TED tips for building creative confidence as a wedding professional

Wedding professionals are in the business of creativity.

As event planners and wedding suppliers we are expected to use our experience and imagination to create unique and beautiful wedding designs – whether in the form of floral arrangements, culinary creations or decorative inspirations, to name but a few.


But being continuously creative under pressure isn’t easy.

And subsequently, there may be times when your creative confidence is knocked and this can damage your ability to move on and continue creating.

Innovation and the pursuit of innovative ideas is the lifeblood of a successful wedding business.


So how do we continue to create when we’re busy, exhausted and feeling uninspired?

We’ve gathered tips from two creative experts (and their incredible TED talks) on how to stay innovative and creative – even when we’re feeling the opposite of those things.


David Kelley says “face the fear”

In his powerful TED Talk on Creative Confidence, David Kelley talks of unlocking the creative potential of people and organisations to ensure we* all *have the ability and the drive to innovate.

During his talk, Kelley explains that when creative confidence is knocked, that bruised feeling can become ingrained in us. But whether you consider yourself naturally creative or not, innovation is something we can all achieve.

Just as you’d overcome any fear, you need to face what it is you fear head on.


Is wedding photography what you were born to do? Well get out there and take photos – and lot’s of them.

Is wedding planning what makes you truly happy? Go to events, browse weddings online and find that source of inspiration that’ll get you excited about creating new weddings and forming new ideas for your 2018 wedding bookings.

It’s all about following steps to ease yourself back into the ‘creative room’. It’s about turning fear into familiarity.

Start working on things that are really important to you regardless of how creative you think you’re feeling. The more you work at it, the more ideas you’ll have.

You are naturally creative. Let your ideas fly. Do what you’re set out to do and you’ll naturally reach a place of creative confidence.


Julie Burstein – how to create in the face of challenge, self-doubt and loss

Radio host Julie Burstein shares four lessons about how to create in the face of challenge, self-doubt and loss in her acclaimed TED talk.

Burstein touches on how our creative conscience exists somewhere between our need for control and our ability to let go. She says that with creativity you need to let go at the very beginning of the creative process because creativity grows out of everyday experiences.


Paying attention to the world around us and being open to embrace all experiences is one of her fundamental rules for improving the ability to create.

This means switching off your phone for a period of the day; stopping, taking stock and being open to the experiences all around you because you never know which of them might change or inspire you.

She also explores how for many successful artists and creators, some of their best work is born out of some of their most difficult moments in life. As human beings, it’s important that we embrace challenges and learn from them. Try not to be discouraged by things that go wrong and when they do – because inevitably they will – pick yourself up and carry on.

Burstein places the following four factors at the centre of creativity: experience, challenge, limitations and loss.

She believes that a combination of all of these elements – whether we actively pursue them (the former) or come up against them by chance (the latter) – makes for a truly creative mind and the most original of ideas.


Similarly to Kelley, Burstein says that you must be driven by the need to do what you do best.

Possess the determination to push through boundaries and maintain a passionate optimism no matter how uninspired you may feel at times.


6 practical tips to help you unlock your creativity

In light of the wisdom we’ve garnered from these creative experts, here are six easy ways to help you unlock creativity when planning a wedding with your next happy couple…


1. Get visual

Visualising ideas is a great way to develop concepts. Get off the phone, step away from your laptop and book in some face to face time with couples to let your creative flair run wild.


2. Work backwards from the ‘dream’ end result

Clearly define what the couple you’re working with want from their wedding day. What is ‘the dream’? Now work your way backward from this and all the little pieces that help build the dream will seem obvious and things will fall right into place.


3. Write everything down

Carry a little notepad and pen with you and whenever a stroke of genius hits, write it down.

No thought is too small and no idea is too crazy! Anything could potentially add value to your business. You never know which little thought could spark your next big idea. Display some of your best ideas on the wall or on a whiteboard to help lead new brainstorming ideas.


4. Take mental breaks

Frequent mental breaks are so important when it comes to developing creativity and boosting morale. Whether you take a break to catch up with friends on social media or go for a walk at lunch time, step away from the everyday. It’s practically impossible to nurture creativity in yourself or others with a tired, burned-out brain.


5. Get physical

Regular exercise or engaging in any physical activity will help unlock creativity. Whether you run, walk, cycle or hit the gym, physical activity will relax your mind and enable you to think more clearly and creatively afterwards.


6. Just start

The hardest part of any creative process is getting started. And the best way to kick start your creative brain is to just start talking, writing and planning. No matter what the quality of the idea is at this stage, the fact that you’ve started and have a basis to build on will be enough to get ideas flowing.


Are you feeling creatively confident?

Let us know how you keep those creative juices flowing to ensure you consistently strive to deliver your best and most original weddings, year after year.