells your partner just how much you love them.

5 affordable gifts for a 6th wedding anniversary

If you’re looking to mark your 6th anniversary with a token traditional or modern gift, then there are plenty of affordable options to suit smaller budgets. Here are five affordable 6th anniversary gifts so you can give your partner something sweet (or iron-y).

1. A cast iron bottle opener

If your other half loves to crack open the occasional bottle, or you enjoy sitting down to enjoy a drink together, a cast iron bottle opener is a super-affordable and thoughtful way to honour the modern anniversary tradition.

2. Decorative iron keys and a lock

A lock is a common symbol of love, with couples often leaving them on bridges or fences at famous romantic landmarks. Instead of this, you could give your partner decorative iron keys and a lock which they could display proudly in your garden. That way you’ll always have something to remember your anniversary by.

3. A few posh chocs

Hotel Chocolat is known for being makers of deliciously moreish chocolates, but unfortunately, some of their more extravagant boxes can be a little pricey. However, they do offer smaller chocolate selections and multi-buy discounts that mean you can still treat your partner with a smaller budget, like with the milk chocolate collection selector.

4. A LEGO Iron Man keyring

If your partner loves superheroes and is a big Marvel fan, a LEGO Iron Man keyring is bending the rules a little, but we still think it totally fits with the theme – plus it’s affordable.

5. An iron keepsake

For the ultimate iron anniversary token gift, an iron keepsake might be small, but it’s thoughtful and cute, and tells your partner how you feel without having to break the bank.

5 DIY gifts for a 6th wedding anniversary

DIY anniversary gifts are a brilliant way to save money and give your partner a gift that’s extra special because you made it – and doubly so if it also fits the theme. In all honesty, it’s going to be tricky forging a gift from iron unless you have the tools and know-how, but at least there are plenty of options for making homemade sweet treats to surprise your partner with. So, here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Chocolate-dipped strawberries are sweet, romantic and incredibly simple to make. All you need is a punnet of fresh strawberries and your favourite chocolate to melt, and after a quick dip, voilà! You have a delectable and sexy treat to share with your other half. 

2. Homemade cupcakes

Even if you’re not an experienced baker, you can still make your partner some simple cupcakes without worrying about whether or not you’ll be deserving of a Hollywood handshake. You can pick up cupcake kits that include everything you need from your local supermarket, or follow a cupcake recipe online. 

3. Homemade fudge

Fudge is ooey and gooey and a fantastic sticky treat your partner’s bound to love. It’s also super simple to make and a basic fudge recipe only requires four ingredients. Then you’re free to add chocolate, sprinkles, a drizzle or anything else your other half might love.

4. Homemade honeycomb

Honeycomb is crunchy, chewy and sweet, and can be quick and easy to make at home. Making honeycomb is part-baking and part-science, but if you get it right the results are delicious. It’s easy to customise your honeycomb and coat it in chocolate or another of your partner’s favourite toppings. There are also plenty of easy honeycomb recipes you can find online.

5. Homemade biscuits

For a homemade sweet treat your partner can dunk in their cuppa, biscuits can be super simple to make. Some only require a handful of ingredients and one or two inexpensive tools, and you can have a lot of fun decorating them with colours and designs your partner will love. There are loads of easy biscuit recipes available online, so have a bit of fun and experiment!

5 experience or activity gifts for a 6th wedding anniversary

An exciting way to spend your anniversary is by treating yourself and your partner to an activity or experience, and there are actually loads of options out there for fun things to do that are sugar- and iron-related. Here are five ideas for things you and your partner can do together to celebrate your 6th anniversary.

1. A baking experience

Baking can be a brilliant way to spend time together, and you’ll have something to show for it at the end which you can tuck into and enjoy! There are loads of baking courses available, so you shouldn’t have to look too hard to find one that suits you and your other half.

2. A blacksmithing experience

For something less sweet and a lot more fiery, a blacksmithing experience is a unique and interesting way to try your hand at something new and have a go at forging something of your very own.

3. Watch Iron Man on Disney+

Cosy up on the sofa, get some movie snacks ready (something sweet to stick to the theme) and have an Iron Man movie marathon. And the entire series is available to stream right now on Disney+!

4. A chocolate factory tour

What’s even better than enjoying a bar of chocolate? Enjoying a bar of chocolate while walking around a chocolate factory! Chocolate making goes back centuries, and you can learn all about the methods, ingredients and techniques that have developed throughout history… and enjoy a few treats along the way. There are a few options as well, like the Cadbury factory tour in Bourneville and York’s Chocolate Story in York.

5. A sword-fighting experience

This one is pushing the theme a little, but swords are often made from iron, and you and your partner take part in a sword fighting experience where you can swing swords around and work up a sweat. It’s so unique and thinking outside the box that your partner will never see it coming (unlike the sword which hopefully they will see coming).

10 6th anniversary gifts that contain amethyst

The traditional gemstone to give to your partner on your 6th anniversary is amethyst, which is a stunning and attention-grabbing purple stone. It’s super versatile and not always hugely expensive, plus it goes well with gold and silver, so you’re bound to find something that suits your partner’s tastes. So, here are 10 ideas for jewellery that contains amethyst.

  1. A necklace
  2. A bracelet
  3. Earrings
  4. Cufflinks
  5. A ring
  6. A broach
  7. A locket
  8. An anklet
  9. A nose stud
  10. Belly button ring

Amethyst is a hugely popular gemstone so most jewellers will have a range of jewellery you can check out. Here at Bridebook, we also work with a huge selection of wedding jewellers that offer loads of different options when it comes to amethysts.

5 floral-inspired gifts for a 6th wedding anniversary

Flowers are usually a sure-fire way to put a smile on your partner’s face when celebrating your anniversary. The traditional flower when celebrating six years together is the calla lily, an elegant and delicate flower which is a real show-stopper. If you’d love to get your partner a gift inspired by the calla lily, here are five ideas to get you started.

1. A calla lily necklace

If your partner loves unique jewellery, there’s no better 6th anniversary gift than a calla lily necklace. It’s cute and dainty, and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.

2. An iron-forged calla lily

Iron and calla lilies don’t seem like an obvious combination, but a delicate iron-forged flower makes for a wonderful and striking centrepiece that has deep and thoughtful meaning. Check out this gorgeous hand-forged iron calla lily on Etsy.

3. A calla lily bouquet

We couldn’t not suggest a calla lily bouquet. They’re absolutely stunning flowers that make for a beautiful bouquet. Just remember, they can be toxic to pets, so bear this in mind if you have a four-legged friend at home.

4. Calla lily bulbs

Calla lilies don’t thrive in icy temperatures, so generally can’t be planted outside in the UK. But, if you’re up for the challenge and have a greenhouse or inside space, they can still flourish. Plus, calla lily bulbs are relatively inexpensive.

5. Beautiful wishes decorative figure

Willow Tree produces incredible decorative figures, and the Beautiful Wishes figurine features a child holding a bunch of calla lilies. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift your partner will definitely want to display for all to see.

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